India woos Tesla with offer of cheaper production costs than China



NEW DELHI: India is ready to offer incentives to ensure Tesla Inc's cost of production would be less than in China if the carmaker commits to making its electric vehicles in the country, transport minister Nitin Gadkari said.


Gadkari's pitch comes weeks after billionaire Elon Musk's Tesla registered a company in India in a step towards entering the country, possibly as soon as mid-2021. Sources familiar with the matter have said Tesla plans to start by importing and selling its Model 3 electric sedan in India.

几周前,亿万富翁埃隆·马斯克的特斯拉在印度注册了一家公司,准备进军印度,最快可能在2021年年中。知情人士表示,特斯拉计划先在印度销售进口的Model 3电动轿车。

"Rather than assembling (the cars) in India they should make the entire product in the country by hiring local vendors. Then we can give higher concessions," Gadkari said in an interview, without giving details of what incentives would be on offer.

加德卡里在一次采访中表示:“与其在印度组装(汽车),他们应该雇请当地供应商在印度生产整车。我们可以提供更大的优惠。” 但他没有说明具体的激励措施。

"The government will make sure the production cost for Tesla will be the lowest when compared with the world, even China, when they start manufacturing their cars in India. We will assure that," he said.


India wants to boost local manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs), batteries and other components to cut costly imports and curb pollution in its major cities.


This comes amid a global race by carmakers to jump-start EV production as countries work towards cutting carbon emissions.


But India faces a big challenge to win a production commitment from Tesla, which did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment about its plans in the country.


India's fledgling EV market accounted for just 5,000 out of a total 2.4 million cars sold in the country last year as negligible charging infrastructure and the high cost of EVs deterred buyers.


In contrast, China, where Tesla already makes cars, sold 1.25 million new energy passenger vehicles, including EVs, in 2020 out of total sales of 20 million, and accounted for more than a third of Tesla's global sales.



Deviprasad Nayak

Gadkari should become PM.Modi is unfit to become PM,he make too much discrimination among the states and cities.Modi stopped all infrastructure development projects to karnataka for electing 25 MPs.Modi is not approving Metro to IT corridor and to international airport.He approved Metro to 9 cities in UP




misc aj

It's called Divide and Rule. Lets see how long it can be done....... As long as he can fool the people like some here, it will work.


Vicky Rajput

it seems you bought a flat near that planned metro!!!



R Venkatesh Govind

We should not allow Tesla to come in unless Elon Musk converts to Hinduism under Ghar Wapsi.



Iron Dome

Teslas are low quality high priced cars, india doesnt have any infra, wait for thrm to fail and ext.



Balachandramenon Vengasserry

If it is Gadkari who is calling Tesla, then we can expect positive response from Elon Musk.




Wish this decision/effort was made a few years back so that the production plant of China could have come to India. Better late than never!



Wise Desi

China is one of biggest EV market hense Tesla have plant in China but just like anything now for exporting outside China componies are looking at alternate place and that is where India wants to compete.



misc aj

Also... all the other car companies are going electirc as well. May be Tata can start a factory making batteries in India.



V Kumar

chaiwala govt never bothered to have a comprehensive policy. There could have been many tesla competitors in india by now if it was done properly from 5 yrs back.



Rajesh Kumar

India has no infrastructure to support EVs. How will they be charged on the road?



Bala Srinivasan

INDIA needs to engage with BOLIVIA simultaneously for exporting raw mined Lithium to facilitate Tesla plan.



also needs to understand where to dump all these lithium batteries after use



Yash Jain

Now its a offer after some years he will be taxed heavily




rules are changed everyday, one day you call with low tax next day to add tax, Elon musk is making enough money and to play Russian roulette by coming to India. He will be safe until Reliance or adani don't get into that business, if they do he will loose everything




Vicky Rajput

And we did not learn from East India Company...



Bala Srinivasan

INDIA persuing TESLA is very good on many levels&long term.It should become the "FUTURE MARUTI"for INDIA.


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