Ahmedabad man shoots dog dead for sitting on his car



AHMEDABAD: A resident of the Ranip area of city on Tuesday shot and killed a stray dog with an air gun as he was irritated that the canine used to sit on his car roof and had put scratches on the vehicle.


According to an FIR filed with Ranip police, Jigar Panchal, 35, a resident of Geeta Apartments in Ranip, shot the dog and abused residents of his flat when they objected to his action.


In his FIR with Ranip police, a resident of Geeta Apartments, Manoj Thakar, 56, who works for private firm, states that he saw Panchal firing in the air on Tuesday at around 6pm. Panchal was scaring away dogs sitting on and around his car, parked outside the complex.


Thakar opposed this and told Panchal not to shoot and scare the canines. After this, Thakar went to his place and Panchal went to his.


At around 8pm on Tuesday, Thakar and other residents of Geeta Apartments heard a shot and rushed outside. Thakar and other residents saw Panchal holding an air gun in his hand and a stray dog lying in front of Panchal’s car, states the FIR.


Resdients called the police who reached the spot and began proceeding in the case.


Inspector J B Khambhla of Ranip police said that Panchal shot the dog from his balcony, and the animal died on the spot.


Panchal was charged with IPC Section 294 for abusing other residents of the flats along with violation of the Cruelty to Animals Act, which has a provision for a jail term of up to seven years, said Khambhla.


He said that they got a Covid-19 test done on the accused first and as it came negative, he was arrested on Wednesday evening.



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De Al

Let this idiot stay in jail. Bloody nuisance to the society...killing poor animals..



Rubin Parekh

While I am against killing animals in the above manner strays are a dangerous nuisance.Strays are unpredictable and very agressive as they lack training and have little or no fear of humans.



Rabindra Kumar

How about human straying into animals' territories?? May God bless humanbeing!



APS A Brave Indian Citizen

Also dogs are not wild animals



Rationalist Atheist Hindutva

unfortunately humans have become so self centered that they don't realise that every other species, millions of them, many who have been around on earth much before us, they have as much right to this planet as us. Of course please kill any human or animal which threatens your safety. But not for ridiculous reasons like scratching your car or pooo near your house.



Mohan M

Arrested for killing stray dog, crazy, they are a nuisance and don't let children play in the open. In Ahmedabad dog lovers have crazy, if they love them do much should take them home.



Sunil Patel

Some people just showed up like animals lover but reality is that lots of roads accident due to the animals.



joel cross

oh do u see only dogs or cows roaming too ??




kill all the street dogs. If, the dog lovers want let then adopt the street dogs and keep them in their houses and feed them. Let there not be any street dog loitering in the roads and scare the elders/ children and bite them .



Rony K

It's hillarious to see the comments of people justifying a murder. If you can not give life to someone then you don't have the right to take someone's life be it a dog or a human. He could have called municipality to capture the dog. That guy should be punished. The dog just gave a few scratches on his car. ThosNewark e who are supporting this crime should be ashamed of themselves.



Kiran Patel

--there is no question for the arrest of the accused for possession of firearm, abusing his neighbours and for the shooting of the stray dog. However, there remains the question of stray dogs who are aggressive at times , not only towards people living in the same street but to outsiders passing through or visiting their relatives. I am an animal lover but stray animals, whether its dogs or Cows should have no place in towns and cities.




Case should have been filed against AMC for not checking the menace of stray dog and cattle



Swami Babaswamyanand

Nothing wrong. Stray dogs are an absolute nuisance in this polluted country. No other civilized country allows strays to run wild in their cities.



Vishal Patel

Gov. should allow to kill street Animals officially. or allow to Animal lover take them to their home..Mostly they are Zoophillia...



Deepti Nambiar

this is sooo #Brutal... when will #Humans Go extinct



Sandip Verma

The shooter deserves to be sent to mental asylum.



Sandip Verma

Those who can not be compassionate towards animals can never be good to fellow human beings. Hindu scriptures say so.



Ronald Rebello

U may or may not like stray animals, but no one has the right to kill them... They too have the right to life....


Swami Babaswamyanand

Then stop killing mosquitoes and rats. They also have a right to life.



Anshu Prakash Satapathy

Jail the covid19 virus that is killing so many.



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