Two killed in police firing at Assam eviction site



GUWAHATI: Two civilians were killed and nine policemen injured at Dholpur in Assam’s Darrang district on Thursday as an eviction drive to recm go nment land from allegedly illegal settlers triggered mob fury and instant reprisal, including firing from all sides at a man charging at the cops with a stick before raining batons on him as he lay on the ground.


Outrage over the police firing was amplified by a purported viral video of the clash that shows a civilian jum on and hitting the man felled by gunshots moments earlier. The accused, identified as a photographer accompanying the eviction , has been arrested, special DGP G P Singh said.

一段据称在网上疯传的冲突视频进一步加剧了人们对警方开枪的愤怒。视频显示,一名平民扑过去殴打刚被枪击倒地的男子。特别DGP GP Singh说:“被告是一名跟拍驱逐方的摄影师,现已被捕。”

According to some eyewitnesses, the photographer had been chased by the man who was later shot by the police.


The two casualties in the clash were identified as Saddam Hussain and Sheikh Farid, but there was no offi al confirmation of whether one of them was the villager seen in the video. A police officer of ASI rank was admitted to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital in a critical condition.


The state go nment instituted an inquiry into the circumstances leading to the death of the two civilians and injury to some, including cops. A retired judge of the Gauhati high court will conduct the probe.


The offi al version is that the police initially fired in the air and burst tear gas shells to disperse presters resisting the eviction. “The police were given a task to evict the encroachers and were carrying out their work when they were attacked by people with stones and sharp wons. There was firing from the police. The eviction drive will continue,” CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

官方说法是,警方最初向空中开枪并发射催泪弹,以驱散抗议者。首席部长Himanta Biswa Sarma说:“警察接到了驱逐的任务,在执行任务时,他们遭到了用石头和锋利武器的人的袭击,然后警察就开火了。驱逐行动将继续进行。”

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Shatrughan Prasad

The encroachers must be evicted from occupied land.



vinay sharma

Illegal Bangladeshis should be kicked out of India.



Tanmay Chakrabarti

Now libtards and h an ri hts activists have got an issue.



Mrinal Pachani

These illegal Bangladeshi people are creating problem everywhere in Assam threatening the life of local Assamese people. These people posing a threat to local community and these people are raising crime rate in Assam




Great action



Tamil Mani

Great Assam police...


User badal

A killer can praise killer of innocent people.



Ashok Dabrai

The encroachers have to be evicted whichever community or they belong to.



Saturn Sputnik

Bangladeshi infiltrators should not allow to settle in govt lands, Well done by current govt, Mistakes done by Congress govt earlier should not allow to repeat.



Shobitro Chatterjee

We don't want them in India. Good job go nment of Assam.



Bmuralikrishnan Srinivasan

dont show any mercy. that useless rahul is showing solidarity. in reality he just wants trpuble brewing everywhere. First arrest that useless fellow and show him some real jail life




Good work. Please don't be cowed down by the attitude of these illegals or by so called h an ri hts groups who sponsor occupation of Indian territory.




They should be pushed back to Bangladesh or kicked out otherwise Hindus in Assam will have no place in future.




Shoot them all, these Bangladeshi muzzies will only breed more like rats whilst contributing to te rorm in name of ola, big threat to natl security.

统统射杀,这些孟加拉人只会像老鼠一样繁殖,同时助长恐 怖主义,对印度的国家安全构成巨大威胁。


Akash S

All these Bangladeshis should have been killed like Jallianwalla bagh. These people are pest for the society. They are babies producing factories and thieves. Just came to destroy the North East.



Rajesh Sharma

If anyone attacks police he must be dealt with law. After all policemen should also be treated as human beings. They also have h an ri hts.

任何人袭警,都必须依法处理。毕竟,警察也是人,也有人 权。


rajendrakumar talukdar

Why probe now? Probe how they entered and encroached.




Sumit Rawat

Kill the te rorts

This re gion is curse to humanity

Good job done by police

Jai Hind

杀了恐 怖分子,这种宗教是对人类的诅咒




Fantastic job by Police force. Whosoever attacks police forces must be taught a lesson. First they encroach property then attack Policy. No mercy for law breakers.



Positive Tutorials

Illegal migrants must be neutralized.




No mercy on people who attacked Police with sharp wons. India is not Afghanistan.


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