Is Africa the Next China?





I wonder what impact the African union will have on the inter-connected future of Africa?




I do look forward to seeing living conditions improving in Africa.




You can’t really compare an entire continent to individual countries. Countries in Africa are develo very differently. Rwanda and Botswana are really on their way up and are genuinely on the road to prosperity, the fate of Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia is still a hit or miss, South Africa is sliding backwards, and…let’s not talk about Chad, the Sudans, or Somalia.




Africa has been poor for the last 400 years (the Arab and Atlantic sl ves trades did a lot to contribute to this it must be admitted). Africa is surely going to grow a lot, just don't expect it to be anything like as quick as China's was




I think some states do have the pential to become successful—likely the more stable ones like Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.

 But I think a vast majority of African states will likely disintegrate within the coming century—whether that be through new unions or secessionist movements: Sudan, Ethiopia, etc.



Klaus Ünder

Africa will have a growth economically but the way it's compared to China is strange as it would make more sense to use this comparison for India which has similar trends, better infrastructure and more established sectors yet is still emerging.




Education, peace, and stability are Africa’s best bets for improvement. Good luck.




I feel like this falls apart at the equivalence of an African economy to a European econony. Europe is referenced as a single economy because of the EU, not because of its geography. There is no (effective) African Union. What goes on in Egypt hardly affects South Africa or even Nigeria. In fact, North Africa is often considered a seperate entity, so it's already odd to group it into an arbitrary "Africa".







We’re comparing a continent to a country so yeah i wonder what that answer will be. It’s up to the countries within to see if they will develop quickly



Jamie Junk

I'm in one of the most "richest" african economys and I can say that po iticians have there priorities wrong, they wanna take the money that is now but not make more so they can take . Kinda sad cause I see how people that I knew fly into poverty as the years go by( we just getting more poor).




Neoliberals be like: stop having families and focus on economic growth so I can have more ch goods



Alessandro Rosati

The problem is that China was a very po itical stable country, same thing that the Africans countries are famous for not be




Prosperity requires two things above all else: stable, sound governance and the orderly rule of law.  Many, perhaps even most, African countries still lack one or both of these things, so for them, the answer is no. They will not be able to achieve China's level of prosperity until they remedy their baseline flaws.  Easier said than done, of course, but true regardless.





Kallme Kordelia

This was interesting, but I'm wondering if you considered the impact of de t and IMF structural adjustment programs. I think one of the reasons that so many countries in Africa court foreign direct investment and don't always prioritize education is because, under SAPs they are required to decrease public spending and encourage foreign investment. I don't think China faced the same limitation



Handsome Stalin

Population growth and the associated trends will not make a successful region especially if the population is uneducated and the go nment is too corrupt, inherently violent or non-estent to foster growth to begin with.

The region needs stability and real investment and it needs to be delivered in a way that it can stand on its own feet or else it will be more like Afghanistan then China.



Tony Xu

12:56 "... family planning program have seen some success in certain countries."



Raphael Pascha

10:35 I was shocked when I saw the infant mortality rate in 2020 of 46,78% so I checked and it should be 46,78‰ or 46,78 per Thousand.

And it is declining pretty fast, now we are at more than 2% per year.




Economic interconnectedness alone isn't enough to merit looking at Africa as a whole. Some countries, such as Kenya, have a pretty good shot of experiencing rapid growth, but many countries will be left behind.




"encouraged the mandatory one child policy"....there's something conflicting about that statement lol




short answer: NO

slightly less short answer: NO due to many factors like culture, demographics, policies etc ...



Just an old account

China was able to grow because it leveraged its large population for economic growth and the was able to stay independent of western meddling to keep its industry competitive. Most African counties have neither of these. I could see Nigeria, Ethiopia, the North African countries, and the few stable democracies like Botswana and Ghana growing like China, but until most countries can be allowed to grow de ratically, things won’t get better.



Vincero Alpha

Good luck to the future African pioneers, love and blessings from your brothers and sisters in the USA.




Very important factor: education. China built modern education sy em since the first day of independence. And 90+% had certain level of education when China opened up at 1979.



Louis Vanguard

I live in the African region and it always makes me sad when I realise how far behind we are compared to The American, European and Asian regions.




This video tells me that for nations to prosper it must invest in its people.


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