If Pakistan declares war, will states buy own t anks?: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

德里首席部长阿尔温德·凯杰里瓦尔:如果巴基斯坦宣战,需要各邦自行采购坦 克吗?


NEW DELHI: Just as states can’t be asked to get their own wons and look out for themselves if Pakistan declares a war on the nation, it is the central go nment that has to purchase and supply vaccines, not leave it to state go nments to fend for themselves in the war ag inst Covid-19, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Wednesday.


“If Pakistan declares war on India tomorrow, states cannot be asked to look out for themselves — that UP should buy its own tanks and Delhi procure its own wons,” Kejriwal said in a digital press briefing, pointing out vaccines for people in the 18-44 age group and the stock of Covan for the elderly was now exhausted.


Kejriwal said vaccines should have been procured from across the world when the second wave started in March, but the states were instructed to make arrangements for themselves. “I’ve been in touch with the CMs of several states, and none has left any stone unturned to be able to get vaccines,” he said. “Many state go nments issued global tenders for the vaccine and failed. The vaccine companies have clearly stated that they will not communicate with the state go nments, only deal directly with the central go nment. Why is the country not buying vaccines?”


The CM said that India could not lose this war at any cost. “If the central go nment loses the Covid war, it is not just BJP which will not lose, India will lose,” he said. “If Delhi go nment loses, it is not AAP losing, India is. This is the time when the go nments of 36 states and Union territories should work with the Centre as Team India.”




What an irresponsible statement from CM of the capital of India. He himself asked for autonomy and decentralization but now not willing to do any work. Easiest thing for him is to blame and give 100s of ads all over. He could not build even a single hospital or oxygen plant. What an insect he is.



sudhir grover

Finally Kejriwal has realised he can not work. When he fails , start talking team India and help help, otherwise no respect for seniors .



Dibyendu Choudhuri

Defence is a central subject, while Health is state subject.



Govind Desikan

On 26-April, Kejriwal said newly built 44 oxygen plants will be functional in Delhi 'in a month'. Can he say where was it installed and the address of the same? Liar and false all through his body



Good cheer

What an idiot! Healthcare is a state item. Defense is not.



Abhishek S

He loves to stay in news for any reason, be it good or bad.



Varinder Dhawan




Govind Desikan

Such an idiot who doesn't do any work but will be covered in the media be it with ads or some blabber 20 times everyday. The media must stop reporting this jokers' statement or ad. Will the media realise?



Ashish gupta

no work, only compn.. sometime he asks for centralization and some time he wants decentralization.



aaaa bbbb

I feel so pitty on delhi people that this stupid kejiriwal is spoiling the lifes of people and playing dirty po itics, he knows one thing to defame centre as he and his ministers r a complete jokers



Domo Slate

This fool thinks that Indians especially Delhities are fools. He has immense fa th on the Delhites that they will him even if he talk utter nonsense.



Sathasivan Nagarajan

Utterly foolish talk.



Vineet Shrivastava

Boss don't be ridiculous every now n then. get treated don't vomit everywhere



Rakesh Joshi

This guy is not trustworthy and making Delhi public to die due to his mismanagement. Only seen him doing one work - TV marketing.




This kanjriwa idiot always talks nonsense. His friend Pappu is in the same boat.



Mohan M

Thats what you had asked for, and tried unsuccessfully, to procure vaccine by the state.



Ravindra Sadhoo

This man has lost his marbles and is simply playing to the galleriesWonder how delhites chose him



Puneet Bhalla

is he gone crazy?. he is spoiling his own image..



Bi Sachdev

Kejriwal will be sent to the front.



vishal khurana

We should challange and get hos mental health check up done for sure he is not fit to hold any post


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