Covid-19: Kolkata woman in Oxford University vaccine project team



LONDON: A Kolkata woman is playing a crucial role in the Oxford University team trying to develop the Covid-19 vaccine which could potentially end the global pandemic.


Chandra Datta, 34, who lives in Oxford, is working as a quality assurance manager at the university facility which is manufacturing the anti-viral vector vaccine — ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 — which went to human trials last Thursday. If the vaccine passes the trials, it could be made available to the public by September or October this year, she said, warning, “It all depends on the trial data.”


Datta, who hails from Kolkata, went to Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School and completed her BTech in engineering and biotechnology from the Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. She moved to the UK in 2009 to take the MSc-Bioscience (Biotechnology) course at Leeds University.

来自加尔各答的达塔曾就读于Gokhale Memorial女子学校,并在加尔各答理工学院完成了工程和生物技术学士学位课程。2009年,她来到英国,在利兹大学完成了生物技术硕士课程。


Helsinki Tokyo

Proud of you. India has such a spectrum of talent. On one end we have someone like her from Bengal, who is trying to save the world through science. And in the other end we have idiot anti nationals like Mamata Banerjee and Rahul Ghandy who are trying to cause destruction from within.



Chalu Pande

there is no big deal .. thousands of people from india work in pharma companies, she is one more .. and is working in department who is working on this medication.. what's big deal to report as news?



Indian Abroad

She is QA for 1000 vaccines?! Seriously? This isn't even pilot scale, forget production scale. Is this Indian connection worth reporting??? Then also report that one of the key R&D team member had Indian curry take out for dinner one night while the project was going on

她只是这1000剂疫苗的质保经理 ?!





Subhas Basu

Everyone who contributes to the success of the vaccine, whether Indian or any other nationality is a pride of the humankind.



K Mohan Hyderabad city

At present world needs urgent vaccine and best wishes to Chandra Datta for her best




Chandra Datta, we are proud of you and pray for the success of the vaccine for the bnefits of billions of humanity. It is very sad that all the brilliant brains in India are opting for positions abroad. I only blame the caste based reservation policy that is spoiling India.



Nikus Kumar Giri

heritage institute is a third grade ollege even in kolkata standard...and if she is part of accine develop team, then god knows what will be the produt....


ahtesham hussain

I am not from that college and even not from that state ,but I know its not third grade college .I have friends from that college working in one of the best companies in bengaluru .jalna ban karo .




There was a time when the whole world used to come to india for understanding dharma (relligon), health (ayurveda and yoga), dhyan (meditation), philosophy but centuries of macaulian education by white anglos have converted us from free thinkers into slaves.




Jagdish Madan

Covid 19 vaccine is the most awaited medical breakthrough! Hope Chandra succeeds and here's wishing her all the very best! Though, it would simply be fantastic if the vaccine was first developed by 19 or so Indian companies burning midnight oil to produce!





Psychotic Coroner

it would be great if vaccine is available by September or October



John Cena

To Modi bhakts this is what Modi government like to call 'Brain Drain'




We are proud of you Chandra for association with a great project.



Krishan Kumar Totlani

Glad to know that Kolkata woman is playing a crucial role in the Oxford University team trying to develop the Covid-19 vaccine which could potentially end the global pandemic. Proud of Chandra Dutta. God bless her.



Sandeep Dwivedy

Generally it takes to create Corona virus vaccine 18-24 months.

What Miracle happened to reduce waiting period and rush to produce Corona virus vaccine?


Genesis **

Its not hype you muppet the uk government has already said this vaccine is there and with £20 million added



Balachandramenon Vengasserry

Let us first wait for the results.



Indian Only

Shamless report.... this lady is working in UK for the British Oxford university.. with due respect to her..... first glorify our countrymen and women who are working towards elimination of the virus issues....It's high time we stop garlanding this type of people who work for others



Honest Soul

The world is one family



Ajithlal Gangadharan

Now few bhakts will say its an indian who invented it if at all it is successful



abburu lal

Necessity is the mother of invention and this is the example and the whole world wishes good luck.



Zokhuma Lushai

She is a feather in India's hat. Such persons make India proud. We are proud of the lady.



Dilbag Rai

Mamta should be happy that one woman from Kolkota is engaged in the vaccine project of Oxford University to fight coronavirus.



Hridoy Baruah

Good to learn that an Indian is a part of the Corona vaccine trial.



Rajesh Kumar

Quality Assurance Manager is not the person who does the real research or creation of vaccine! What a joke is this news.

质保经理并没有直接参与疫苗的研制! 这新闻真是个笑话。


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