Mumbai: Man loses dad, ends up with Rs 16 lakh bill at private hospital



MUMBAI: Not only did a Santa Cruz resident lose his 74-year-old father to Covid-19-related complications, but he was also left with a bill of Rs 16 lakh for his father’s 15-day ICU stay in a city hospital.

孟买:孟买一男子74岁的父亲因患新冠肺炎并发症不治而亡,他不仅失去了父亲,还需要支付其父在医院重症监护室(ICU) 15天的治疗费用,共160万卢比。

“I don’t think any middle-class person can afford treatment worth Rs 1 lakh per day. The bill has come as a huge shock to us,” said his son, who doesn’t want to be named.

该男子称:“ 我认为中产阶级都负担不起每天10万卢比的治疗费用。这笔医药费对我们来说是晴天霹雳。”

Manpreet Sohal, the director of Nanavati Hospital, Juhu, where the patient passed away on April 15, denied the family’s allegations of overcharging. “The patient was brought to us in a very critical condition with multiple co-morbidities and multi-organ failure on March 31. Despite best clinical measures, he passed away,” he added.

4月15日,患者在Nanavati 医院去世。该院院长曼普里特·索哈尔对家属提出的收费过高的指控予以否认。“患者于3月31日入院治疗,情况非常危急,伴有多种并发症和多器官衰竭。尽管采取了措施,他还是去世了。”他补充道。

With several families complaining of profiteering by private hospitals for Covid-related treatment, the state public health department last week issued a notification cap treatment charges for uninsured patients seeking treatment in private hospitals for both Covid and non-Covid ailments.


The deceased patient’s son said the bulk of the charges – Rs 8.6 lakh – were for medicine and consumables, while another Rs 2.8 lakh were “Covid charges”. “The authorities have capped certain charges, but hospitals seem to be charging arbitrarily’’, he alleged. While his father was in hospital, the family was under quarantine and couldn’t leave their home. The man is angry he was not given any indication by the hospital about the expenses they would incur.



“Communication with the hospital has been on phone and via email. I paid Rs 60,000 at the time of admission. A day later, I was informed that my father would have to put on dialysis and on ventilator. I gave consent electronically,” he said.


He said a couple of days before admission his father’s blood test results showed his blood serum creatinine (an indirect measure of kidney function) was normal. “Thereafter, the bill kept rising. I paid Rs 3.4 lakh and a couple of days later I received a call from the accounts department informing me that if I did not pay, they would stop treatment,” he said.


The hospital arranged to send his father’s body via ambulance to the crematorium, but he had to pay Rs 8,000 for the ambulance.


Nanavati’s Sohal said the patient had undergone a heart surgery earlier. After being admitted, he developed acute respiratory failure and needed ventilator support. “He also needed high-end Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy for kidney failure for seven days,’’ he added.



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In todays world if u dont have health n medical insurance.... ur asking for trouble



Vignesh Chandrasekharan

This hospital is for the super rich. Just a money making business in garb of hospital.




U know how much PPE in one shift costs for all doctors and nurses ?? Forget other costs .


Manish Bhandari

2 lakhs each day?




He was in ICU not in ward must have been on ventilator must have needed blood transfusions , higher antibiotics which are costly , intimations , intensive monitoring u think all this is cheap ???



Sundar Rajan

I think the hospitals are taking undue advantage of the situation and fleecing the patients with their exorbitant charges. On one hand you have doctors, nurses and health care workers working selflessly and at great personal risk and on the other hand you have corporate hospitals who seem intent on fleecing their patients. I am also quite sure that the government would not do anything about it other than paying lip service.






Why not go to government hospitals? You can't use any private facility for free.



Sundar Rajan

Nobody said about getting free treatment. The question is about exorbitant charges.



Varadarajan Sitaraman

nanavati hospital is famous for looting people.



Sandeep Garg

Private Hospitals are factory of money minting. Charges are exorbitantly high. They can charge any bill. Who knows what exactly required.




Krupesh Dhirajlal Gala

it's an clear loot by hospitals and I know government will not support there citizens in these matters....middle class families in india in huge pressure now a days but government will only help far poor and rich people no reliefs for middle class



Vasudevan Viswanathan

People are stripped in the guise of treatment. Is it an air ambulance thaat it costs 8000?




No Humanity when it comes to these hospitals!!



Paramjit Singh

An average bill of over one lakh per day is definitely a loot.and not acceptable. All the hospital charges must be approved by a govt committee and same should be available for perusal by the patient's family before and during the treatment.



Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

Nothing new - has been happening , now happenss and will happen in fututre too . When you go to. a hospital are you sure he is a doctor or butcher -even god can not know



Mahendra Singh

Not all hospitals and Doctors are angel!



Kalyan Sinha

Dont pay the bill. Hospital cant do anything



Pranay Shah

Scam, pls expose.




Nowdays all private hospitals worldwide have become blood suckers , they don't consider the patient's economic difficulty and instead of hel the patient recover they prefer leaving the patient to his fate.



Headed Window

Hospital here has overcharged for sure. Private hospitals are money making machines . Nanavati for sure is one of them.



Rohit Anand

If you can't afford you should go to a govt hospital....



Praveen Sharma

This hospital should be sealed. Under this Udav govt everything is abnormal in Maharashtra. Hospitals are doing whatever they like. What action Maharashtra govt taken against this hospital.



Lalit Sadhwani

hospital should be punished badly .



nitin handa

seal this hospitals and put the staff behind bars



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