India, US kick off exercise ahead of Quad-plus-France naval wargames



NEW DELHI: Further consolidating synergy and interoperability in the Indian Ocean Region with an eye firmly on , an Indian frontline warship, fighters, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft kicked off an exercise with a US aircraft carrier strike group in the Bay of Bengal on Sunday.


The two-day bilateral exercise, as well as the forthcoming Quad-plus-France naval wargames in the same region, underline the way “like-minded de ocracies” are fast banding together to ensure “a free, open and inclusive” Indo-Pacific in the face of an “aggressive” , said a senior official.

一名高级官 员表示,为期两天的双边演习,以及即将在同一地区举行的“四方+法国”海军演习,突显出“志趣相投的国家”正在迅速联合起来,以确保“自由、开放和包容”的印太,以应对。

With the Quad, namely India, the US, Japan and Australia, declaring their firm intent to deter any “coercion” in the Indo-Pacific during a summit of their leaders on March 12, a multi-tier cooperation and coordination mechanism is now taking shape to advance security as well as counter threats in the region.


On Sunday, the Navy deployed stealth frigate INS Shivalik, P-8I maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters for the exercise with the mammoth nuclear-powered USS Theodore Roosevelt and its accompanying warships like the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill and the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers USS Russell and USS John Finn.

周日,印度海军部署了隐形护卫舰“什瓦利克号”,P-8I海上巡逻机和直升机,前往与庞大核动力航母“罗斯福号”及其随行军舰,如提康德罗加级导弹巡洋舰“邦克山号”、 伯克级导弹驱逐舰“罗素号”和“芬恩号”一起参加军演。

In a first, the IAF also deployed Sukhoi-30MKI fighters armed with BrahMossupersonic cruise missiles, which are based at the Thanjavur airbase, to “enhance jointmanship” in the exercise. “It gave IAF an opportunity to practice maritime strike and air defence with the US Navy,” said an officer.

印度空军还首次派出了苏霍伊- 30mki战机,配备布拉莫斯超音速巡航导弹,部署在坦雅武尔空军基地,以“增强联合作战能力”。一名军官表示:“这给了印度空军与美国海军演练海上打击和防空的机会。”

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Good, with such Collaboration (Economically - Trade mainly, Military & security, Intel Sharing, Cyber Security, etc.) is very much needed. But we must not bog down too much - US as they look for their own gains. We need to ensure balanced ties with both Russia, US.





Javed Hanif

India with population of 1.3 billions have a inferiority complex against white man . they think USA, france as their god father.because they are white and tall.




US is using India like a tisshue paper




instead of doing this save money and give it to the middle class who are reeling with lose of jobs, paycuts and rising prices.India shouldn't participate in such exercises .



Anirudhashok Copenhagen

The QUAD miitary alliance is one of the most important alliances in the history of Asia. This is a very clear signal that India has emerged from it's non-aligned status and has taken stand on its friendships and relationships to protect its interests.




French & Japan are the trusted of Quad . India should further develop military relationship with them and do trchnology partnership.



Tanmay Chakrabarti

India has to increase its naval assets.



Jagadish Sahu

Due to world is heading towards a war in future for sure



Balachandran Nair

Good that we are working in cooperation with these country, in fact we are far behind many of these countries so far as our strength is concerned, but gradually now we are picking up and hopefully we will become of the the most advanced forces in near future





surender sharma

India was not interested to go into this alliance but has forced India to take side and yo safeguard our interests good to join this block. Now has to think 100 times before taking any unilateral action against us.





Subba Iyer Mani

These quad masters shake, tremble,rattle and roll when they hear ’s name.



Jitendra Choudhary

If the world don't realize where its heading we may surely end up in WW3




There was 7th fleet deployed during Indo-Pak war of 1971 in support of Pakistanis but Nixon was too involved with Watergate and the USA threatened India from attacking the West Pakistan. Never trust the USA as it is two timer ally.


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