Gujarat: Blind girl allegedly raped by two blind teachers



PALANPUR: Two blind teachers - one of them 62-year-old - have been accused of ra a 15-year-old blind girl several times for nearly four months in a school run by a private trust in temple town Ambaji.


The teachers were booked after the girl narrated her ordeal to her aunt when she had gone to her native Premnagar village of Patan district's Radhanpur taluka for Diwali vacation last month.


The family members got curious when the girl refused to go back to the school after vacations got over. She broke down and described how she was sexually assaulted by the two teachers - Chn Thakor (62) and Jayanti Thakor (30).


After studying up to Class 8 in her native village, the girl had taken admission in the school to learn music in July to learn music. The school also imparts rehabilitation and vocational training to the differently abled students. She was living in the school's hostel.


According to the compnt lodged by the girl's aunt on November 4, the minor was first raped in the music room by Jayanti Thakor two months ago. After three days, Chn Thakor too allegedly raped her in the same room. It is alleged that Jayanti again raped her on the day before Navratri festival was to commence.


The girl said that the sexual assaults stopped only after she revealed her trauma to three other teachers of the school.


Police inspector, Ambaji, JB Agrawat, said, "We are investigating the case in detail and a manhunt has been launched to trace the two accused teachers who have fled."


Jayanti is a native of Bhabhar town of Banaskantha while Chn lives in Gadh village near Pnpur. Both were dismissed by the school management after the compnt was lodged.


Sources said that the institution is around five years old.



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Fhyt • Jkb • 2 hours ago

Most tolerant relgion ke andhe bhi rapist hai, no issues nothing will happen ask them to join bjp immediately



Prateek Singh• 36 mins ago

Criminals don''t have any re gion. These monsters prey on the weak and helpless.



ajoy saraf • 1 hour ago

Police should book the management of school also put them in Jail



Hchandra S • 4 hours ago

Life to be in Jail to these teachers. Shameful



Chm • 1 hour ago

we are in a wild society,sexually starved, perverts, worst then jungle.



HappyTimes User • 1 hour ago

What is the point of blaming the re gion? If an individual does something wrong, how the re gion is responsible for that? The in dent is very shameful and unfortunate. The girl should should keep her fight on.





Anjan Kesh• Humara India • 37 mins ago

No one is blaming re gion now as the rapists are brahmins.



David • Mumbai • 44 mins ago

Normal people don't blame re gion for a crime.



Klika Pandey • 1 hour ago

It is sad to ne that the teachers are not only physically blind, but also mentally.



Simon Roger • earth • 1 hour ago

No offender deserves mercy in such cases. the two rapists must be castrated and then sentenced to death



Joe • 21 mins ago

The animals should be castrated.

Names and details revealed because they are Hindus.




Harry Potter • 35 mins ago

prostitution should be legalised in India



Bhai Sahab • 48 mins ago

Condem rape But STOP saying India this India that. Check facts there are more rapes in US than India.



Lalit • Mumbai • 49 mins ago

OMG have mercy, spare the blind from the blind. They say blind have the 3rd eye, and that is innermost power to ignore the dead world and the light within them is blissful. But the height of these dead has made complete darkness to this poor girl.




Anjan Kesh • Humara India • 1 hour ago

We rapists to go nment so stop getting offended when foreigners say that India is rape capital of the world. You are responsible!


Bhai Sahab• 51 mins ago

U r really anjaan to reality. US has more rapes per person than India. Go check facts . Stop cursing the house in which u live..



Bhai Sahab • Humara India • 33 mins ago

Facts are not available on whatsapp. Go to US and see, not a single rapist can get bail when caught. Here they become minister in UP govt.



Animesh Kumar • 1 hour ago




ajoy saraf • 1 hour ago

Why not the school management called police once the compnt was lodged by the girl with them. Teachers were allowed to run away by school management.




Mitu • 13 mins ago

Hang both  She told 3 other teachers about the rape but even they didn''t report it to the police..!!!! 5 yr jail for them....!!!



rical consultant • 21 mins ago

Dont Spare these two Blind Fellows! Castrate them and amputate their genitals for the crime committed on this child. Disgraceful act and no leniancy to beextended. Unless punishment are made severe, one can not curtail this problem,especially on the rape cases in India. Make it a capital punishment!




Pdev • Location • 46 mins ago

Hang the.



Hemant Meena • 49 mins ago

very horrible......... i have no words to critise this.....

太可怕了 ,无语了


Raj • 1 hour ago

How can blind people do it??? I am laughing


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