Bride calls off wedding after groom kisses her on stage in UP's Sambhal


BAREILLY: A young woman called off her wedding in UP's Sambhal after the groom kissed her on stage in front of nearly 300 guests on Tuesday night. The surprise kiss came right after the couple exchanged garlands. The bride immediately walked off from the dais and later called the police.

The woman, 23, a graduate, said the groom kissed her to win a bet with his friends, and now she is "doubtful about his character". The wedding was called off, and the guests returned home. Police tried to mediate, but the bride refused to give in.

After the bride called the police, both parties were taken to the thana, where she told cops: "He was touching me inappropriately while we were on the stage, but I ignored it. Then he did something unexpected. I was shocked and felt insulted. He didn't care about my self-respect and acted badly in front of several guests. How would he act in the future? I have decided not to go with him."




Her mother said, "My (would-be) son-in-law was provoked by his friends, and now my daughter doesn't want to go with him. We tried convincing her, but she didn't agree. We have decided to wait a few days and let her take some time." Bahjoi station house officer (SHO) Pankaj Lavania, under whose jurisdiction the case falls, told TOI, "Technically the couple is married as the rituals were done by the time the incident happened. But she has rejected the groom, Vivek Agnihotri, 26. We will decide what to do after waiting for a couple of days for things to cool down."

Two weddings were cancelled in Shahjahanpur and Lakhimpur Kheri earlier because the grooms broke into a "nagin (snake) dance".

她的母亲说:“我的(准)女婿受到了朋友的挑衅,现在我女儿不想嫁过去。我们想劝她,但她不肯让步。我们决定再等几天,让她冷静一下。”此案属于巴乔伊派出所警官Pankaj Lavania的管辖范围,他告诉《印度时报》:“从法律上说,这对夫妇已经结婚了,因为意外发生时婚礼仪式已经完成了。但她拒绝了26岁的新郎Vivek Agnihotri。我们会等几天让事态降温,再来决定下一步这么做。”




RP•12 hours ago

In western culture the bride and the groom kiss after the wedding. I think Indians have become too much westernized.




GURU SANKAR•NewDelhi•2 days ago

Now a days very common taking pre wedding photo shoot etc, Bride are sitting groom's lap for shoot, lifting




GURU SANKAR•NewDelhi•2 days ago

Why girls are doing such a filmsy style drama, she must have some boyfriend to avoid marriage




Dharnish B R•2 days ago

The girl did right. Good on her for having self-respect.




Vignesh India•Bengaluru•2 days ago

Don't trust these women, probably had a lover and was arranged married hurriedly so drama for stop the wedding.By the time he kissed,the wedding was over, so what's wrong in husband kissing a wife?Happens in Christian weddings.This girl is just creating drama....




American Desi•NYC•2 days ago

What's wrong with kissing? He was there getting married to her! Why be so rigid with your life? Friends do tease and say things- we all know that. Stop trying to bring in self-respect and other stupid cultural stuff. In a way it is good she walked away because they are not meant for each other. She would have made his life hell.




Shovon Dutta•2 days ago

This is what happens in gutter pradesh.. Woow..




Poda De•2 days ago

If the bride is so touchy, she must feel pollutes after the groom's kiss and stick to him only instead of calling off the wedding !




User P•2 days ago

In a way this is good, as any understanding or misunderstanding has come up at a very early stage to take next course of action by both of them.




User Factual•2 days ago

Admire the girl's immense courage.




Ram Sinha•2 days ago

very good, girl.




Rahul Sc•Mumbai•2 days ago

Kudos to the girl for realizing early how reckless and callous his groom can turn out to be. Unfortunately, it is a bit late as the marriage rituals were already done. Still, it is the right decision for both bride & groom for not going through the misery of mismatch and conflicts.




Cb Guest•Unknown•2 days ago

desperate groom could not wait few days..




Arjun patil•2 days ago





ZN swq2•2 days ago

May be bride thought he is naturist kissing in open and she suspect he don't do anything in closed doors.




Jagdish Madan•Unknown•2 days ago

Idiotic groom took up his friends' challenge to violate his newly wed wife' dignity in public. Right decision by the self respecting bride.




User Iyer•2 days ago

I appreciate the bold action of bride




•2 days ago

correct time for groom to get away from starting relationship with this horrible bride....right now she is doing this what will she after marriage




Prasenjit Biswas•2 days ago

Rightly done by the Bride. Dignity and Self respect are everything




Prakki Satyamurty•Nidadavolu•2 days ago

She should refuse him only if he kisses another woman. What is wrong in kissing his wife or would-be ? The girl should have gone to the microphone and warned his friends to behave.




sonjusen 22113

Lucky man! Rest of his live is saved from this "pious lady.




Suvendu Baral 11835

Can't say the gir is wrong as the boy as tendency to bow down to friends request... one incident is not enough to judge anyone.. give them time




User Singh 10852

Bad breath may be the reason.. for break up .




Aspire to lnspire 48548

The groom could have got over excited and lost senses to act rationa v.. The woman should be admired for standing up for her dignity.




YouSaidIt 1653

I don't see any problem with the girl, she did the right thing. This guy kissed her against her wish. ln western culture also. when the groom kisses the bride, that's not forceful. This guy should be booked.




Krishnamurthy Krishnamurthy 37641

Lucky escape for bridegroom. She would have been boring rigid wife had he got married to her.




Achal Joshi 14059

When Over-Enthusiasm meets Over Reaction...Game Over




Prabhakar R 549

Both the bride and the groom saved themselves from a lot of future trouble!




R 3 days ago rajiv201918 604

Groom was saved from future harassment by such an arrogant wife..



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