What are effective ways to slow India's population growth? How will India control its population?



Kl Gupta, Co Founder (2004-present)

The basic reason for the flare up in India’s population numbers has not been the number of children born. It has been the sharp reduction in the number of deaths as the life spans have become longer due to lower malnutrition, better health care, better literacy and rising incomes. The average life span of an Indian in 1947 was 31 years. If you skim away the creamy layer, it was less than 27 years. It was weighed down heavily by huge numbers of infant and child mortality. And due to that, couples had more children in the hope that at least one or two will survive to at least youth.

The situation has changed, one could even use the word transformed. But it takes a couple of generations for embedded practices to change, especially among the illiterate or poorply literate. We see birth rates declining, at places even below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per couple, in the more educated states, typically the southern ones. Hopefully, we will see changes there too in one more generation.




Damini Aggarwal, works at Gartner

India's population is equivalent to 17.5% of the total world population. It can be attributed due to a number of reasons:

1.Early marriage: Child marriage is still prevalent in some parts of India. Girls are married before the legal age of 18. Woman who marry early tend to have more children than those who marry late.





2.Gender Inequality: Girls are considered as a burden and a son as the ‘bread earner’. As a result, a lot of couples keep trying for a male child.

3.Poverty: In India, where more than 20% of our huge population falls in this range, it is believed that more the members, more the income.

4.Illiteracy, especially among women: In states where the literacy rates are high, the fertility rates are lower.

5.No bold population policy: We don’t need ’s past 1 child policy but a bold policy that restricts the number of children should be implemented strictly.

6.Lack of awareness about family planning

7.Increased Life expectancy: healthcare in India is improving but it is still unequal

Ironically, India was the first country to establish a go nment family planning program in 1952.









Shubhankar, M.S. from Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research

The question was asked probably a good four years ago. And there are some terrific answers already. No point repeating them. But since it has been specifically referred to me to answer, I’ll try.

Nuclear blasts, man-made flood and famine, large scale gen ide sponsored by the go nment would be among most efficient ways or just starting public debates without moderator and security could work with equal efficacy. But they are out of question on grounds of morality.

I am not the one for taking away the s of people to reproduce. But there is the of the person who is going to be born. What if he/she doesn’t want to be born? Well, that’s absurd because the unborn person doesn’t have a fully developed brain. So what if the person after develo his/her brain completely, realizes he/she should never have been born, that given a choice he/she’d never opt to be born. You could ask them to kill themselves, but that is painful/dreadful and illegal. Their to choose to be born or not, has definitely been violated. If more people thought about it, there would be a definite slowdown in the current rate.

The only reason to concern ourselves about population is the fear of not having enough resources to feed(includes the things and commodities needed for survival) our great grand children some day. A simple knowledge of algebra tells us that the current population can be maintained in the long run, if there were two kids per couple (assuming ideal conditions). We’re at 2.9 now and trending down so we are hopeful to get it under control shortly.

Even if we didn’t, we’ll find out techniques to ensure their survival. We have so far. And if we don’t there is always the process of natural sion. The population will be automatically taken care of and the fittest of our children will survive. Now, who doesn’t want a fitter India?

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Saravana Priyan Thambidurai, Indian by culture

Female fertility rate is high (more then 3 child per female) among poor states of India which are Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, chattisgarh.

1.Poverty is directly proportional to fertility. Reasons could be high infant mortality (civil war regions, high risk population like fishermen,miners typically have high fertility rate), Using children as additional source of income (they are desperate enough to send children as house hold workers/modern day sl ves).

2.Female literacy and female economic independence/control is inversely proportional to fertility.

3.Access to contraceptives, especially to females is inversely proportional to fertility.

India already had already failed with the forced sterilization program with sanjay Gandhi on poor people and it is unthinkable even in the current scenario.

Removing economic incentive for the poor will further exacerbate the problem.

Migration is reducing the fertility. A migrant employee from UP will have less number of children in Karnataka as he is getting married late and have less economic room. Also there is less pressure from community to get married early or to have more children. This is the case even with migrant IT employees.









Akshatha Hegde, worked at Accenture

What many people don't realize is that India's fertility rate has gone down over the last few decades, which implies that the measures taken by the go nment are working. Ne that India has followed a policy of propaganda vs. imposition to bring about socio-cultural reforms and it seems to be working. The only problem is, it is working really slowly. How do we speed up this process?

My 2 paise:

1.The social awareness campaigns need to be made more intense. Already prevalent ideas such as 'more working hands does not mean more money' need to be drilled into the illiterate masses. 

2.It is time for a social change in the urban areas as well. Now that live-in and homosexual relationships are gaining acceptance in metros, the idea of adoption can feed campaigns instead of surrogacy/other means of reproduction these couples would normally consider. 

3.The adoption campaigns can even target married couples. I'm sure there are a lot of Indian women out there who cannot / do not want to give birth and cannot afford surrogacy.

4.Lastly, I'm touching a somewhat controversial topic: the media being more vocal about marriage and children as optional and not mandatory social requisites. This idea will take a really long time to be absorbed in our society but if successful, it can make a huge impact on our population growth.








Aswin Manohar, MSc Astrophysics, University of Bonn (2018)

One obvious reason for the increasing population is ,

People are not aware!

I am sorry for comparing India with another country. But I believe, this surely helps. People in India see condoms as something too dangerous to even talk about. India is ag inst casual sex and its good. But not after they were influenced by western culture.

This sexual urge and the building awkwardness of buying a condom from a medical store is also a reason for the growing population. Sex should be discussed freely among people and it should be normal.

Firstly, the awareness of condoms should be taken seriously. In Germany, the go nment has planted condom vending machines in every important places.







Example: In university canteens, Dorm buildings and railway stations. My point here is not to encourage people to have sex, but to create awareness such that they can have sex without creating any economical disturbances.

Sex should be seen as a part of life. The machines will keep a check on population control.

What about poorly educated women and men?

Fact: India’s population is expected to grow from 1.25 billion to 1.5 billion in 2030. It can have worst consequences in the near future.

Indian go nment should be blamed. They have never followed any strict rules to control population other than making crappy policies. Nothing like what did!

Female sterilisation should be made compulsory after giving birth to one . These treatments should be popularized and expned to women living below poverty line. This is popular among many develo countries.







Fact: India has drafted these policies and its just like another helmet policy.

Each state must be given a target of number of female sterilisation, depending upon the state’s population.

We also have Male sterilisation which is much expensive than the later. This should be made compulsory as well. India is not a sest country.

Above all, these treatments should be available for free and for that to happen, India needs to provide enough funds to keep up with these policies. The overgrowing population is a big threat to the whole nation and its future economic growth and more important than anything like banning 500 and 100 rs currencies !






Sthitaprajna Mishra, studies Information Technology at College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar (2021)

1.Make polygamy/polyandry illegal. Let us take an example to understand the effect this practice has on our population. For example, a man marries 3 wives and has 3 children from each one of them. That makes 9 children in total. That too, only if we assume that he boings only 3 women. This should be the first and foremost step towards controlling the population boom. But what about those who boings the same woman to produce lots of kids? The next step of my plan is for those kind of people. People may argue that it is allowed in their misogynist re gion to have 4 wives. Frankly, I don’t give a flying duck about all that misogynistic re gious stuff. It is not only sest but is also not affordable by our nation. Our population is growing at a dangerous pace and we are running out of basic resources like water and land.

2.Put additional tax on those who have more than 3 kids. This tax should be separate from others. This should not apply for those who have twins during their second pregnancy.

3.Teach about sex and the precautions required. This step is easier said than done. Parents, especially from the lower class and from the villages, often hesitate from sending their children to school. If their child is a girl, the chances are down more significantly. If these parents get to know that bad things are being taught in school, not only girls but even boys will be stopped from attending school.

4.Distribute condoms for free among the poor. The economic conditions in some areas is so drastically poor that people don’t even have access to condoms. Even if they do, they are most likely to spend the money on local liquor instead of taking safety precautions.






B Senthil Kumar, As required

Originally Answered: What should be the best strategy to control and than decrease the Indian population?

Growth rates are tapering off anyway, even though India will probably be the world's most populous country by 2050.

We should do absolutely nothing to decrease India's population. Who says we can't sustain our development with our population? It is not the numbers, but the impact we have per capita that makes a huge difference. Indians' per capital carbon footprint is one of the lowest in the world, and if we stay largely vegetarian, we won't be causing any real problems on this front.

We also need hands for our manufacturing sector, which will only be under more pressure to produce after 's population starts ageing and India already has one of the youngest populations in the world. This is great opportunity to further improve as an economic powerhouse.

With India having one of the largest percentages of arable land, we should have no problem producing food, and feeding all our people very well, unless of course we subscribe to the stupid and highly unsustainable livestock farming business.







Joe Francis, Life is to whistle

The first child born,would get to be in the Scheduled Tribe category.

The second child,would be in the Scheduled caste category.

Third onwards would be in the General category.

No parents,educated or not,would be that cruel to their third child.

Warning:This ingenious method is applicable to only the Indian population.!







Ravindra Patil, IT Professional, Jugaadi, Well aware individual

Originally Answered: How will India control its population?

India would overcome as world’s no. 1 in population by 2022. has been working hard for birth control by every means possible. On the other hand though India too been trying to control its population but it does not seems to be successfull in the attempt so far.

There are many things which are responsible for uncontrolled population. But most important of them are the same reasons responsible for most of the chaos in India.




1.Illiteracy — Though urban population seems to have adopted to ‘we 2 our 2′ scheme, but in rural areas people dont yet follow this due to illiteracy or due to lack of medical facilities. Lack of awareness.

2.Importance of baby boy - Even today, most of the Indian families would wait forever for a baby boy to carry on the family name to next generation. In the process we see mothers bearing, 3,4,5 even more girl child, before finally giving birth to most awaited baby boy.

3.Improper implementaion of legislations - though many legislation are in place but people are hardly afraid of these laws, as they are not being implemented till grass root level.

4.Demographics - As most of the world knows that India has the highest population of youngster in world. And most these are getting married and will be giving birth to even more Indians, this would surely add to even higher population. On the other hand old people are quite less in % when compared to younger ones, so death rate is quite less as compared to birth rate.

5.Medical Advances and cher medical facilities - When medical expenses in India are compared to those abroad, we see that these expenses are quite ch in India. Even being birthplace of Ayurveda adds in for being cher to treat most of the diseases and hel the population to live for longer years in results hel India’s longetivity to increase to higher value by 5 years in last decade as per study by WHO.

These are the few key reasons for expanding Indian Population.








Raziman T.V., Indian

Get women educated.

It is seen all over the world that, the more educated a woman is, the less the number of children she is expected to bear. Here is the result of one such study in India. The fertility rates for:

1.Illiterate women : 3.4

2.Literate women : 2.2

3.Women who have studied till X : 1.9

4.Women who have studied till XII : 1.6

The aim thus should be to get girls to school and keep them there. Prevent child marriages and the resultant early dropouts. The day the average Indian girl becomes XII pass, the population growth of India would reduce on its own









Manish Pandit

Educate People on the following (ONE CHILD ONLY)

 This way Indias population can cut to Half within next 100 Years.


For e.g MR.X marries Mrs.Y and Produce one child Baby Z on the other hand Mr.A Marries Mrs.B and Produce one girl child Baby C.

(another couple)

For e.g MR.XX marries Mrs.YY and Produce one child Baby ZZ on the other hand Mr.AA Marries Page on mrs.bb and Produce one girl child Baby CC.


Now After 28 years when Z and C get married they will Produce one child ZC

Now After 28 years when ZZ and CC get married they will Produce one child ZZCC


Now After 28 years more when ZC and ZZCC get married they will Produce one child ZCZZCCC

This way from the population of 8 in 2015

It got reduced to 4 in 2043

and further it got more reduced to 2 (2071)

People should get married their children who have one single child only.

The benefit of this : The new couple who get married and who produce a child will get the property of 6 peoples.( his Father& Mother + Maternal and Paternal Grandfather and GrandMother)

Just Imagine the new born child has not to worry about paying the ricity bills, Gas bills or any other bill he can spend more time in R&D.

This are just views.


















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