Covid-19: Close to 6,300 Indians infected in 50 countries, toll stands at 40


NEW DELHI: Close to 6300 Indian nationals abroad have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, posing a serious logistical challenge to the go nment as and when it decides to evacuate Indians stranded overseas. The number has almost doubled in the past 8-9 days as it stood at 3,336 on April 16.


The number of deaths of Indian nationals caused by Covid-19 abroad has also shot up to 40 from 25 during this period, official sources told ToI. The infections are spread over 50 countries.


Singapore and Gulf countries together account for more than 50 per cent of the infections. Singapore, in fact, has now taken over from Kuwait as the country where the highest number of Indians - more than a thousand - are infected.



Official sources here said almost 90 per cent of Indians infected in Singapore were workers living in dormitories for foreign workers. They said the spread within the dormitories was expected.


The Singapore go nment is said to be providing all medical and other assistance to the workers. Indian high commissioner Jawed Ashraf had earlier this month visited one of the dormitories where thousands of Indian workers live.


Well over 2000 Indians have also been infected in Gulf countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Hundreds of Indians are also infected in Iran.


The jump in number of those infected - from 3336 to 6300 - in a little over a week is significant. The foreign ministry had first said in Parliament on March 18 that 276 Indians had contracted Covid-19 overseas. However, 255 of those were only in Iran, one of the worst hit countries. It took a month for the number to increase to 3336, as the go nment confirmed on April 16. After that though, it has taken the number just 9 days to shoot up to almost 6300.


While the Indian missions remain in touch with local authorities to ensure proper treatment for Indian Covid-19 patients, it remains open to speculation whether or not they can return to India anytime soon. The go nment has so far avoided bringing back from abroad Indian nationals who tested positive for Covid-19. It has said that this is not because India lacks quarantine facilities but because of the extremely infectious nature of the disease and the risk involved in their travelling.


The go nment, in fact, stopped operating evacuation flights altogether after the lockdown, asking indian citizens in advisories across the world - from southeast Asia to Europe - to remain where they were because of the lockdown in India.



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Most of the initial infection come from Indians evacuated and returned from abroad. Most of the infected took Paracetamol and waited in the Airport for hours to bring down their High Temperature to give a Miss to Thermal Screening. Kanika Kapoor was one of them. The returning Indians are equally responsible for spreading Corona




mcModi may send special flights free of cost to bring these infected virus to India, but wont arrange for buses to poor workers stuck n stranded in many places all over India, who are left with no money, food and going on foots for hundred of kilometers.




All infected are getting good support and treatment in GCC irrespective of their religion which highlights the magnanimous attitude of GCC rulers..



Sane Among Insanes

All these Indians go to other countries after cursing the lifestyle and salaries in their motherland. They are the most ungrateful lot. The Indian go nment now should not worry about them.




TIME is NOT to worry about the RICH and well provided NRIs and its our DUTY to focus on the poor here in our own land ! those people have their wealth and cmpanies and INSURANCE covers to help them, while the poor here has NOTHING !




Sanket Gawde

Modi, please resign and go back to Gujrat, the only state, you're good at managing.




It will be extreme foolishness if govt decides to bring Indians back.



Debajyoti Sengupta

How many are infected in Italy? Send Gandhi siblings there for relief work. After all mother's land hai.



Angraj Mishra

Apparently Modi is scheduled to give a at 11 today. Wonder what he's gonna say today. Jump from the balconies perhaps!!!??



With RG

delhi govt is asking to donate plasma of covid 19 recovered person for other patients



Pradeep Kumar C K

Hope we get out of this critical situation as soon as possible and we all get back to normal life. Lets pray for well being of all our people and speedy recovery of infected persons.



Sanket Gawde

These traitor Indians who immigrated to foreign for greed and world keep on taking advantage of India's innocence.




no other land is better than the mother nation, money alters everything.




Thousands strained living in miserable conditions want to return back to India but feku dont allow them to return. Only Govt in the world not to allow its citizens to come back.




These fellows left India for Personal Prosperity and Never cared for India other than their Families.

Pls, where r these fellows are let them live there and understand that MONEY is not the most important thing in Life




Most of these countries are having better medical facilities compared to India. So we should worry much.



Sanket Gawde

Those are not Indians, those are traitors who left India and became foreign citizens in movement to take hand on foreign glamour. Now they don't belong here, let them die there.



Subhankar Bose

The entry of these expatriate indians should be banned for ever



Sanket Gawde

Modi must resign.



Rajib Mukherjee

4000 people die everyday due to Tuberculosis in India. Covid19 is fashionable...



Humanity comes first

They r batter than indian infected patients at least they have good healthcare available there and hoping they recover very soon



Raja Saha

Don't allow them to come India. Else again we will see cases rise in here.



Sanket Gawde

Modi resign seriously.



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