PM Modi calls for ‘reformed multilateralism’ at UN



NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said it was important to “assess the UN’s role and relevance in today’s world” while making a strong pitch for a “reformed multilateralism”.


“Multilateralism needs to represent the reality of the contemporary world. Only reformed multilateralism with a reformed UN at its centre can meet the aspirations of humanity. Today, while celebrating 75 years of the UN, let us pledge to reform the global multilateral system. To enhance its relevance, to improve its effectiveness, and to make it the basis of a new type of human-centric globalisation," the PM said while addressing the high-level segment of the UN-ECOSOC session on Friday, the first time after India rejoined the UNSC for two years.


Modi started by strongly articulating the doubts being raised about the UN’s effectiveness. “This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. It is an occasion to recognise UN’s many contributions to human progress. It is also an opportunity to assess the UN’s role and relevance in today’s world, and to shape a better future for it.”


He cited newly launched Indian initiatives to set up the International Solar Alliance and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure as practical manifestations of multilateralism in action to address climate change, which “brings together all relevant stake-holders for a comprehensive approach”.


The session was attended by PM of Norway Erna Solberg and UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres. Modi said, “We have always prided ourselves as the first responder in our region — a friend in need. Be it earthquakes, cyclones or any other natural or man-made crisis, India has responded with speed and solidarity. In our joint fight against Covid, we have extended medical and other assistance to over 150 countries. We also helped create a Saarc Covid emergency fund in our neighbourhood.”


Reminding the UN session that an Indian was the first president of the first ECOSOC, Modi highlighted the fact that India, one of the largest members of the UN system and the oldest, did not yet head even one of the bigger UN organisations. heads three.


“From the very begng, India has actively supported the UN’s development work and the ECOSOC. The first president of ECOSOC was an Indian. India also contributed to sha the ECOSOC agenda,” the PM said.






Muchh00d modi doing best what he always does




Awesome speech sir. Your sppech really inspire World leaders and common people. You are a true patriot..



Vivekanand Paliya

We salute to Modi ji & his vision for the global development.



Asok Datta

do not believe his words but watch his actions



Sanjoy Pandey

To this end in view, all countries of the world need to be united against the creator of the Corona virus and drive them out of UN.



VasaiKars M

Unemploymeny rate is 27.5 percent . 25000 dead and one million cases . Modi ji busy in buying MLAS IN RAJASTAN



Da Da

Anti-India and power hungry politicians do not like NaMo.But large nos people of India always like him as he thinks of nation first than anything else. Where Rahul Gandhi thinks dividing Indians into castes religions and regions so that Congress party can come to power with help of external enemies he has more friends in and Pakistan than India. In India he is being called Pappu showing disregard.




Does he even know what it means? Fooling the public as normal, pretending he knows it all.




Best roads

All the 205 Nations support Peace loving nation India . for the UNSC permanent seat



So what? We are still not a member and there is no clear path to membership. All these speeches by Modi are not going to get us membership. He is only fooling himself that this is going to work. First India needs to solve basic problems for its citizens and if we become rich and powerful everything else will follow.



Jagdip Vaishnav

Indian Prime Minister only talks high. Hence Indian economy is down since long even before lockdown




Instead of giving fake speeches, and trying to reform others, Feku should reform himself, Just resign and go. You will do a big favor for our Nation.

From the time Feku came to Power, everything went downhill for India. Communal Tension, Farmers suicides, Price Rise on every single commodity, Horse Trading , Economy is in doldrums , Foreign policy down the drain. Whatever he vomits are lies!!



Anand Kumar

Modi and India inspires the world. Every Indian is blessed that we have a great leader like Modi.



Sanjai Joshi

Great job by Modi. Providing visionary leadership in a positive way at the highest level




This kind of diplomacy is not going to be useful. upfronts all our diplomacy by just giving more money. Modi should focus on making India a financial power.




The UN must have more representation of nations. The so called permanent members must not have veto power - which is ancient and outdated.




Modi never has even a faint idea of what he blabbers. He needs to reform himself before endeavouring to reform institutions. To begin with, he should take a solemn vow to limit his count of lies and subterfuges.



kulveer singh

All Indians should support it. We cannot be a second class citizens of this world if they need us.



aaaa bbbb

Without US funding, the UN is merely a beggar organization. The time for such "global" organizations is over. Next 20 years, every country will be busy securing its own borders and economy.



Gaana User

Dismantle UN and make a better organisation with no veto power



yotindra Verma

while making speech -- no one can beat him he is supper .



Best roads

''' is fooling the entire world thru wuhan virus ,UNSC please remove ,the thug does not deserve the UNSC seat''''



Best roads

India should get UNSC permanent seat which is due since many decades at the earliest



Raman NR

Only powerful countries have a voice.



Raj Khanna

When Modi speaks world listens. A true visionary and leader. Proud to be an Indian.


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