If Russia’s economy is roughly the size of Texas, why does it take an ever expanding NATO membership to defend ag inst Russia?




Blake Bennett

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Perhaps because Russia keeps invading neighboring countries? Just a thought.

NATO isn’t expanding because Russia can beat them. They’re expanding because countries need their help. They’re expanding BECAUSE they’re such an overwhelming force for the bully.

What’s mind blowing is that NATO was 10 years from self destructing for lack of purpose. Members were at each other’s throats over decimals of percents, and cutting budgets on the assumption that no one would ever need a military again. Good job Russia.


北约扩 张不是因为怕被俄罗斯打败。他们扩 张是因为很多国家需要他们的帮助。他们扩 张是因为他们的实力对于对手而言是个灭霸的存在。





Dan O Brien

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Firstly when NATO was formed Russia or more correctly USSR was much much bigger and comparable to the entire capacity of the USA and Western Europe. With the col pse of the USSR, NATO did disarm to a large degree. However the Western Central Europe countries released from the Iron curtain, wanted the security of NATO. They feared a Russian resurgence. Regrettably they were correct.

首先,北约成立之初,俄罗斯——或者说得更准确些——苏联,要强大得多得多,美国和西欧加在一起都不在怕的。随着苏 联的,北约也大规模裁减军备。但西欧、中欧国家从铁幕中解放出来后,向北约寻求安全感。他们担心俄罗斯再次复苏。很遗憾,他们是对的。



Roxolan Tonix

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NATO does not need to expand to defend its esting members, it expands because it allows more members who want to get under the umbrella of NATO prection. Ifanything, expansion is more a liability to the rest of the alliance, but offering the umbrella to vulnerable countries is the whole point why it was created.

北约不需要为了保护现有成员国而扩 张,北约扩 张是因为它允许更多成员国进到北约的保护伞下。如果说有什么不同的话,那就是扩 张对北约其他成员国来说更像是一种责任,但为脆弱国家提供保护正是北约成立的全部意义所在。



Albert Beck

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Russia’s economy isn’t attacking Ukraine— Russian armed forces are. That is a nation of about 145 million assaulting a nation of perhaps 25 million, about 10 million males who stayed home to defend. And with very little arms and equipment/ ammo/ supplies when the attack came back in February.




Jai Sulrei

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Because Russia keeps behaving in a manner that, by outcome, hurts its own security.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine-

Sweden and Finland were neutral.

The Baltic republics were isolated with their backs to the Baltic and a long frontier with Russia. NATO had a small battalion sized force there to act as a trip wire should Russia invade.

There was no hope Ukraine was going to be admitted to NATO anytime soon. At most everyone believed, including myself, that Ukraine would fall in a couple of days if Russia attacked.

Russia’s military was vastly overestimated in its effectiveness.

Germany and a number of NATO nations were NOT living up to NATO treaty commitments to spend 2% of their GNP on their own military. (I listed 5% originally, thank you Mr. Wilms)








Just SINCE the invasion-

Sweden and Finland are in the process of joining NATO. Suddenly the Baltics ARE defensible from Russian attack. The Fins can bottle up the Russian fleet and Sweden is one large aircraft carrier parked just over the horizon.

Germany has decided to increase and modernize its military just since the invasion.

Ukraine now may indeed end up joining NATO. Instead of the Baltics being isolated its Belarus that is now surrounded on three sides by anti Russia nations.






This would NOT have happened if Russia had not decided to invade Ukraine.

It gets worse for Russia.

If Russia is defeated, that encourages Belarusians to rise up ag inst Presi nt Alexander Lukashenko?

The single biggest enemy of Russia IS Russia.







Ian Tully

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Despite the number of personal firearms in Texas it it is not organized for war in the same way as Russia which has put the Military at the top of it's priorities since recovering from the post-Co unist recession. The expanding NATO membership is simply a case of all Russia's neighbours wanting the prection membership gives. Anyone outside has no guarantees that NATO will aid them. You'll ne that although NATO has armed Ukraine and trained their recruits it has not committed any of it's Military to Ukraine's defence. Indeed it has been careful not to provide the Ukrainians with armor that would turn a defensive war into a counter aggressive one.

Finland and Sweden have got the message and now want in.


北约的不断扩 张,归根到底不过是因为俄罗斯的所有邻国都希望得到北约的保护。





William Meinert

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Expanding NATO membership is not about needing more support to defeat Russia. It’s about giving countries that have much smaller resources than Russia the ability to deter Russia from attacking them.




Peter Ned

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Because Russia is a loony state and may attack any nearby country without reason, as recently happened with Ukraine. Some of the nearby countries are not NATO members, now they are becoming ones to prect themselves.

NATO does not need more members to defeat Russia, we can see that Ukraine alone can do that. But the smaller countries want to join NATO to be sure Russia will not attack them.





Evan Gilbert

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It's not “ever expanding".

If your neighbor is a crackhead known for breaking into houses, and you buy a security sy em or join a neighborhood watch, it's not “ever-expanding” arms race.

Especially if that crackhead neighbor (Russia) starts whining that they're being unfairly targeted.

If they weren't breaking into places, there wouldn't be a reason to buy into some security.

Secondly, just having a small economy doesn't mean they can't kill; look at wars in Africa, or south Asia, (or Ukraine) and ask if the size of the economy is changing the nature of the violence.

It's completely unrelated, and having a lot of money does not form a shield or prect. Never worked for Byzantium or Rome.

北约并没有“不断扩 张”。








Chris Record

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Russia has a population of around 150 million while Texas has a population that has recently grown to 30 million. Russia finds itself hemmed in and having difficulty providing the standard of living that its populace has been promised but denied. In order to meet the expectations of its people, Putin and Russia seek lebensraum, “living room”. This policy has caused war time after time with the Nazis’ and Hitler delcaring their need for more and more land. Putin’s intentions have been proven to be the same. Dangerous.









Carlos Eŭ Th

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NATO does not need Latvia, or Finland, or Ukraine, or Georgia, to defend ag inst Russia.

But Latvia, Finland, Ukraine, or Georgia each need NATO to better defend themselves from pential Russian aggression.

It is not NATO than needs (wants) to expand. It is the different smaller countries that need (want) to associate.




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