Govt looks to attract tourists by pitching India as land of Buddha



NEW DELHI: As more states open up to tourists with a string of safeguards in place, the tourism ministry is lending a hel hand with its "Dekho Apna Desh" campaign and pitching India as the land of Buddha.

新德里:随着越来越多的邦对游客开放,并采取了一系列保护措施,印度旅游部也通过其“Dekho Apna Desh”宣传助力,将印度宣传为“佛陀的国度”。

With an eye on and Buddhist countries in the neighbourhood, tourism minister Prahlad Patel emphasised the need to bring more Buddhist tourists to India, asking tour operators last week why India receives only a fraction of them.


The development of Buddhist tourism, done with an eye on , which has also invested heavily in infrastructure projects to cultivate Buddhist leaders, has been part of India’s bid to leverage its soft power in the neighbourhood.


Earlier this month, PM Narendra Modi had pitched for encouraging Buddhist tourism, emphasising the centrality of India to the Buddhist world and highlighting the need for better connectivity of India’s Buddhist sites. He had also said his government had approved the upgrade of Kushinagar airport as an international one to allow more pilgrims and tourists to visit India.


Tourism and culture minister Prahlad Patel, who had presented five volumes of the "Mongolian Kanjur", a Buddhist canonical text in 108 volumes, regarded as the most important religious text in Mongolia, to President Ram Nath Kovind and the Mongolian ambassador, has since doubled down on India’s bid to print all volumes of the Buddhist canon and provide copies to all monasteries across Mongolia.


The tourism ministry has also started promotional activities related to Buddhist sites, including highlighting that the government has installed foreign language signage, including in , at crucial Buddhist sites like Shravasti, Sarnath, Kushinagar and Sanchi, where a large number of Buddhist tourists come.



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India the land of Buddha this should have been emphasised long ago !




It shows again that Feku, aka Surrender Modi, is still nothing but a chaiwalla. He is willing to sell his soul to the devil. Now, for the sake of money, we are not surprised that he even calls India a land of Buddha. BTW, Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal.




Ayodhya is also Buddha site, government to drop Ram temple proposal and develop land of Buddha.



Ajaz Ahmad Banday

Absolutely great and wise idea for benefit of nation.




Lord BUDHA was lord VISHNU'S ninth incarnation. Hinduism, Sikhism are the off shoots of SANTHAN DHARMA.



shyama dob

this is India's soft power game against Nepal. a couple of decades ago Nepal requested India not to pitch loud for India being the land of Buddha. now the equation has changed and for the first time India is making a legitimate claim . not only tourism footfall will increase but also Nepal will learn in a hard way. kudos to govt.



Please let me speak

Why land of ram did not work? Or nepal took that credit to be land of ram???



Ullatt Subhas

It was Sankaracharya who reconverted aIndians back to Hinduism from Buddhism which is an historical fact. Sankaracharya was a Malayalee Brahmin from Kerala from memory.


Ram bhakt

Conversion is often involuntary.



Kosmic Power

Let all the Buddhist countries knows who is their daddy..



Bau Saheb

Gautam Buddha was son of a Hindu king.



Biduth Chakraborty

India is a land of people who follow Buddha, Nanak, Mahavir and Shiva...



Manoharan Nambeyar

India should be the focal destination for Buddhist culture and religion just like Mecca is for Muslims. Government of India neglected this historical value but it's never too late.




Thanking Govt for long genuine need. Thank u Dragon to Push Our Slee Tiger.



Huzi N

Haha what a joke. Nepal is a a Buddhist country. Feku at his best. Govt should promote India as a land of discrimination against minorities, it should promote India as a world rape capital. India as a land of corrupt politicians and a land of lawlessness. Cows are more important than women and a land where BJP has looted India,s treasury.


Priyesh Sekar

Good get of this country before your mom or wife gets rapped



Onehindu fj

You should also call your Swastika back to India where it belongs and tell the world it’s one of Hindu religious symbols.



Mangal Nagar

We blakiez are hypocritical and funny bunch. while fanning Anti sentiment heavily, we also want promote Tourism to India for few crumbs...what a self contradictory,laughable and dependency psyche we have ?




One side bycotting , another side trying to woo them. Wah feku wah



Maneesh Ramanadham

We say, we don’t want anything . We impose restrictions on investments and projects. We want to achieve economic self reliance. But, Ironically we want tourists ?




Except for srilanka and Thailand no sane person in the world would want to visit India for Buddhim , are basically atheist they don't believe in god!And India which is so chaotic ,dirty and unsafe who in the right mind would want to visit us!!!




Physics Zone

Why Not as land of hindutva! Is govt ashamed of that?




Arabian Nights

Thanks but no thanks.. India is the last place for any sane person to visit..


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