China using 'coercive' economic tools in Indian Ocean to achieve security aims: US


NEW DELHI: China is using “coercive economic tools” to achieve its security aims in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) while also not adhering to international laws and displaying a lack of transparency in its ongoing efforts to establish overseas military bases, a senior US defence official said.


“Our concerns relate to not just China’s growing naval presence in the IOR but how it’s going to express that presence and what its intentions are…We have started to see a pattern of its behaviour that we have seen in other parts,” US assistant secretary of defence for Indo-Pacific security affairs Ely S Ratner said during a virtual media roundtable.


Consequently, the India-US strategic-defence partnership is “central” to Washington’s vision for a free and open IOR and the wider Indo-Pacific region. “While there may be bumps in the road along the way, we are really focused on the long game, which is building our partnership into the future and supporting India’s ability to shape a favourable balance of power in the Indo-Pacific,” he said.


Armed with the world’s largest Navy with 355 warships and submarines, China has cranked up its hunt for logistical bases in the IOR, from Cambodia, Seychelles and Mauritius to east African countries, after establishing a full-fledged overseas base at Djibouti on the Horn of Africa, as was reported by TOI earlier.


Ratner, on his part, said India and the US were now “more closely aligned” than ever before in history, with “converging strategic interests” and a “shared vision” for the Indo-Pacific region.



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Ashok Amin

Indiaś nonaligned policy has paid so far.......and India must adhere to it.Other countries sea their own interest India also must see her own interest of safety.



Ashok Ami

The perspective of America is very deep beyond understanding of India. India must move very carefully. America is seven seas away, China is next door. Indiaś nonaligned policy has paid well so far.



Ashok Amin

India now can foresee the balance of power in area.Whatever India must leave her nonaligned policy even with some cost.America is away.China is next door.So fat China has not done anything to harm India.




USA complaining about military bases? What am I reading lol




Meanwhile, the 56 inchy gang rejects every report by claiming it is flawed, method of data collection is not known and it's non-transparent and all fake blah blah blah...



Atmaprakash Khetan

Time for Indians to boycott all Chinese merchandise.



Aditya Bhuyan

China is getting humiliated each time it is messing with India. Recently it sent a spy ship and got the answer.



Progressive Policies

Who said USA is not a friend of India?




Dragon is a demonstrated global master in violating international laws rules & trade practices --- So also Russia has also violated global laws after waging a long cruel war - still unabated -- on Ukraine ---- and foxy-Pak state is terror-den......



Biju Unnikrishnan

Make accountable of each Chinese activities and expose before world.



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It will be better of these de ocratic countries stop buying all the products from china



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The QUAD is the reason that should be a worry for the Chinese. The Japanese hate the Chinese. The Americans and the Austrailians despise the Chinese for Covid, theft of intellectual property, and what not. A combined forces of the Indian Navy, Austrailian Navy, Japanese Navy and the US Navy should literally help counter the Chinese. Even the Russians, which are rivals of Americans, will take side with India for sure. So this partnership of Chinese and Pakistanis will not be strong enough to coun ...






bhartiya singh

2008 Beiing secret signed deal between Maino Dynasty & (Indian National Congress & China Co unist Party) shaped UPA policies of welcoming Chinese Naval build-up in Indian Ocean Region whether Hambantota or Dijibouti or Coco Is. China Navy started facing resistance from most Indian Ocean littoral states including India upon Modi Govt coming to power and their demand of kee IOR free from Chinese Expansionism.




We needsto find how much land was gave away to China since 2014.



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our oppositions are biggest hibderance in our aim to be super power.




If US Europe Boycott China economically, it will be finished within 2/3 years. An opportunity for India to Join US EU against China and Russia , Chinese products and as Russian defence has failed to impress during RU-UKR war.



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India cannot be neutral. take sides. is it Russia or US. Russia is to collapse.



Bala Srinivasan

Time for INDIA to increse CHINA's cost of IOR travesties such as OBSTACLE at MALACCA strait&or  SLport at HUMBANTOTA.



Muhad Asghar

Smart China has become a geo-nightmare for India in spite of its shifting around looking for favourable Western clients.



Ivan Wolf

It's perfectly OK for US to have military bases all over the world, but not any others Indians accept whatever US has down by not China.


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