Delhi not among top 5 capitals on the liveability index: Survey



NEW DELHI: The capitals of India’s states are likely a good indication of development in that state and a new report released by Centre for Science and Environment has indeed established that state capitals are among India’s most livable cities.


According to its Ease of Living Index 2020, Delhi ranks sixth on the list, behind Bengaluru, Chennai, Shimla, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. Delhi, however, ranked as the worst capital in the perception of citizens contacted for the survey.


The findings are part of CSE’s latest report, State of India’s Environment 2021. It also ranked Delhi as the fourth best city in terms of governance behind Bhopal, Raipur and Mumbai.


To determine the score on the Ease of Living Index, four parameters were used: quality of life, economic ability, sustainability and citizens’ perceptions. The cities were given scores on all four parameters out of 100. Delhi received a score between 50 and 60 on the first three parameters and 69.4 on the citizens’ perception survey. In comparison, Bhubaneswar received a citizens’ perception score of 94.8 and Jaipur, 87.1.


Bengaluru was ranked as the best city overall, followed by Chennai. The CSE reports states, “Only one state capital (Bengaluru) demonstrates a decent economic ability, scoring 78.8 out of 100, four other state capitals (Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad) provide middling economic opportunities. The rest have all scored less than 30 out of 100.”


For the quality of governance rankings of the cities, five parameters were used: services, finance, technology, urban planning and overall governance. Delhi ranked high on services, finance and governance, but received very low scores between 30 and 40 in both the urban planning and the technology categories.



Sanjay Kher

kejriwal has made Delhi hell... spending Rs 2000 cr on Self & AAP image advertisement and ZERO development...




Delhi is the worst city to live in probably in the World! Crime, broken roads, litter and garbage everywhere, rude and indifferent citizens, awful traffic, women safety is zero, terrible climate, very high noise and air pollution....




Sanjay Kher

What happened to making Delhi world class city? Stray cows and dogs, encroachments everywhere and no place to walk





If Bengaluru tops the chart then think of the pathetic situation of other cities...no parking regulation, no footpath, no road markings, no traffic discipline, no motorable roads, polluted rivers, garbage dum on roads




Delhi is world class city. Please don’t compare. It has stray dogs and cattle, no place to walk, encroachments everywhere by shopkeepers and street vendors, filth on streets, traffic chaos, lack of security for common citizen. Netas don’t even talk about them.




Fully biased Survey. Delhi is the only city with free electricity, water, metro, mohalla clinic, world class government schools with swimming pools, Free Liquor and ration delivered home. Next plan is to give 25 litres free petrol per month for all residents. Delhi is better than Paris, Singapore, geneva or any other city in the world





Truth Is Bitter

It's time Delhi people realise their mistake, and vote for BJP in next elections.



vishal khurana

Thanks to kunjarwal...he is harvesting his dream of making delhi no1 city of world being the most fithy city dwelling more slums,hawkers encroaching every corner of city



Gurmail Gill

Delhi by far is the best city in India. Infrastructure in Delhi is far superior to Bangalore or Bombay. Delhi has nearly 400km of metro while Bombay and Bangalore have less than 40 km. Road infrastructure in Delhi also beats all other cities by a long margin.






Ramesh Sargam

Once after living in Bengaluru, say after a month or so, people will start thinking why they have chosen Bengaluru to live. First major problem traffic, Second frequent power cuts. Third corruption in all state government offices. And I do not know how they have chosen Bengaluru in the list for ease of living. Its a hell living in Bengaluru.






India In My Heart

Fake .. Banglore is worst for living... its infra is a disgrace to India as a Nation ..



Pradeep Singh

No development done since last 10 years in Delhi.



Sureshi Bai

Very hard to have a North Indian city to top the list however much one may pump money into them. Like Delhi !! The main reason is the very poor attitude of the people - rule breaking as a norm/ virtue, highly venal corrupt, pugnacious, uncivil, no sentiment of consideration for the fellow men....




Manoranjan Dutta

A few more years of the anarchist Govt in Delhi, the ranking will touch the bottom. Despite huge economic resources it lags behind.



Adolf Hitler

what a joke...the traffic is extremely pathetic in bangalore...even the drainage system is pathetic there.



Vikas Shelke

all fake , bangalore should never be no 1 non of metros are livable . only advantage being they have better employment then smaller cities . Mumbai is not all livable atleast for common people . Chandigarh ,Jaipur ,Kochi , Mysore ,Indore should.top the list






Nathan Subramanian

Surely, Varanasi the home constituency of the greatest of all Prime Ministers Sri Modi ji must be the greatest City not only in India, but the entire planet. Why is this all-time great city, Varanasi not figuring in this ranking?



Mana Baldia

Pure fake figures. Mercer ranked repeatedly Hyd as the most livable city in India. Funny Hyd doesnt even feature in the feku list.



Shrinivasa Kamath

Quality of life is deteriorating in all the cities. Whatever be the rank, there will not be much of a difference. Nobody will be proud of a rank.



Shyam Kumar

Mumbai is the worst city in terms of ease of living. Living like herds in shanty rooms with common toilets.


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