Covid-19 cases in India cross 1 lakh mark, over 3,000 dead



NEW DELHI: One hundred and nine days after the first person tested positive for Covid-19 in India, the country’s case count crossed the 1-lakh mark on Monday, with the number of infections having doubled in just a little over 12 days.


Both the spread of the virus and the spurt in cases in recent days will be a cause for concern for the authorities. On Monday, 4,713 fresh infections were reported from across the country, the third highest in a single day so far, led again by Maharashtra, which reported more than 2,000 cases (2,033 to be exact) for the second day running. As many as 24 states/UTs reported new cases during the day.


On the positive side, the number of people recovering from the infection is steadily rising. It was 38,908 on Monday, with the recovery rate at 38.8%. With 3,103 fatalities from the virus so far, India’s death rate too is relatively low at 3.1%.


However, as the country entered phase 4 of lockdown, the number of daily cases was still rising, indicating that the infection was yet to peak. On Monday, apart from Maharashtra, the number of new cases remained high in Tamil Nadu (536), Gujarat (366), Delhi (299, a slight drop from previous days), Madhya Pradesh (254), Uttar Pradesh (177) and Bihar (103).


Rajasthan and Karnataka registered their highest single-day rise in infections, with 305 and 99 cases, respectively. West Bengal (148), and J&K (106) were also close to their highest numbers.


At 131 deaths from the virus on Monday, the toll remained above 100 for the fourth straight day. Maharashtra recorded the highest 51 deaths, including 23 from Mumbai, while Gujarat reported 35 fatalities, a majority (31) from Ahmedabad alone. The toll was 12 in Delhi, where the death rate is now slowly rising after staying low for a long time.



Feku Pm

End result of lock down. 2 months of suffering by being locked up at home, millions of migrants workers suffered homelessness, loss of job, hungry and terrible hardship to reach their villages, economy suffered a terrible crises where GDP dropped from 5.2% to IMF forecasted 0%, millions of business on verge of bankruptcy



Nehal Ivy

Cases are rising because govt refused to test and trace effectively during lockdown.



Joe Henderson

if the chaiwala was serious about health why would he reduce the health budget from 4.6 % of GDP in 2014 to a merger 1.4 % today.



Surya boy

Lock down was another unplanned action which has resulted in disaster and human suffering like demonetisation. Lock down effect will have a terrible effect on the economy in the coming years.



Raja Ram

India's biggest virus is stupidity. Stupid decisions by this government has had a terrible effect on common man and the economy.



HappyTimes User

Stay home stay safe. Otherwise it will go above 10 lakh


Indian Abroad

And who will pay everyone for staying home???????




This PM has announced many packages.. of thousands of crores in the past.. how many have actually been implemented?




failure of government totally. this will have large impact in 2024 elections for bjp


Desh ke aage kuch nahi

Don't worry nothing will happen, India is slowly inching towards becoming a Monarchy very soon. BJP will ask for votes based on pseudo fear of "Hindu khatre mein hai" and all communal goats will vote for him.



Nalini Krishna

Once the lockout gets lifted in total, the virus will become more active and it is going to be very difficult to control.



Rajan Balan

As per the health ministry of india, there is no community spread so far...



sanjeeb bhoi

Modi sarkar sometimes take hasty decision without visualise its impact.....



Alem Dannish

MODI created this mess, by ill panned lock down. He must apologies to nation and do more testing.


Mahendra Singh

You and your master Rahul must appologies to the nation for spreading fake news and chaos...



Salman Shah

It's better that the lockdown is now completely lifted and let the virus is its path. We can't bear the double whammy of Coronavirus and Lockdown, at the same time. Let's save economy atleast and put an end to the sufferings of poor people.




No one knows as to how much it has spread...i dont trust these govt figure.....




Surprisingly just 3k deaths in India. The fatality rate is much lower when compared to that of road and rail accidents or for that matter caused due to obesity and lifestyle diseases. Corona is biggest hoax that has crippled mankind. Just imagine, the homeopaths claim cure for this so called disease. It surely doesn't exst.



Rajesh Singh

Considering that 85% of cases are asymptomatic, that is display no symptoms, the actual number of infected people in India is over 1 crore: 1 lakh divided by 0.15.

And now that the lockdown is being phased out, those infected will pass it on to others. Prepare for a massive explosion in the coming months.




chayan roy

Problem lies with us, people. We have not reciorocated our respondibility. Asyptomatic people are now threat at home and society.


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