Sunday’s Covid count hits 40,000 mark, 21% of all cases came in past week



NEW DELHI: More than 40,000 fresh Covid-19 infections were reported on Sunday, cap India’s deadliest week of the Covid-19 pandemic so far during which 2.38 lakh cases were reported, accounting for 21% of all cases detected in the country so far.


As many as 673 deaths were reported on Sunday, taking the week’s toll to 4,285 — 16% of all Covid-19-related fatalities so far. The week also saw the sharpest rise in active cases, with more than 88,000 being added, taking the active caseload to 3.9 lakh. Recoveries rose by 1.45 lakh but the sharp rise in cases led to a slight dip in the recovery rate, which was close to 62.5%.


India’s total Covid-19 caseload crossed the 11 lakh mark, three days after going past 10 lakh, as per data collated from state governments. Fresh cases on Sunday totalled 40,363, a sharp rise from the previous peak of 38,141, recorded just a day earlier.


The week’s cumulative count of cases, at 2.38 lakh, was 31% higher than the previous week’s total of 1.81 lakh.


Ten states reported their highest single-day jump in infections, led by Maharashtra, which registered as many as 9,518 cases on Sunday, nearly 900 more than its previous peak of 8,641 on July 16. However, the highest jump in cases was reported from Andhra Pradesh, where 5,041 infections were detected, up from 3,963 reported on Saturday. Andhra Pradesh became the only state, apart from Maharashtra, to record 5,000 or more cases in a day.


The other states that recorded their highest single-day surge in the infection were Tamil Nadu (4,979 new cases), Bengal (2,278), Uttar Pradesh (2,250), Gujarat (965), Rajasthan (934), Madhya Pradesh (837), Kerala (821) and Uttarakhand (239).


The day’s death toll, at 673, was the second-highest for a single day in the country, after 684 fatalities reported on July 16.


Delhi provided some cheerful news amid the gloom. The capital recorded 1,211 new cases, the lowest single-day count in a month.





Anjan Kesh

We deserve this for choosing an illiterate govt that only knows divide and rule.



Desh ke aage kuch nahi

135Cr ki population mein 11 lac cases is nothing. Still there is no community transmission.



Anjan Kesh

Fekuji was showing his ugly face on tv every day when there were hardly 100 cases in India. Now that shameless crook is hiding and blaming states.



Anjan Kesh

Looks like banging utensils, showering flowers by IAF and lighting diyas by andhbhakts did not work. Which imbecile gave such ideas??



Abhishek Kumar

Only one percent of the population have been tested...just imagine what’s ahead in store for us




While Feku, aka Surrender Modi, keeps on bragging about his manipulated recovery and fatality rates, India sets yet another single-day case record. Despite the official rhetoric that attempts to divert people's attention, unfortunately, the reality on the ground suggests otherwise. In fact, the situation is getting worse and worse. There are lots of unburned Covid-19 dead bodies floating down our rivers. But, we all know that Feku will claim all of these are natural deaths and Covid-19 did not cause or contribute to the death.



Avin Khoval

Big failure of system and govt ??

They are slee...




i guess now things cant be controlled till we have vaccine..govt tried hard but people failed the lockdown, nobody was ready to sit at home, economy was more important and result is in front of everyone...now lets wait for vaccine to come and by that time i guess we may be close to usa




15 AUGUST ko VAccinne




A majority of people have 'kuchh nahin hoga' attitude. I won't be surprised if I read 1 lakh new cases per day next week given the behavior of people.



Gaurav Kumar

Worst is yet to come and the central govt is more interested in annexng the other state govts. They should instead focus on beating Coronavirus and rescuing the economy.



Rajesh Singh

This is chickensh!t for a country like India. Testing rate is a 15th of the US. Would be 6 lakh a day had India been testing at the same rate as the US. And THAT would be something to talk about.



Dutta Pawle

comolete Lockdown is needed, right now


Cyrus Taraporewala

India is now beyond the lockdown stage. No amt of lockdown now will be useful. lockdown was extremely important in April and May but people didn't take it seriously. All rules were broken everywhere.



Akash Sarma

But yesterday our health minister said that our cases are considerably decreasing this week. It was very much higher in march than july. He also told that death was more in march month compared to july. Don't know what drug he uses to give such comments.



Sunil Sharma

Cases will be more than 3 lakhs per day seeing the unruly population which is dumb with or without education. 2021 will be payback time for the mistakes the donkey class made earlier. Vaccine is a long way. Survival for the fittest is the only mantra.



Stephen Mani

Modi and ICMR should be given a Nobel Prize in Medicine, because they managed to make India no. 3 in Covid infections, with NO COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION of Covid in India!! All other countries in the world (including those with much fewer infected cases) are saying they have community transmission. But not India



Chalu Pande

government is creating new laws to prevent testing. my father died and mom recovered from Covid, they did not do test of my family in Surat. When we requested they said we all 5 people need to hospitalized ..



Bidyasagar Narzary

It's becoming beyond control now.



Srikumar Hariharan

Modiji has handled the Corona pandemic better than any other global leader has done. Hats off to Modiji



Joseph Joseph

India reaches 1100000? Big achievement! Still the bjp PM claims India helps world nations to fight covid! High time modi vacates and a working PM rules the nation rather than a talking PM! Jai Bharat.



Snmuma Mishra

Now real spread started. Soon india will be number 2.



Joseph Joseph

Failed PM should RESIGN and save the nation.



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