Gujarat isn’t Pakistan, it’s our brother: Fadnavis on Foxconn deal


 MUMBAI: Gujarat “is not Pakistan, it is our younger brother,” said deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis as he sought to dissipate political tensions over the loss of the Rs 1.5 lakh crore Foxconn-Vedanta semiconductor plant to the neighbouring state. The BJP has been accusing the MVA and especially Shiv Sena of ratcheting up social tensions between Marathi and Gujarati speakers over the shifting of the project.

孟买:副首席部长Devendra Fadnavis说,古吉拉特邦“不是巴基斯坦,它是我们的兄弟,他努力缓解因1.5万亿卢比的富士康-韦丹塔半导体工厂被邻邦抢走而引发的政治紧张局势。


“Both states were formed on the same day. Both were together once. This is finally healthy competition. We want to go ahead of everyone and make Maharashtra No. 1,” he said while addressing small-scale entrepreneurs at the Laghu Udyog Bharati conclave in Mumbai on Friday evening.

周五晚上,他在孟买举行的Laghu Udyog Bharati秘密会议上对一些企业家说:“这两个邦是在同一天成立的。二者曾经在一起过。这最终是一种健康的竞争。我们想走在所有人的前面,让马哈拉施特拉邦成为第一。”

Attacking the opposition, Fadnavis said that “by merely speaking against Gujarat, you cannot beat Gujarat, for that one needs policies.” “For five years, I ensured Maharashtra stayed ahead of Gujarat. Those who are now speaking against Gujarat took it to the No. 1 position and pulled Maharashtra down. Finally, the investor looks at the environment in the state,” he added.


He claimed that the day after being sworn in, he had called the MIDC CEO to understand what was happening.


“I was told the Foxconn-Vedanta project was leaning towards Gujarat and we needed to act fast. I even met the Vedanta chief at his home and told him we will give more than what Gujarat is offering. I told him we will make a tailor-made package for them. Their people came to see the land. He, however, told us their decision to go to Gujarat had already been made... What did we do? We tried our best to change their minds. Those now pointing fingers at us did nothing in the last two years. In their tenure, Maharashtra lagged behind Gujarat, but we will take it ahead in the next two years.”




A Singh

All the wealth is moving to Gijjus, all the investment is moving to Gujarat. Courtesy Modi and Shah to make Adani rich at the cost looting the common man.



Sharad Nemade

So you accept the fact that only your current government in Maharashtra lost this to gujrat and not due to previous govt.,You could not anything before Modiji.



Jaise Ko Taisa

It appears Fadnavis does not know the History, similar to the division which created Pakistan and India in 1947, Gujarat and Maharashtra are the outcome of the Division of Bombay State.



Krishnan S

Maharashtra is not facing elections now. 2017 was a bullet train jumla and 2022 election in Gujarat is Foxconn jumla. Both will not fructify.




hahahah trying to save face.




If Gujrat got everything and gets everything why so many Gujjus leaving the country? something doesn't sound right whats going on?



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This Vedanta Foxconn factory could become the BJP Achilles Heel in the next polls in Maharashtra


N C Joshi

The options are not closed. Try for more and more investment in semiconductor and other fields. Market is open but make environment suitable.



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They took away your diamond market. They are taking away your Financial market.



Jagdish Shetty

Why all industries r moving to Gujarat? BJP should not prioritize that state. But if u look at politicians, administrators or police officers in Maharashtra then it is worst than say bimaru states.





do you think people are fools



Om Prakash

It is immaterial in which state Vedanta Foxconn sets up semiconductor manufacturing facility. It is being set up in India.,Other states should also explore setting up semiconductor manufacturing facilities in collaboration with Foxconn like companies to make India no 1 in semiconductor manufacturing.




User Maithili Umate

Kee own children hungry while feeding younger brothers children



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Companies get fast and easy land for infrastructure in Gujrat.,Punjab is without big industry because of land problem.



Morengkham Leivon

Modi and Amit Shah shifted that project to Gujarat from Maharashtra as it is their home state. Simple. Modi and Shah captured your votes talking about hindutva and Ram temple, bla bla bla. But when it comes to big projects, they will always prefer their home state. Bhakts in Maharashtra should get this into their heads.






sunny dias

Look at this comment section one bloody investment went to gujrat and we started abusing gujratis devendra sir modi



gp Dutt

Anyway Maharashtra doesn’t have BJP CM. I



Vijay Sehgal

Then let maharashtra be controlled by Gujrat CM



2 da

Is Maharashtra belongs to Pakistan ? why did your father took Foxconn to Gujrat ?




Spineless Maharashtrian.


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