US wants Modi to follow-up with advice to Putin to end war amid loose talk on nuke use


WASHINGTON: The White House is urging India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's to follow up on his advice to Russia's President Vladimir Putin to wind down the war in Ukraine, saying his (Modi's) statement that now is not the era of war is consistent with the principle that "you cannot conquer your neighbor’s territory by force."


US praise for Modi's stand, with what was virtually a call for greater political and diplomatic intervention at the highest level, came even as Moscow signaled it is ready to intensify the conflict by calling up 300,000 reservists. Proxes of the Russian and western leadership also made brazen threats of nuclear weapons use even as world leaders gathered in New York City for the annual UN General Assembly meeting, where President Biden is expected to address the Ukraine conflict among other issues later in the day.


Describing Modi's reported remarks to Putin at the SCO summit last week as "a statement of principle on behalf of what he believes is right and just," US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Washington welcomed the stand and urged New Delhi, which he said has longstanding relationships in Moscow from the very top all the way through the Russian government, "to continue to reinforce that message that now is the time for war to end."


"And we would like to see every country in the world making that case. They can do it publicly if they like. They can do it privately if they like. But sending that clear and unmistakable message to Moscow at this time is the most vital thing I think we can collectively do to produce peace in that region," Sullivan said at a White House briefing.


Praise for Modi also came from French President Emmanuel Macron, who told the UN General Assembly that the Indian Prime Minister was right when he told Putin in Samarkhand that now is not the time for war, while urging countries not to sit on the fence on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


Both France and the US appeared to recognize India's perceptible shift on the issue, while implicitly urging New Delhi to use its influence given its longstanding ties with Moscow. Modi is not coming for the UNGA session this year, but External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar, who is heading the Indian delegation, will be in the thick of meetings with his western counterparts who are increasingly looking at India to play a role in defusing the situation.


On Tuesday, surrogates for Russia and the west exchanged nuclear threats over the airwaves even as intense lobbying was on at the UN to enlist support for their respective narratives.




Jagdish Madan

Hope the Russia - Ukraine war ends soon. Use of n nuclear weapons is unthinkable as the catastrophe that follows will affect the entire globe adversely.



Krishnamurthy P

USA is responsible to prop up Ukraine and some other countries to increase their strong hold and sideline Russia. That is the root of the problem




Russia and China are common and natural friend…They both know if they have to survive then they have to be friends. A decade ago, it was widely said that next century is of Asia and the new Axs of power is Russia , China and India. India turned out to be weakest link in the chain. Russia and China has turned rogue now and there is no escape for them. But I hate what India has done. India is giving all its territory to China and Bangladesh and only barking surgical strikes on POK. India will be doomed if they can’t take a stand on China and it aggression in India at UN.









Sincere Indian

Biden, You are the instigator and unnecessarily indulged in trading your arms and using Ukraine as your playground. Enough of your investments in troubled water.



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Modiji in trap



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while the US keeps supplying arms, it expects Russia to stay silent and do nothing !!!!!,Wah kya requirement hai !!!



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Now US is makinf Modi a scapegoat in frint of putin. That is US is made. They push forward the inocent countries ahead and from back they make a game plan. Modi should not heed to this kind of request from West.



Bonny Moraes

Another feather in Modi’s headgear! Jai ho!



Sarma V S

Putin is not heeding Vishwa guru's advice?



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what I 'US wants'.... India is a free nation with it's own independent foreign policy.




What Mr. Modi can do now when world can see west started to send NATO forces to the nearest border of Russia and because of it conflict started after that. Now they are playing another game and creating fear of nuclear weapon use by Russia.



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Economic sanctions are worse than nukes! US is a Satan




User galande

Ganging up behind the economic sanction is just as bad as the nukes leading to a suffering of uninvolved innocents . Pushed beyond a point by forcing others to join the gang, the response can be catastrophic.



Mohit Goyal

Biden needs to be informed that India doesn't works as per US wishes.



Sharadh Mukkannavar

Modi is not US servent, you supply weapons to Pakistan, lead anti Modi campaign against Modi through media, encourage other vested interests and want him to loose next election, but now you expect Modi to help you. Shameless and selfish US



Bhartiya Bharat India

He will never follow up. Howvee if putin wants to withdraw from war due to huge losses and huge deaths.

He may chose this path… thats what US is expecting probably



Tom Joad

China is right in saying that India is a convenient pawn of the US. The great Modi is too much in love with himself that he can't see clearly.



Sailesh Katira

Instead of trying to bring about understanding between the warring nations, the West is supplying weapons to keep the pot boiling. And on the other hand they are showing fake concern and want India to mediate. The biggest villain in the whole drama is the USA.



R Venkatesh Govind

Modijee should fly all his atmanirbhar Rafales to Moscow, tell Putinjee, "Back off, or else".



Parag Mazumdar

Modiji demand US to kill terrorists in Pakistan first then you can think about their issues. Just finish Pakistan first.

莫迪应该要求美国先杀死巴基斯坦的恐 怖分子,然后再考虑他们的问题。先搞定巴基斯坦吧。



We cannot take Putin's threat lightly. Look back, USA did the same to end the 2nd world war. Now that Russia is not able to win the war, they may just go ahead and use the same trick now. Russia will not accept defeat from Ukrain.


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