Tokyo Olympics: Neeraj’s historic win propels India to record medal haul



The Indian national anthem was heard across the world on Saturday.


Its rousing bars, echoing from the National Stadium in Tokyo, rose and rose until it swirled into each Indian home. The man responsible for this unusual experience stood on the podium below. He stood, flanked by two Czech competitors who had slugged it out among themselves as if in some intra-former Eastern bloc contest, leaving the main spoils – the lion’s share – untouched for the man in the middle.


Neeraj Chopra, of the unruly mane, shoulders of steel and knee-weakening dashing good looks, had just done India a turn which had left the nation first stunned, and then euphoric. Not since 2008 had the national anthem been played at the Olympics.


Not since 1980 was it being played in an open stadium, and certainly never in India’s 121-year-history at the Games had it rung in the athletics stadium — the site of competitions considered the blueribbon events of the Games.


For decades, India had lived with epic, operatic “nearly there” stories. Now, in the most minimum fuss manner, we were suddenly handed a gold in track & field. It felt like an early Diwali and Christmas rolled into one.


The javelin, like the ancient sport of wrestling, counts as among the basic pursuits of the Olympic ideal. And here was this gangly, broad-shouldered, narrow-legged force of nature from the Indian hinterland hurling the spear into the humid Tokyo air as if flicking toothpicks in the air to kill time.



Aditya Sarangi

Great inspiration for us Indians to take interest in other sports and not to stick only in cricket. Golden performance by Neraj



ab cd

I can tell you India can win many gold medals in track and field and athletics if the tribal population of India ( mostly Jharkhand ) are given the infrastructure. These people are natural athletes and have the stamina and strength to run. Believe me.



Raz Patnaik

I am actually NOT surprised that Neeraj won the GOLD medal in Javelin throwing. When he threw 86.6 mtrs during the Qualifying round it confirmed he will get a Medal. Neeraj reserved his best for the Final round. But what most are ignoring is the great role of his German coach, Uwe Hohn, who himself holds the record for the best Javelin throw of 104.8 mtr, in 1980s.



Scamgress Pay Media

We have negative people all around us in india. Instead of celebrating they will say why only one gold. This are the one who complain and do nothing by their own



Basant Khurana

It is shame that Aditi Ashoke, 23-year old brave girl from Bangalore, is not getting any media coverage for her spoils on Olympics golf links. Ranked 200l in world, she went toetotoe with current world number one Korda and formet world number one Lydia Ko for four rounds with stellar golf. She did not get any support, not one Indian offciicial was present to cheer her and yet finished just one stroke off medal standing.

来自班加罗尔的23岁勇敢女孩阿迪蒂·阿肖克(Aditi Ashoke)在奥运会高尔夫球场上的收获没有得到媒体的报道,这是一件很遗憾的事情。世界排名200的她与目前世界排名第一的科尔达(Korda)交手,并与之前世界排名第一的莉迪亚·高(Lydia Ko)进行了四轮比赛。她没有得到支持,没有一名印度官员在场为她加油,但她只差一杆就能赢奖牌。


Ponraj Abraham

China has its tally 38 and India just 1. We appreciate for the one gold medal. But where is China and where is India? It is a shame. Most of the tax payers money is used for purchasing armament in millions of dollar. While millions of people have no hope for their next meals, the afale jets are standing idle




Mushtaq Ali

Your Win have inspired all Indians Neeraj !!! You have made us all Very Very Proud.... It was your hard work, determination and laser focus attitude because of which we heard Indian National Anthem in Tokyo... This feat have tremendously inspired our other athletes and I am very sure that We are going to hear it numerous times in Paris 2024...

Jai Hind






Human Being First

Thanks to Modiji..



Subhas Basu

With a bit of luck on our side, India's medal tally could have been in double digit in this Olympic.It's been the best show of the indian contingent so far in the olympics and I am hopeful, that in Paris 2024, we can do even better. Talent apart, more facilities, committed organisations and generous funds are needed to create champion athletes.



Vidu Wise

we broke the ceiling.



Nagarjuna Maddike

Thank you sir . Many more golds in future Olympics . I wants to see one day we will be wng min of 20 golds and we be the in to 5 countries.



Anik Chowdhury

We are proud of you Neeraj



Bijoy Kumar Sinha

Whole of India is celebrating the Gold medal of Neeraj chopra . Country is flooded with tears of joy .

Sad to note that Rahul Gandhi , Who keeps chattering for nothing every time , has gone dumb & deaf .



Bala Raman

Well done Neeraj Chopra. India is proud of you. World record effort that made Indian National anthem heard world over. You are the real Bharat Ratna others are fake and selfish ratnas do not deserve the title..



Bijoy Kumar Sinha

We are proud of you Neeraj .You will remain immortal in Indian history !

Wish you many more achievements.






Neeraj has taken inspiration from modiji. Thank you modiji.



Gopalakrishnan T.s

Golden days of Indian history in Sports.Congratrs to all participants.



K Mohan Hyderabad city

Very many congrats to Neeraj for getting gold and bringing glory to the country



Vjay San

Congratulations to Neeraj and India on the achievement. There's much on the way for India and Indians with more confidence on civilisational pride and nationalism.


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