Modi govt clears women's quota bill, 27 years after it was first introduced


NEW DELHI: In a big move for women's empowerment, the Narendra Modi government is set to table a constitutional amendment bill in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday for reserving one-third of seats in Parliament and state legislatures across the country.


The decision, pushed by the Prime Minister and cleared by the Union Cabinet at a meeting on Monday evening, aims to secure passage of the bill in the two Houses in the special session, begng a long process that will entail support, besides two-thirds backing in both Houses and ratification by half of the assemblies.


The bill will also provide for sub-quota for SC/STs in proportion to their exsting share.


The government refused to confirm the decision, but sources said that the proposed reservation could come into force by 2029 after the constituencies are redrawn as part of the delimitation exercise based on the decennial census expected to get under way in 2026.


The bill was first introduced in 1996, and even cleared by the Rajya Sabha in March 2010, but lapsed after the Lok Sabha failed to pass it.


Sources in the government were confident of the prospects of the bill in Parliament this time, as well as of enlisting the necessary support from states. They said Congress would have to come along and pointed to states which are with BJP, its allies as well as parties which though not part of the NDA have been in support of the measure.




Sanjay Gulabani

Great move. But I have seen at panchayat level, women candidates become sarpanch, but their husbands rule on their behalf. Mindset changes are needed at ground level, which will probably take much longer.




This is a very welcome step, however I think it should be brought into force earlier than 2029 perhaps as early as 2025 in state assembly elections of Delhi and Bihar.



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The political parties that dilly dallyied with Women's Reservation bill for such a long time must come together to support it unanimously.



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Learn from Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan how he woos investors for setting up industries in their countries. Here it is different basic infrastructure like roads and railways provided to the citizens are shown as an achievement. Please note this is not your achievement but your duty. No country in the world or leaders do such petty things for fame. Now this quota bill shame it is not passed earlier by your government and you are doing it during elections just to woo voters for your next ... Read More



Manoj Kumar

Ultimately reservation is the only thing that keeps government going not development,Why don't parties give tickets to women - it's a mindset which should be changed, women should be promoted to get level playing field by merit, not to few to enter into parliament but to 50% of society for upliftment,merit should be criterion for entering into parliament not gender to caste , this bill is nothing to pride about - complete regression thought



raghav Rao

90% of this 33% women will be rabri devi's for sure. Politicians here are crooks & will stop to any level to stay in power & keep looting the country till they breathe....



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While there is a need for higher participation of both genders and people of all walks in life who bring leadership and diverse mindset to the table.,Isn’t reservations a step towards discrimination?



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With this constitution amendment bjp will not get any extra votes of women and may be he lose some men's vote. In fact all middle and labour class women are not interested in reservation for women in parliament and assemblies. Most of the women are interested in freebies like free transport, free money, free loans and other facilities. So the bottom line is with this constitution amendment feku will not get any electoral benefits



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There should be strict rule that parties must give ticket to women based on their own background and not based on their husband's political, business or criminal background.



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Congis will take credit for everything. They believe they were born to take credit for everything!



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a very necessary step. great thinking!



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Why is this being proposed?! We need less reservations, not more. It is hard to believe that Modi is proposing this.




CONGRESS wave in India. Congress swee in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Telangana state. JAI CONGRESS.


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wow congratulations but come out of dream it's Modiji not papu




The fellow is playing gender politics to win 2024 elections, nothing much. The bill will be a flawed one which will be dominated by OCs. OBC and minority women will have very little or no representation in the quota.



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There is no electoral benefit in this reservation not common women will be empowered. There is no need for this bill rather human development should be targeted. Dont know who is advising and what logic ? Should not be passed but kept hanging like the kangressis did



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it is a shame that on one hand we condemn reservation and on other we are glorifying this. already all laws, all welfare schemes, all judges, all tv shows & serials are for women only, so why this was needed ? This will put more burden on men who are already burdened with every responsibility in life.




Took 10 years for BJP to think about this bill when elction is very close.



Balram Rajak

it's heritage and tradition to respect women and see them to run house and country.Salute to our PM.



User man

India is a Gone case with all reservations and General caste talent is leaving country



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