PM Modi in Karnataka: Days of 'Made-in-India' passenger aircraft not far off



SHIVAMOGGA/BELAGAVI: PM Narendra Modi on Monday said the days of 'Made-in-India' passenger aircraft were not far as the aviation market in India was expanding rapidly and the country would require thousands of aircraft and young people as a workforce to meet the passenger demand.


India is currently importing aircraft, but the day when ordinary Indians will fly in 'Made-in-India' passenger planes is not far off. Those wearing hawai chappals too should take a 'hawai jahaj', he said. "I'm seeing it happen with Indian aviation market's rapid growth and improved connectivity," Modi said, addressing a public rally after inaugurating the modern greenfield airport at Shivamogga, built at a cost of Rs 450 crore.

印度目前正在进口飞机,但印度人乘坐“印度制造”客机的日子已经不远了。他说,那些戴夏威夷头巾的人也应该参加一次“hawai jahaj”。“随着印度航空市场的快速增长和交通的改善,我看到了这一点,”莫迪在Shivamogga现代绿地机场揭幕后对公众集会发表讲话,这座机场耗资45亿卢比。

Lauding the Tata-owned carrier for the largest order for 470 aircraft with Airbus and Boeing, Modi said: "Before 2014, AI was often discussed for negative reasons, especially the domestic airline was often recognised for scams during the Congress rule."




User Couple

Another of FEKU's idea and money will go to Adani



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Fekenduru the great great fuku




Even a mobile phone is assembled in India, not really manufactured. And he talking of planes. Let these planes be first tested on Bhakts and after they make successful runs, open it to rest.



I m already using the made in india assembled mobile, and for your kind closed mindset information mobiles are assembled everywhere, someone manufacturers the chipset, someone the glass etc etc...



Totally pessimistic comment. This is the same way your scamgress PC told about Digital payments in villages. Today he need to eat his words as the digital payments are happening nook and corner of India. Same way scamgress stooges like you will eat your words in future when Make in India Passenger Aircrafts are done.



Sankar Narayan Varier•Unknown

during Congress regim only heard scama....scams......scams... Now it is development....progress.....prosperity.



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we should ensure each of these made in India planes has a long snoot which can clamp people to itself. permanent seats will be for Digvijay Singh and his clown boss.



Rakesh Dutt Sharma

Appears our population will reach 150 crores soon.



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Amazing vision. Not challenging status quo only but setting long term goals to reach the very top. Give vision and confidence to 140 crore people and they will achieve the world.



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Once we have succefully built a turbo jet engine, the day won't be far when we would be develo our own aircrafts be it passenger or for the millitary. We are certainly very close with our Kaveri engine, let's pray and hope that the breakthrough comes soon. JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT.



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The first step is taken by setting a goal to make Indian passenger aircrafts. BJP government can achieve this goal with joint ventures with Russians by placing orders of few dozens planes to Russia . As relying totally on west for passenger aircraft is dangerous as experienced by Iran , Venezuela and Russia recently.



User Kamboj•Singapore

I am not pro Mode or BJP but one truth is that I didn't see Indian progress what I have been seeing in the last few years ....it's unbelievable....unfortunately this pace of progress was not seen during Congress....so my support goes to who improved India's progress to world class.



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Showing dreams, which may come true but not before 20 years. Talk of today's reality.


•Nirvana Nature

today's reality would have also been some time's dream



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this is big.



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Didnt India just order 900 jets that will be around or next 20/30 years? Fekne ka bhi limit hona chahiye.



Munish Anand•Unknown

Great Modiji. Please make the common man a part of this development journey. Rich are getting richer and Indians are searching jobs abroad. Every Indian should get a role in the development so that everybody prospers.



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Modiji bail out Adaniji with 50 lakh crores package and all your wishes will be fulfilled. Adaniji hai to mumkin hai




When the made in India passenger aircraft is ready PM should use it for his foreign tours.


Alex D##apos##Souza

sure he will.....he even took indigenously built covaxn rather than preferring covishield, if you remember



Ivan Wolf

China operates hundreds 90-seats ARJ21 jet liners for decades, 168-seats C919 and world largest amphibious plane AG600 in service also, not to mention Y20 transports. Modi talk BIG with Indians cheering but nothing.



Sumit Basu•delhi•3 hours ago•Follow

It's election time.fekte raho..fekte raho..



Krishnamurthy Krishnamurthy

People may have different opinions about PM Modi ji. But the majority, including me, believe that he is a great inspiring visionary that any country rarely gets. Great, Sir.

人们可能对莫迪总理有不同的看法。但包括我在内的大多数人都认为,他是一个伟大de 、鼓舞人心的、有远见卓识的人,任何国家都很少有这样的人。太棒了,先生。



Indians living abroad are migrating back to India...brain drain to brain gain!




Jhootha makkar corrupt PM.

Destroying India.


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