5 students rape collegemate in Karnataka, held as video goes viral



MANGALURU: Five students of a prestigious college in Puttur were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly abducting and ra a Dalit collegemate and threatening her with videos of the act. The accused, all aged 19 and students of BBA and BCom, were apprehended about four months after the crime as the videos went viral and came to the notice of police.


The Dakshina Kannada district police registered a suo motu case following circulation of the videos. The case was registered at the Puttur Women Police Station and two teams were formed to nab the accused.


BM Laxmi Prasad, superintendent of police, said those arrested are Prakyath Shetty, a resi nt of Barimar, Bantwal; Sunil Gowda of Aryapu village in Puttur; Kishan of Perne village in Bantwal; Prajwal Naik of Perne village; and Gurunandan of Bajathoor village in Puttur. They have been booked under sections of IPC, SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and IT Act.

警司BM Laxmi Prasad称,被捕者为来自巴里马尔的Prakyath Shetty, 来自普图尔的Sunil Gowda,来自班特瓦尔的Kishan、Prajwal Naik和Gurunandan,已根据刑法及相关法律对其登记立案。

The in dent took place between February and March. The survivor said she knew the five youths as they studied in the same college.


Rapists had threatened to make girl’s videos public


On the day of the crime, Sunil called the survivor and asked her to meet him. He and the four others picked her up in a blue hatchback and drove to a forested place. When the survivor asked why they were driving to a reme place, the youths remained silent. In a few minutes, theystopped the car and took turns to rape her and film the act. In her compnt, the survivor told police that she was unaware that the youths were filming the assault.

案发当天,Sunil Gowda给女孩打电话,约她见面。他和另四人开着一辆蓝色的两厢车把她带到森林里。当女孩问他们为什么要开车去这么偏远的地方时,这几个年轻人没回答。几分钟后,他们停下车,轮奸她,并拍下了这一幕。在她的诉状中,女孩告诉警方,她不知道这些年轻人拍摄了视频。

They drove back with her from the spot and days after, threatened her that they would make the videos public and humiliate her online. Fearing shame, the survivor did not report the assault.


College authorities said the five accused had been suspended following the police compnt ag inst them. “The in dent took place during college holidays,” a college source said.



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Raghavendra • 3 days ago

so college mates rape a fellow. Why bring dalit into it? you make it sound as if they deliberately planned this BECAUSE she was a dalit, and had she been any other cast, they wouldn't have done it



Robin S• India • 3 days ago

She was a dalit that is why uppercaste animals were emboldened to rape her.



Manny • 3 days ago

We need a Military rule in India atleast for 3 decades to educate our ppl and organizations.


Critical Thinking• 1 day ago

If your mother gets raped as well, will you be fighting the rapist or educating the people first?



m adhikary • 3 days ago

Make the life hell for this 5 people.. Just put behind bar for 30 years.. Let their life over behind bar.



Rajen Rao• Nimr • 2 days ago

Castrate them



Manish P • 3 days ago

If this happened in bjp ruled state then think all blame are on modi and bjp



Raj • Bengaluru • 3 days ago

these guys should be hanged, sive outrage in Media if this would have happened in BJP rule state then media would have asked for resignation of Modi.



Chandran• 2 days ago

Actually they belong to Congress as per latest report.



sumit yadav• 3 days ago

Hang them and set example for the society..



Sankara • 3 days ago

Castration is required immediately.



Madhukumar • mysore • 3 days ago

these people should be hanged



J • 3 days ago

PM NARENDRA MODI is the responsible for all this .


Jayashree Udaykumar• 2 days ago

Wth?? How is a pm responsible for his citizens sins?

为什么? ?总理为什么要为公民犯的罪负责?


FAYAZ UDDIN• 3 days ago

It is a shame for being students and done this type of crime. they should be debared from education and severe punishment should be given.

Finally the oldest profession ( prostitution) should be legalised, so that the society will be clean and safe.

mentioning of caste should be avoided by media.





Dude • Bangalore • 3 days ago

Harsh punishment should be given to set an example... sending kids to school has become so dangerous now.



Shobha Udupikar • 1 day ago

On the first place why the girl should go alone with them it should be interrogated



Vishwanath Holla • 2 days ago

Hang them.



Evans Sumitra • New York, USA. • 2 days ago

These idiot rapist should be hanged to death. They have ruined the career of a collegemate.



Kannan • 2 days ago

While i agree that the video should not be circulated, that is what brought this crime to light. Else very likely that the culprits would have remained scotfree and probably repeating their acts. The culprits should be brought to justice under a fast track since the evidence is already there.



Kallurti• Bengaluru • 12 hours ago

God already saved this country from going to the jackals and wolves and sent a messiah namely Narendra Modi.



Vidyaranya vijaypura • Mysore • 19 hours ago

This is no way related to caste, it is related to criminals in college campus.Why bring caste.



Truth m • 1 day ago

Must be the handiwork of leftist goons.


Dubram Thang• 1 day ago

Nope they are from far


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