Assam on way to becoming next Kashmir: Himanta Biswa Sarma



SILCHAR: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma has sought the help of the RSS to save the Hindus from “aggression” by people of a particular community (hinting at Mus ms) who have been living in reme areas of the state.


Immediately after landing at the Silchar airport on Saturday morning for a twoday tour to the Barak Valley, Sarma headed straight to the RSS Cachar district organizational headquarters, Keshav Niketan in Silchar.


“Assam is going to become another Kashmir. Satras are in great danger because of aggression by a section of people. At the same time, the Hindus living in the tea belt and far-flung border areas of the state are also on the verge of extinction because of massive aggression,” Sarma said during his meeting with key organizational people of the RSS at a closed door meeting at Keshav Niketan.

萨尔马在Keshav Niketan召开的闭门会议上与RSS的主要组织人员会面时说:“阿萨姆邦将成为另一个克什米尔。由于一群人的侵犯,萨特拉处于极大的危险之中。与此同时,由于大规模侵犯,生活在茶带和偏远边境地区的印度教徒也处于灭绝的边缘。”

“I urge upon the RSS karyakartas to go to the areas and consolidate Hindus to save the institutions from the danger. You can do it because you have a grassroot-level organization and strong bond with common people in reme areas. I request the Sangh to help the go nment in this direction,” Sarma urged upon the RSS functionaries.

萨尔马敦促RSS的工作人员:“我敦促RSS karyakaras前往这些地区,团结印度教徒,拯救这些人脱离危险。你们可以这样做,因为你们有基层组织,和偏远地区的普通民众有很强的联系。我请求你们在这个方面帮助政府。”

“It’s true that there are some people in the state who are staunch opponents of CAA and NRC. However, things have begun changing. We are trying to make them understand that the CAA and NRC are not ag inst the interest of Assam and Assamese people. Members from the intelligentsia, who met me recently, conveyed the massage to me that Bengali Hindus are never a threat to the Assamese community. People of Assam now understand the reality,” the chief minister told the RSS functionaries.



Kris Acan

The truth however unptable has to be said and also one should have the courage to say it.



Sanjay Chakraborty

Stitch in time saves nine .... He has the gut to speak the truth .....




Himanta has spoken the truth, which we all know, but nobody spoke out. Hindus should unconditionally dith the pretext of secularism and should be a Hindu rashtra , All Hindus - dont be shy or afraid.




As Hindus, when will we begin to feel safe in Hindustan? Answer: when Hindus unite.




Shobitro Chatterjee

A farsighted chief minister. May leaders like him spring up all over India to save our re gion, heritage and culture. Jai Hind.




It is unbecoming of a CM to make such vile, toc, insensitive and insidious accusations targeting a community to upend communal harmony, sowing a deep schism, engender seeds of suspicion, and widening the trust deficit between communities. This can only be inimical to the amiable interests of the state and undercut its development. A CM should be more restrained, responsible and abstain from indulging in such provocative slanders just to prome his vested interests.



Sudhanshu Jain

State by State this is the way, and people are not realizing what is happening.

They blindly go by so called Secularists, but not far are the days, when we will be afraid to say that we are Hindus .

What Himanta Biswa said required lot of courage , true Bhartiya.



Mithilesh Kumar

probably he has assessed the situation correctly and being the Chief Minister of the state he has take care of the situation.



Handsome Ce

Hindu khatre me hai in India onlybduring ions.These crooks really dont about Hindus, once ions are over in UP you will not see such news.These BJPees are demolishing temples in Karnataka but there Hindus and hindu cukture are not in danger.. Hypocrites. These RSS guys sided with british before independence and didnt host Indian flag till 90's and they call themselves patriots.. Whata joke.



Joyraj Kakoti

This guy is very dangerous element of the society.To make his career he can go to any extent.




As usual rake up issues to cover up governance failures.




So why is he ranting poison instead of taking on the problem?? Because such statements catch media and ver attention instantly. This turncoat is just fanning re gious emotions to benefit in his dirty po itical tricks.





Kartic Krishnan

What can RSS do in Assam? They only know Hindi. He should recruit from local youth.



Bhartiya Sacch

Why you do t trust ASSAM POLICE or INDIAN ARMY... if you have so much confidence in RSSS why don't you send them to PAKISTAN & CHINA borders




Long live RSS



Raj Rajan

This man should become PM of india, well done Hon. CM for saying the truth



User S

They only think about divide and hate to save his own chair



Raj Sharma

As a CM what is he doing then? He is begging to RSS for help when as a CM he should just get the illegal citizens out of Assam. India is paying a price already for allowing all the infiltration from Bangladesh.




Don't expect much from RSS or feku. They keep talking about UCC, CAA, bringing back PoK and Aksai Chin, making India great again blah blah blah.... In reality they are as useless as Imran Khan. All talk and zero action.



Ravi Pal

This man wants to fan communal riots. All seems to be planned in the run up to UP ions.


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