In Gujarat, dalit cop gets police cover to ride horse in his wedding


PALANPUR: This was no ordinary baraat. Over 200 people including, executive magistrate including senior officers, were part of a Dalit man's wedding procession in Sitwada village of Sabarkantha’s Prantij taluka on Friday.

帕兰普尔: 这不是一场普通的婚礼,超过200人,包括地方执法官在内的高级官员,参加了周五在萨巴尔坎塔Sitwada村举行的某达利特男子的婚礼游行。

But most cops were not baraatis. In fact, they were providing a security cover to the groom Sanjay Rathod, 27, who rode on a horse in his marriage procession. Rathod himself is a police constable at Jadhar police station in Idar taluka, but his relatives and other community members were extremely wary about earning the wrath of upper caste members in the village.


“The upper caste people of the village had warned me not to take out procession on a horse. Late on Thursday night, the electricity suddenly got snapped and the guests got frightened thinking some people may be trying to obstruct the celebrations. Some informed the police and team of cops rushed to the village. At the end, I was able to take out the procession peacefully under security cover,” Rathod told TOI.



Sub divisional officer, Prantij, Sonalba Padheriya said, “The family apprehended trouble and sought police protection.” Ranjit Rathod, husband of sarpanch Ramaba, added that some villagers had earlier asked the Dalit family not to take out the wedding procession.


There were around 150 policemen including police inspectors, sub-inspectors, walking along with the groom riding on the horse. The police contingent will camp in the village till the celebrations end, said KS Brahmbhatt, police inspector, Prantij.


The development comes just a day day after five persons including sarpanch and deputy sarpanch of Lhor village near Kadi in Mehsana were arrested for announcing boycott of Dalit families after a groom from the community decide to ride horse on his wedding.



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AROP • 1 day ago

Time is always forwarding, change yourself otherwise will be wiped out. Rajput of this region, remember your small kingdoms vanished in 1947, now you are ordinary citizen, behave like ordinary people. Today SC/ST community are educated and working, no logic in suppressing.



Amit • 1 day ago

I don't understand why these so called upper cast morons are so obsessed by the horses. In this new era grooms can come in BMWs and helicopters also. Who are these people to decide what the groom ride? Just because of these morons acts the rest of India suffers.



Tsupon • 1 day ago

He is either very lucky or brainy enough to fix his wedding date during election time. Wish him a very happy married life.



Shasti Brata • 1 day ago

Terrible that humans will treat fellow humans in this despicable manner in this village! The groom was influential and thus got the protection he deserved, but what about ordinary people? Hope that the couple stays safe after the revelries are over.



Shasti Brata • Hyd • 1 day ago

@SB. That too in Modi's state.


narasarao • United States Of INDIA • 1 day ago

Modi has nothing to do with this. Even prosperous south states have caste mentality


Notes of a Madman • Hyd • 1 day ago

Very true but I thought Modi's rule brought some change to Gujarat.



Abram Siddiqui • 1 day ago

Feku kind of people are responsible as Time magazine says- King of dividing people based on religion is feku pm of India.



Ashfaq • 1 day ago

shame on him it's his Gujarat.



amber tyagi • 1 day ago

Modi is the most incompetent administrator ever



Raj • 23 hours ago

what a story...in Modi's Gujarat even a Dalit Police constable needs police protection for his life then imagine what suffering normal dalits, OBCs, Minorities, SC/ ST will be facing for daily survival...



Prashant • Mumbai • 1 day ago

It is surprising in today's world dalits are to face such situation.



Prashant • 23 hours ago

Religion, Caste and Regionalism are the three PILLARS of Indian society. Everything revolves around these. Even in YOUR home..! Only in India, the majority of the people are born inferior to others. That is the "RICH CULTURE" of India!



Fossil By Then • 23 hours ago

Of course! ONLY IN INDIA a handful are born superior and the rest are inferior. What beautiful, intelligent, well-meaning tradition and CULTURE! Waah Waah! In the name of "culture" animals have a better life in that hideous place..!



Dead • Nation Bleeding Daily • 1 day ago

Great news...At least police did its part...rest depends on society...



Dead Citizen • 1 day ago

Yes the society can decide not to deal with a particular group.



Kvs • 1 day ago

they should stop riding horse during weddings altogether. meaningless nomadic traditions.



Joy Das • 1 day ago

Well true hinduism is being followed in gujrat including food code and caste restrictions.


Mohamed • 21 hours ago

Is this the Gujarat model, you want every state to emulate ?



Francis • Dubai • 22 hours ago

Shame on Gujrat Model casteisum.



Gaana User • 23 hours ago

Wish him a happy married life



sanjoy • 22 hours ago

Good, it is symbol of empowerment but I say we shouldn't hate each other. Caste system is irrelevant in our society now.



Indian • 1 day ago

These are done for show off today and it is politically motivated, As if, if he did not take a ride on Horse his marriage is incomplete. Such practices dont exst in South India. North Indians are full of pomp and show. The kshatriyas of past felt it attractive to show valour by coming in horse


Indian • 1 day ago

not valour, that was the only available transport those days. they had no choice. such meaningless traditional should be stopped potrivit.



Rajan • Rajan • USA • 1 day ago

That’s Modijis Gujarati what will go on in India under him god save India


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