PFI plotted to attack PM Modi in Bihar on July 12, says ED


NEW DELHI: The Enforcement Directorate has claimed that the Popular Front of India (PFI) had planned to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally in Patna and was engaged in raising terror modules, collection of deadly weapons and explosives to simultaneously launch attacks on sensitive places and individuals in UP.

新德里:执法局(ED)称,印度人民阵线(PFI)曾密谋在巴特那的集会上袭击莫迪总理,并建立恐 怖分子训练营地,收集致命武器和炸药,同时对北方邦的敏感地点和个人发动袭击。

In a sensational claim made in its remand note against PFI member Shafeeque Payeth, arrested from Kerala Thursday, the ED has said the outfit had organised a training camp to launch an attack during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Patna on July 12 this year.

在对周四在喀拉拉邦被捕的PFI成员Shafeeque Payeth的还押通知中,印度执法局称该组织在印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪今年7月12日访问巴特那期间组织了一个训练营,发动袭击。

Significantly, PM Modi had a close shave in Patna in October 2013 when jehadi terrorists belonging to Indian Mujahideen, which, just like PFI, has in its ranks members of the outlawed Students' Islamic Movement in India, bombed a rally he addressed immediately afterwards.

值得注意的是,2013年10月,莫迪总理曾在巴特那死里逃生,当时隶属于印度圣 战者组织的圣 战恐 怖分子,和PFI一样,在印度有非法的学生运动成员,在他随后发表演讲的集会上引爆炸 弹。

ED has found details of Rs 120 crore collected by the outfit over the years, mostly in cash and meant to channelise the funds for creating riots and terror activities across the country.

印度执法局发现了该组织多年来收集的1.2亿卢比的细节,大部分是现金,旨在用于在全国制造骚乱,进行恐 怖活动。

The agency has arrested four PFI members after Thursday's nationwide raids on the outfit during which several agencies, including the National Investigation Agency, arrested more than 100 activists associated with the outfit.




Sarcastic Bee

Elections in some states nearing, fake accusations and fake news of attack on FENKUman will increase.



Anand Mirle

It is very very clear that Delhi riots was meticulously planned to time with Trump’s visit to project Modi government as being oppressive against Muslim minority, it was deliberate and opposition funded the same to help their cause to project Modi government in bad light.

非常明显,德里骚乱是精心策划的,恰逢特朗普访问,借此把莫迪政府塑造成压迫少数民 族的形象,这是有意为之的,反对派为此提供了资金,以帮助他们抹黑莫迪政府的形象


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jumleybaba and his caged investigating modus operandi to cook up such botched stories is now well known to all......first it was punjab now its bihar.....



Brn Tyl

Looks like the PFI is strong in Mumbai and Pune. The Government is doing nothing to the anti-Nationals who were shouting Pakistan Zindabad along with PFI members. in Pune.



Ashok Kumar

Modiji we are being told Threat from North. Danger from South. Terror from East. Scare from West. What is going in your regime Modiji. Why India is facing Wholesale Insecurity Unstability Uneasiness amongst Indians? Is Modi Governance useless today?

莫迪,四面八方都有恐 怖活动,你的政权到底怎么了?




Ashish Dalal

For cheap publicity such news are spread our modiji remains very far from people in every possible way people means common people not close friends



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never spare the militants and use third degree methods , if required. nip their activities in bud



Ramesh B

All efforts of NIA ED CBI would go in vain as the courts as always stick to their version that arrests and investigations are not convincing..



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loosing bihar was a resounding slap to fekuji maharaj.....now to garner up support & sympathy from the people of this country such cooked up stories is being propagated by the caged investigating agencies.



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Is it a False Alarm or Belated Alarm. God knows



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The Indian voters should use their wisdom and keep supporting present govt untill some other few good options are available. Otherwise the Hindus would be in great trouble if we allow the opposition parties to rule us.



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Encounter is the answer . Judiciary is known for long delays.



Balachandran Nair V

It is unfortunate that Indian agencies taking control of such terror outfits are still not up to the standard, I think India should take all kind of help from Israel- both technical and weaponization

不幸的是,对付这些恐 怖组织的印度机构仍然能力不足,我认为印度应该从以色列获得各种帮助,包括技术和武器


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Diversionary tactics at work from the incumbent. Has been a successful ploy over the years



Ashok Kumar

Whether Modiji himself is danger for we the Indians



Rahul Jain

such groups and organisations... influencing youth in the name of religion must be dealt with an iron rod only.



User Kumar

Ban this terror outfit and kill all these rats

取缔这个恐 怖组织,成员全部消灭


Swapnil Rao

PFI is just tip of iceberg


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