In which country are Indians respected the most?




Jacqueline Simmons

I have traveled to Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Russia, UAE, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia. I will answer one by one below. I don't want to stereotype entire population by few interactions.


Hong Kong - People are busy in their life. They don't bother about anyone. Whether you're Indian or European or American. They just don't care.

Macau - People are very friendly and humble. They just don't understand English.

Malaysia - They interact with Indians on daily basis. 10% of the Malaysia population is Indian. Lots of Indians travel there. So it's normal for them to see an Indian. They neither respect nor disrespect.




Russia - They love India and Indians. Moscow is like Delhi & St Petersburg is like Mumbai. Few of the Moscow people are bit rude, they don't speak English. St Petersburg people are very polite and friendly. Siberian people are the best among all Russians. Also ex-soviet central Asians respect and love India a lot. I found Russia with mixed attitude. In restaurants, waitress have a bad attitude. Drivers and other people are friendly.

UAE - They like Bollywood. They respect India and India-UAE have a good relationship. Many Arabs can understand and speak Hindi.



Czech Republic - They're friendly towards everyone. Not just India. If you ask them for help, they'll definitely help you.

Slovakia - Most friendliest people I have seen yet. People are sweet and welcoming. Would love to visit again.

Austria - They're not rude. But they're busy in their own lives like Hong Kong.

Germany - They love India and Indians. People have a good sense of humour.

Belgium - Country is full of immigrants. Hardly I could interact with any local. I interacted more with Indians, Pakistanis than any local.










I have travelled the world and in general conversation, I have never noted a great deal of respect for Indians. Sometimes it is just down right racism but there are also some reoccurring themes such as:

Indians are dirty

Indians are stingy

Indians cannot be trusted.

To be honest, I have never heard anything positive said about Indians.









India is diverse, with people of all religions, cultures, and backgrounds living harmoniously. This has been the case for centuries and continues to be so even today. As such, it should be no surprise that Indians are respected worldwide. In many countries, Indians are held in high regard due to their culture and values. Regarding formal respect, India has diplomatic relations with most countries on earth, further strengthening its international reputation.

In addition to this, there is also a growing appreciation for Indian art, music, and cuisine, which often leads to increased respect for Indians abroad. One country where Indians are exceptionally well-respected in Singapore. Singaporeans consider India an essential strategic partner in both economics and security matters due to its large population and geographical location at the crossroads of Asia Pacific trade routes. The two countries have signed various agreements, such as free-trade agreements and cultural exchange programs, that provide mutual benefits while fostering greater understanding between both nations' citizens.



Moreover, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong noted during a visit by then-Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018 that "India plays an important role in our foreign policy," thus further highlighting how much Singapore's political elite values India. Another country where Indians are highly respected in Japan, which considers India one of its closest strategic partners thanks mainly to India's position as a leader among emerging markets economies and Japan's influence over vital Asian players such as China or North Korea.

The two countries have close ties, from joint military exercises to bilateral research projects to develop new technologies like renewable energy sources or advanced robotics. Furthermore, Japanese companies like Toyota and Honda have invested heavily in India. At the same time, Indian firms such as Reliance Industries or Tata Group have made considerable investments overseas, too, thus strengthening economic ties between both nations even further.



Additionally, there exsts excellent admiration within Japan towards Indian spiritual beliefs, notably Buddhism, which has been practiced officially within the country since 1952, making it one religion among many alongside Shintoism or Christianity. All these factors, coupled with increasing numbers of Japanese studying Hindi, Bollywood movies becoming more popular than ever, and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas becoming well-known figures, all demonstrate how much respect exsts between both nations today.

In conclusion, although not everyone may show proper deference towards foreigners traveling overseas, India enjoys widespread concern across several parts of the world, especially those mentioned above: Singapore & Japan. People tend to recognize her strengths- indigenous traditions & culture, economic prowess, or spiritual beliefs - making it easier than ever for anyone from India to look abroad for opportunities.






Politics & Economic

It is difficult to determine which country respects Indians the most as respect is subjective and varies depending on various factors. However, Indians have a significant presence and are respected in many countries around the world. Some countries with large Indian communities, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, have a history of welcoming and integrating Indian immigrants.

Additionally, countries like Japan, Germany, and France also have a growing Indian population and show appreciation for their contributions in various fields. Ultimately, respect for Indians is a result of individual attitudes and behaviors rather than a national policy or sentiment.





Olivia Campbell

It's difficult to determine which country respects Indians the most as perceptions of respect can vary depending on a variety of factors including individual experiences, cultural norms, and political and economic conditions.

That being said, India has a very diverse diaspora and Indian people are generally well-respected in many countries around the world. Some countries with large Indian communities, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, have a history of embracing multiculturalism and diversity, and Indian culture and traditions are often celebrated in these places. However, there may also be instances of discrimination or prejudice towards Indians in these countries.



There are also countries where Indian people are highly respected for their contributions to various fields such as science, technology, medicine, and business. For example, Singapore has a significant Indian population and is known for its strong ties with India in terms of trade and culture. Similarly, countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have a large number of Indian expatriates who are valued for their skills and expertise in various industries.

Overall, it's important to remember that respect for individuals and communities is a complex issue that cannot be determined by a single factor. Different countries may have different attitudes towards Indian people, and it's important to be aware of cultural differences and potential biases in any new environment.





Eddie Valentin

Sorry to break your bubble, but lately, Indians are not really having their side of respect from other countries. And thats because, Indians themselves are not behaving properly outside India. And besides, one of the core things when people ask questions like this, it shows that they are forgetting a fundamental rule: If you behave appropriately, any country will respect you at the least…except for USA.

Now, many Indians that I know have a form of inferior complex each time they travel to a different country. This habit of always asking to know which are the countries that respect Indians, reflects the Indian bubble that you have lived. Please step outside of that bubble. I have been to about 15 countries and I can tell you that as long as you behave socially well, you will have no problem at the least. There ARE NO specific countries which gives biased highest respect for Indians. Please STOP with those assumptions.





Sriranjani Santhanam

Indians are respected most in India, loved most in India. So don't go anywhere else, and if you think I am wrong then also don't go to any other Country. Learn to respect and love You own people and don't try to go to some other Country and complain about respect or love. Nowadays too many such questions . I am starting to like the older day emigrants who went abroad just for money or opportunities.




Anu Geo

It depends on the individual people , not the county . You can find racist in all countries even in India .Some Indian dont even like people from other states of India itself . So it all depends of the people , How they raised and their mentality .. Hate spreads faster than a virus .




Shaik Tahur

Except the country name India everywhere Indians are respected. In India the Indians respect the white people, arab…etc but not Indians comparatively, we feel ourselves as low becasue we are dark in colour and we regard the light skin colour humans.


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