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I chat with my long time freind Tony, and we compare China's transport infrastructure with transport in other countries.


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manifest 73

China train transportation and infrastructure is world class, it is the standard all countries should strive for.



Christine Chen

What you don't realize is that these high speed rails aren't profitable and will break down without regular maintenance. Many of the lines aren't even profitable. It's a nice dog and pony show, but doesn't make sense from an economic standpoint.



Christine Chen, they're owned by the government, and so they're not really there to make a profit but to get people around. Maybe an employee has to visit another branch of his company, and he takes the high-speed train to get there. The economy benefits indirectly. Maintaining the system also provides jobs. Europe hopes to build a high-speed rail system to connect countries.



Christine Chen

​ @R M  Local governments have to pay for a lot of the cost and is bankrupting those smaller cities with no one using less traveled routes. Now there is maintenance that has to be done on those rails that have very little traffic. It's putting the cart in front of the horse where they build something, but some of the lines aren't being widely used to remotely make a return on investment. What we will see in the future is maintenance won't be done and these rails will start failing.


Darren in China

 @Christine Chen  Do you have any government information on spending and maintenance as this is the first time I have heard this being mentioned and I wasn't aware of local cities not being able to foot the bill.



Christine Chen

 @Darren in China  Local cities take on debt in order to pay for the building of rails. You won't hear much of this on media because taking on debt is not something they want to advertise, but the fact is that these rails cost money to build and maintain. Unfortunately, these rails are only rated for passengers and not for freight. This means that they can't even use it to transport large freight. Since many of the lines are underutilized, local governments are having a hard time recuperating the cost of the rails. It's only a matter of time until the mountain of debt crashes down.



Chan N

High speed train keeps expanding so as highways and airports. Main streets in cities also have dedicated lanes for bicycles, push carts, electric wheel carts, or anything that don't require vehicle licenses. So people who are not able to afford better means for transportation can still get around with whatever they have. China spends large majority of their budget on domestic affairs. Far less on on military and foreign relations. Any countries that do otherwise, people feel the pain.




I have lived in US for the past two decades. Every time I visited China, I felt like I woke up from a dream. One time, I can't even find the way home due to the renovation.


Albert Lee

It is very easy to notice which color routes shown on the top panel board, where you are and towards to which direction when you are standing on any MTR platform, perhaps you don't familiarize its directory for your short time staying in HK.




I have been to China too. The infrustructure is much better than Australia's here.



Brick Life

Even the new trains in Melbourne are made by CRRC and are the best trains in the network!



Joe Siu

bloody right, underground in london is old, however is not expensive use piccadilly line from heathrow to down twon and as well as sightseeing is quite good



Albert Lee

Ticketing time because of on a very long queue was much longer than transportation time for foreign commuters in China that was my bad experience in Guangzhou main stations




In Shenzhen, I found the Metro to be far superior to the underground in London. The bullet trains in China are also amazing.



Max L

U have to put in context that there's still a lot of people in the Chinese cities cannot afford a car most of them are out of state workers . So a cheap and extentive rail systems suit to the growing economy of these new and upcoming cities . People wins !. Business wins .! Environment wins .!



Shuo Huang

This goes to the benefit of socialism, a more global optimization mindset instead of a more profit oriented approach



Sarah Khan

China's infrastructural development is incredibly impressive. Wise leadership and competent responsible collective governance will bless the nation and people with progress prosperity happiness stability security. Those Asuras not appreciating and blocking the path to progress of others will fall into decline. Well done China



Joe Siu

ten years ago, from london to hull train cost over 60 pound




Hey Lee, may be you and Tony can travel up to Laos and experience what it's like riding China's first overseas (semi) high speed train. That'll be a different kind of fun.



Wei Zhang

Beiing subway line 1 I was operated in 1969, today still maintened well. So do not find excuses to those old railroad, if politicians were not corrupted in the west , they can repair or rebuilt them , where the money/taxpay went ?




Any infrastructure only serve all that people who use it in the world, and the construction and maintenance do not bring any political struggle to any infrastructure, because the people who use it only pay a small amount of tourism cost, while the countries and taxpayers of these facilities pay a lot of construction and maintenance cost.



Feng iao

I was growing up in Shenzhen. I used to admire UK’s train system when I lived in there since 1995 for 4 years. I can take trains to go everywhere. At that time, I hoped China can have as complex train systems as UK’s. I’m surprised how much China has done on train systems in last 27 years, and UK may be still same as when I was there.




Like education, mass transits should be a public service to fuel economical growth.



K Stephenson

We visited NYC 2 months ago and was shocked at the crumbling infrastructure everywhere! The subways stank and the filth was such an eyesore, even the cars on the roads looked decades older, it’s really a crumbling empire




I thank in Sydney is good for transport



David LTM

90% of Beiing public buses are also electric now




I found HK's MTR pretty easy to use. Transport in HK is really cheap. Can't say the same about UK. London bus fares aren't too bad. Japan must be the only place where buses are more expensive than trains.



Erwin Hu

it all about economies of scale in UK everything is quite impossible same is States




Many station in China is still not handicap friendly. I love China public transport but Singapore's is the best. You know when the next one is coming. Its everywhere, safe, affordable, timely, clean, handicap and elderly friendly, easy to navigate. Too bad Singapore is too small, else I believe the high-speed rail will be fantastic too. Japan and Hong Kong is fantastic too.



O mochileiro

I think the Dutch railway system pretty good but expensive and the Warsaw (Poland) pretty good and cheap.



Brick Life

The transport in China is top-notch



Darren in China

I am really impressed with the changes in Shenzhen over recent years.



Ray Giguette

It's a shame that the Chinese rail system has accumulated trillions of dollars of debt. Yet they keep building more and more trains that are little-used.


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