In dry Gujarat, women drinkers double in 5 years, percentage of drinking men slide by 50%



AHMEDABAD: In ‘dry’ Gujarat and in just five years, the percentage of alcohol consumption among women has doubled and nearly halved in case of men during the same time.


This was revealed in the recently released National Family Health Survey (NFHS), 2019-20 report where a total of 33,343 women and 5,351men were surveyed during the period.


Of these 200 women (0.6%) and 310 men (5.8%) claimed that they consumed alcohol against 68 women (0.3%) and 668 men (11.1%) during the 2015 NFHS survey when 6,018 men and 22,932 women were surveyed.


Comparing the two data sets reveals that in 2015 just 0.1% of the urban women said that they consumed alcohol whi- le in 2020, 0.3% of the women surveyed reported they consumed liquor.


In case of men in 2015, there were 10.6% who revealed they consumed liquor, while this reduced to 4.6% in 2020. In rural areas, the percentage of women consuming alcohol jumped from 0.4% in 2015 to 0.8% in 2020. In case of men, the number crashed from 11.4% in 2015 to 6.8% in 2020.


Sociologist Gaurang Jani says, “Drinking liquor is deep rooted among several communities in the state. It is a custom in these communities, where both men and women sit together and drink on special occasions. Our tribal population is an example, and in certain communities as well. It only became a crime in over half a century.”


A senior IPS official seconded the fact but said that the numbers are still underestimated. “Many people will not reveal their liquor status as it’s a crime in the state. But the number of permit holders and the increasing liquor raids will reveal the true picture.”



Amarjit Singh

BJP is equally corrupt party like Congress, they accept defectors from other party, make MLAs come over with money offers, have criminal background MLAs in their midst, what progress u can expect from such a party which is in all favour of Corporate gujarati businessmen.

印度人民党和国大党一样腐 败,他们接纳来自其他政党的叛逃者,让有犯罪背景的国大党成员加入,这样一个支持古吉拉特商人的政党能带领印度取得什么进步呢?



What kind of stupid article it is. Women are different spices or what? Why you have to distinguish?



Vikas Shelke

Just because Mohandas gandhi didn't drink doesn't mean entire gujarat should follow there sons of soil wish .Banning liquor doesn't help. Goa a liquor economy is more disciplined than dry gujrat with negligible crime rate .



Fiona Feynman

How can the women not drink when they have to live with Gujju rats?



Ponraj Abraham

The BJP govt has no moral values and how can you expect from the people?




For heavens sake, stop this prohibition. Make alcohol freely available. Your prohibition is not effective anyway



Np Ram

How did male percentage drop by 50 percent, seems like census writer was himself drunk while writing the data



Bengal Tiger

Men or Women does not matter. Drinking is not a crime if the drinker does not create any type inconveniene to anyone else after drinking.



Rewarding India

This proves how feku is brewing corruption under cover



Vivek Subscriber

That's hypocrisy...... dry state is only a myth.




Gender equality!



sanatana Kumar

This is just to tarnish the image of Gujarat nothing else see in Kerala which is number 1 in terms of liquor consumption




By banning alcohol in states leads black marketing and indirectly taxes r lost and increase in corruption..



Shrinivasa Kamath

Prohibition cannot be implemented anywhere. Governments should make reasonably-priced and safe alcohol available to those who want it. Prohibition will lead to spurious liquor tragedies. It will help only those who illegally make and sell hooch. Government will lose revenue.



Sameer Padole

Gujju women are the most forward among all Indian women when it comes to imitating the west immediately followed by Punjab da kudis




Why women should not drink, now they are also doing office job and earning. Infact women percentage of outside jobs have increased more than 50



T Abraham

Better lift liquor prohibition ! Atleast the Govt will earn the revenues rather than the bootleggers enjoying.


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