Army set to induct 1st batch of Apache attack helicopters


NEW DELHI: The Army is now gearing up for the induction of its own six heavy-duty Apache attack helicopters, armed with Stinger air-to-air missiles, Hellfire Longbow air-to-ground missiles, guns and rockets, under the Rs 5,691 crore deal inked with the US in February 2020.


The deliveries of the six AH-64E Apache attack choppers, often called “tanks in the air”, will take place in batches in the February-June timeframe next year.


They will follow 22 such helicopters already inducted by theIAF, under the Rs 13,952 crore deal inked in September 2015, to provide “integrated combat aviation cover to strike corps of the Army”, an officer said.


The new induction comes even as the Army and IAF have finalised a plan to order 156 more indigenous ‘Prachand’ light combat helicopters, which are capable of offensive operations in high-altitude areas like Siachen Glacier and eastern Ladakh, from defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL), as was reported by TOI in September.


As per the proposal, which will soon be taken up by the Rajnath Singh-led defence acquisitions council, the Army will get 90 of the new Prachand choppers, while 66 are meant for the IAF. These will add to the 15 such choppers (10 IAF and 15 Army) already inducted after the Cabinet Committee on Security cleared the first Rs 3,887 crore contract in March last year.


The Apache helicopters, of course, are much bigger and more lethal. “The Apaches are capable of delivering a variety of weapons, which include Hellfire and Stinger missiles as well as 70mm Hydra rockets,” the officer said.




3 ho

Very poor sense, whosoever decided to paint the military green chopper into blue.



Vinod Kumar

Hellicopters are lethal only when used against weaker opponents, otherwise, they are slow and soft targets when equally strong parties are involved.



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if we had Apache and prachanda during kargil , we would have cleared the heights much earlier.



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Indian should further develop LCH chopper to avoid dependency on foreign suppliers in future.



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Very good, keep progressing.



Chingsak Konyak

Hahaha! ingoistic nitwits in India depending on Canada's closest ally, the US, for helicopters! Yet, bellicose rhetoric galore! It is a pity to see these nationalist nitwits despising the US but running to them for armaments!


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But for 5 eyes idiots, this is freedom of expression!   This is how the westerners have promoted terrorism.   Khalistanis are nothing but jehadis in turban.   Don't represent nationalist Sikhs.



Jagdish Madan

AK Anthony, the UPA defence minister had said there is no money to buy any armament for the military; though he purchased a painting by his own wife for 28 crores to be hung in his office! Great to see Indian defence getting the attention it merits - all it needed was a sincere, pro Bharat and honest government in place!


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they didn't impose 400000 crore petroleum tax every year......



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No point in both Army and Airforce to flaunt their Apaches. Ideally they should be part of the ground strike corps to work along with armour (tanks) / infantry fighting vehicles / air defence in an integrated way. Hope integrated theatre commands will take care of this !!



Ramdas B

Congrats to the army getting their Apaches and work independently of the IAF. More such lethal platforms are required for the defense forces



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india hopeless country.


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and you are a hopeless person



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Bharat is the only hope to save world


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So says a brain-dead moron.



Praveen .Kumar

Hope some sense prevails at the top and spending on defence is strategically reduced so that that budget is used for more productive purposes hel the citizens. Let this money be used to make the quality of life of the citizens much better. Hope some non-political adviser gelps putting some of these priorities on top agenda.




Why India always built light combat helicopter or fighter why not heavy kind of, real thing a real destroyer like F35 or Appache..



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One hand held rpg, and all this crores spent will go down the drain , waste of hard earned taxpayers money!!


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What a rubbish logic. Defence preparedness is waste of money ?




Thanks to BJP government for making Bharat defence more resilience one. Also pray that the plan to induct 156 indigenous PRACHNAD LCH from HAL will happen as per schedule to stop the reliance on the imported ones. Jai Bharat!



Devanshu Shakya

Antonia Maino and Raul vinci are restless from last 9 years. With Every deal that Modi signs, they imagine the commission which they could have received if in power instead.



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We should not buy from christian countries, we need made by bhakts helicopters


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These are 'made in India', unlike earlier ones..



Sanjoy Pandey

Indian army should focus more and more on indigenous equipment and stop importing.


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