273 million Indians out of poverty in 10 years



NEW DELHI: India had the biggest reduction in the number of multidimensionally poor people estimated at over 270 million during the 2005-15 period, a new UN report has said.

新德里:联合国一份新报告称,印度的多维贫困人口减少幅度最大,2005- 2015年期间估计有超过2.7亿人脱贫。

The data, released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), showed that 65 of the 75 countries studied significantly reduced their multidimensional poverty levels between 2000 and 2019.


Four countries—Armenia (2010–2015/2016), India (2005/2006–2015/2016), Nicaragua (2001–2011/2012) and North Macedonia (2005/2006–2011) halved their global MPIT value and did so in 5.5–10.5 years. These countries show what is possible for countries with very different initial poverty levels. They account for roughly a fifth of the world’s population, mostly because of India, the report said. The multidimensional index is a measure that looks beyond income to include access to safe water, education, electricity, food and six other indicators.

亚美尼亚(2010-2015/2016)、印度(2005/2006 - 2015/2016)、尼加拉瓜(2001-2011/2012)和北马其顿(2005 /2006 - 2011)四个国家的多维贫困指数在5.5-10.5年内减半。这表明了最初贫困程度截然不同的国家所能实现的目标。报告称,这些国家的人口约占世界人口的五分之一,主要是因为印度人口。多维贫困指数指数不止包含收入指标,包括安全饮用水、教育、电力、食品以及其他6项指标。

But the impact of Covid-19 may slow down efforts to reduce multidimensional poverty. The Covid-19 pandemic unfolded in the midst of this analysis. While data are not yet available to measure the rise of global poverty after the pandemic, simulations based on different scenarios suggest that, if unaddressed, progress across 70 develo countries could be set back by 3–10 years, the report said.


Among the 1.3 billion people still living in multidimensional poverty today, more than 80 per cent are deprived in at least five of the ten indicators used to measure health, education and living standards in the global MPI. The data also reveals that the burden of multidimensional poverty disproportionately falls on children. Half of the 1.3 billion poor have not yet turned 18. While 107 million are 60 or older, the report said.


Children show higher rates of multidimensional poverty: half of multidimensionally poor people (644 million) are children under age 18. One in three children is poor compared with one in six adults, the report said.


“Covid-19 is the latest crisis to hit the globe, and climate change all but guarantees more will follow soon. Each will affect the poor in multiple ways. More than ever, we need to work on tackling poverty – and vulnerability to poverty - in all its forms. This is why the Multidimensional Poverty Index is so important” said Pedro Conçeicão, Director of the Human Development Report Office at UNDP.

联合国开发计划署人类发展报告办公室主任Pedro Conceicao说:“新冠肺炎是全球爆发的最新危机,而气候变化几乎肯定会带来更多危机,都将以多种方式影响穷人。我们比以往任何时候都更需要努力解决各种形式的贫困和易影响穷人的问题。这就是多维贫困指数如此重要的原因。”


以下是印度时报读者的评论: 译者:Jessica.Wu



Wow Modi Ji wow... If Modi is there anything is possible...




I know you came to power in 2014... but take credit....


Chandrasekaran S

you hit the nail on the head. that is what this govt has been doing all along. take credit for all that is good delivered by earlier govts and blaming others for its own failures and mismanagement. My sincere apologies again,



Chandrasekaran S

hahaha. typical bhakt. this was between 2005 and 2015 when UPA was ruling the country.



Read your newspapers

during Congress rule, poverty reduction was by reducing base line from Rs 100 to Rs 28. It was in every Indian news paper.




This news is misleading. It was all over in media that Sonia/MMS government has reduced the poverty line from Rs100 a day to Rs50, first and then Rs28. Now Meccavirus and Congipipas will come yel. The real poverty reduction is between 2014 to 2017.



Avtar Singh

Dear HSF Australia, I like Mr. Modi, because he is sure to take whole of the India below poverty line. I hate India, therefore, I love Mr. Modi. I shall go on voting for Modi so that he has enough time to destroy India.




although 8 of the 10 years fall in the UPA regime.




But how many entered fresh due to lock down from March to present day may be a few tens of crores which will make the number double of what is claimed as came out of poverty. Poverty had doubled if not tripled due to Covid 29 lockdown



Avtar Singh

Dear Kinnu, world has to face only one Corona virus, whereas, we in India have two ,namely Covid Modi 2014, and Covid 2019. India is helpless due to these viruses. India is now Zero.



Bikash Gupta

India's GDP would have been 5 times stronger than that of , if Government of India, since the period of Independence had been able to ruthlessly punish ( like ) Corrupt Politicians & Corrupt Govt Officials . But Govt of India miserably failed .



Avtar Singh

Mr. Power, Modi is providing free ration and free health cover to 80 crore Indians, most of whom are Hindus of UP, Bihar etc.



Chandra Sekar

A great news..We must appreciate the govt's initiative in this regard..



Donaldendra Trumpodi

Paid News!



Ram bhakt

Modi ji promised ration to 80 crore (800 million) poor in India per his own speech on June 30, 2020. So from 2015 to 2020, the number of poor increased from 30 crores to 80 crores. Per UN, number of poors reduced by 27 crore from 2005-15. Per Modi's speech, number of poors increased by 50 crores from 2015 to 2020.



Garg Sanjay

The figure of poor would have more than doubled in last 4 months, this report comes as a pacifier for hard and bitter truth.



Jagdip Vaishnav

Ground realities exposes, unemployment rate is high .Migrant laborer crisis has exposed real face of India



Waliullah Khan





COVID-19 will be used as a Big Excuse by the govt. Indian economy tanked even before.



Avtar Singh

Modi is himself a corona virus.



Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

Good news - but how many middle class government moved to Poverty



Harpreet D

They will be back to bottom again thanks to current economic policies.



Market ploy

Hahahahaha... No words... Can only laugh



Rich Tech

India saw downfall of growth and prosperous etc... since 2014.......



GSK Dummy

And with covid, 500 million indians will be go back to poverty due to chaos.


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