Why does Nepal love China more than India?





Vijay Vemuri

Nepal is the one of the close alloy of India. Nepal is one of the country enjoy visa free entry into India.

Recently, there are certain conflicts between Nepal and India border causes some hate between the citizens of Nepal and India. These incidents will go in air after few days.

In terms of relation between India and Nepal government; it is a strong bonding. Even though China taking steps to do business with Nepal; their relation will not go into a deep bonding. Nepal will need India friendship more than China.








Carla Stewart

Why does Nepal love China more than India?

It is because Nepal is yet to grow out of its perennial state of “infancy”. As a nation, Nepal is a toddler whose international outlook and behavior is dictated not so much by the fulfillment of long-term national interests as by the gratification of short-term gains.

Same is the case with most of India’s neighbors in South Asia - Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh… literally everyone wit the exception of Bhutan.

But, Nepal makes a very interesting case study.





What does that mean?

India is 22 times the size of Nepal and as of 2020 had a population that is 43 times that of Nepal. India’s political, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity makes it look more like a continent than a nation.

Despite these challenges, it took India a mere 3 years after independence to adopt a Constitution that is deemed the “bulkiest” in the world! Bulkiest, because its architect Dr. B. R. Ambedkar absorbed the best of breed governing principles from all independent nations globally to formulate the Indian Constitution.



尽管面临这些挑战,印度在独立后仅用了3年时间就通过了一部被认为是世界上“最庞大”的宪法!说它庞大,是因为它的缔造者B. R. Ambedkar博士借鉴了全球所有独立国家的最佳管理法则来制定了这部印度宪法。

Now, Nepal was recognized as an independent and sovereign state by Great Britain on December 21, 1923.

However, Nepal got a working Constitution on September 20, 2015.

It took a small country like Nepal 92 years to design and adopt a Constitution! It has got to be a record of some sorts.




What is India doing for Nepal?

In Nepal, India is currently driving 43 Road construction projects, 14 of which have been completed. In addition, 4 Power Transmission projects are underway, one of which has been completed.



A fact unknown to most Indians, India is engaged in 500 plus infrastructure development projects in 64 countries around the globe. India has extended $16 billion in lines of credit to implement projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. However, unlike China, India’s aim is to foster and bring about real development to a nation without burdening it with debt and the resulting compulsion to mortgage sovereign assets… something that China has perfected to an art form and practices with every nation it invests in.


If you want to know more, please read Edit 1.

So, what can India do to keep Nepal happy all the time?

India cannot decide for Nepal what Nepal needs to do. Nepal has to grow up to a point where it can figure out its role in the comity of nations. As a nation, with all its internal divisions Nepal is nowhere close to making that call.

Till that time, Nepal will continue to crawl and “gu-gu-ga ga” happily into China’s lap every time sugar daddy China tempts it with a shiny new toy or candy.





Edit 1:

India’s Global Reach on Infrastructure Projects that Indians do not know of.

Many in India have little to no information on the infrastructure development projects that India has initiated and is actively working on, around the globe. The general perception is that India is sitting still while China encroaches upon its neighbors with offers of investment and infrastructure development. The key factor is the actions of government controlled media houses in China like inhua, The Global Times and CGTN parroting Chinese infrastructure projects worldwide and proclaiming them to the world. In contrast, the left-liberal media in India is working overtime to denigrate and berate their own government rather than highlighting its engagements with friends, allies and its neighbors.




Here is what India is doing that no one notices.


India is steering 500 development projects around the world.


As of today, India has extended more than $30.66 billion worth of development assistance. These are lines of credit.


These credits have gone to 64 countries.


More than 300 infrastructure projects have been completed in partner countries while 240 + projects are under implementation, using the lines of credit from India.


These projects are in critical infrastructure sectors, like transport, roads and ports, power generation and distribution, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and education to name a few.


Of the $30.66 billion, $15.90 billion has gone to Asian countries with the bulk of it in India's neighborhood, to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


98 projects have been approved for India's immediate neighborhood and 44 of those have been completed… all of them using financing from India.


In Bangladesh, India is financing 31 projects of which 13 have been completed.


In Sri Lanka, 19 projects have been financed, 11 of them completed. Additional rail, road and port projects are also in the pipeline.


In Myanmar, India has completed 3 out of 4 general infrastructure projects, 2 out of 3 rail projects, 1 road project, 3 power transmission projects and 2 telecom projects.


In Africa, from 2002 to 2021, India has extended $11 billion in assistance to Africa in a variety of forms… like lines of credits for development projects, grants, scholarships to African students.


The Parliament building in Gambia was constructed by India.


India's Kosti Power project in Sudan provides a third of the country's power.


The Nyaborongo Power project in Rwanda meets one-fourths of the country's power needs.


India set up the first cement plant in Djibouti.


India launched the Upper Ruvu Water Treatment plant in Tanzania. It provides clean drinking water to a population of over 2 million in and around Dar es Salaam.





I have read all the answers so most of the Nepalese people think that India interfere in Nepal intelligent policy while China doesn't.

Apart from that The smart Nepalese who can think one step away, They know the fact that China will slowly started to take control over Nepal through Economy.

It's upto an individual. At present with india is love hate relationship. With China is like hope it will be a positive relationships but can turn sour Because China is always been a cunning fox and has issues with almost every country.






River White

I admit that One of the reason why China is investing Nepal is to expand geopolitical influence.

However, Nepal people will benefit by the investment anyways right?

Just like western capital invested in China, they want money but also help Chinese develo their country.

Whatever Indian says, the target of India is make Nepal be controlled by India.





So pls stop telling that big brother and little brother BS.

For Chinese, Nepal would be better to be a more independent country than a country control by India. Nepal people will be happy to see that. China and Nepal people have a common benefit by loss a influence to India.

Actually I don’t like India, they see themselves as a country who took over Britain’s colonial heritage. This character would be reason why India always showing greed for the land of the small country around them.




Nepal is to far to Beiing, Beiing has no need to control Nepal. They would happy to see Nepal be a country belong to Nepal people, not a country control by India.

If China not there, I’m 100% believe that India will did same thing on Nepal as what they did on Sikkim.

So one more good news, although China were too late to help Bhutan. But they will help Nepal be more independent as an independent country. The thing happened on Sikkim would never happened on Nepal.






Shaksham Shrestha

What is love is to you anyway?

China will help you(Nepal like under develo country) in anyway if you need help. Even though you(Nepal like under develo country) cannot do anything in return. Nepal love china because china does not interfere in its internal matters/problem, unlike India.



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