Noida: Drunk man driving BMW stops to urinate, miscreants flee with car



NOIDA: Some unidentified miscreants allegedly fled away with a BMW car after the man driving it pulled up to urinate on a roadside here, police said on Sunday.


According to officials, the incident happened on Saturday night in Sector 90 under Phase 2 police station limits, when Rishabh Arora, a stock broker, was returning in the car from a party in an inebriated condition.


The luxury car is owned by Arora's brother-in-law and there is a Rs 40 lakh loan pending on the vehicle, they said.


“Police force including senior officials had reached the spot after a matter was reported that a man's BMW car has been robbed," said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Noida, Harish Chander.


Arora had stopped stopped the car midway and came out to urinate. Meanwhile, some unidentified miscreants reached the spot and fled with the vehicle, Chander added.


Prime facie, it appears the robbery has been planned by somebody known to the car's owner, the DCP said.


An FIR has been registered against unidentified people and the police are probing the matter from all angles and would ensure recovery of the vehicle soon, the officer said.


Asked if the stock broker would be charged with drunk driving, DCP Chander told PTI: “The priority is to recover the BMW and ensure arrest of the culprits. It's a serious concern that somebody's car gets robbed like this on city roads.”


Arora has alleged in his complaint that the miscreants, who had arrived on a motorcycle, had put a gun on his back while he was relieving himself but that claim is yet to be verified since he was “highly drunk”, according to officials.


Arora was using his brother-in-law's BMW for about six-seven days now, the officials added.



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Narendra • 6 hours ago

Urinating Road side is ok and drunk & drive also ok???



Lachhman Bhatia• 4 hours ago

The urinator paid a heavy price that must teach him a lesson for future.



Delhi, India • 3 hours ago

Every petrol pump has washroom which can be used



Francis • Dubai • 3 hours ago

Drink and drive no offense? Stealing Looks fishy



Matam • 4 hours ago

he deserves it.first place he was drunk then he was urinating on the road.



Rajesh Singhal • 44 mins ago

Urinating on the road side is totally undesirable whether he is a common man or an owner of a BMW. Such offences are punishable. Before the car is returned to the =owner, he should be fined 20 lakhs by the Government.



Debanshu Roy • MUMBAI • 48 mins ago

Congratulate the thieves ! for their fabulous act as not only have they saved the life of Mr.Arora but also the innocent passerby and pavement dwellers who would have been crushed or mowed down as usual. I hope they let the thieves go free with a reward (the car itself would be the best) !




ANONYMOUS • INDIA • 1 hour ago

Owns a BMW and peeing on the road side? He deserves to have his car stolen!



Amit Sharma • Gurgaon • 3 hours ago

Stock market crash could have wiped out his savings



Heaven • 4 hours ago

Staged theft, 40 lac loan gone with the wind.



Thyaga Rajan • 29 mins ago

What better way to learn a lesson the hard way - never drink and drive.



Amit Sharma • Gurgaon • 4 hours ago

Looks staged, loan might be an issue.



Chandra Sekhar • 19 mins ago

In all probability, the Police reaction would be to book Rishab Arora for drink and drive. Municipal authorities would penalise him for urinating on public places.



Shashank • Boston • 20 mins ago

Delhi people have no fear of any virus, lot of black money, so mutenge, party



Sharif A Rehman • 46 mins ago

Riding BMW and urinating on streets.. Bad manners



Rohit Malviya • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Nehru is responsible



Mrithulanee Menon • 6 hours ago

40 lakhs loan pending on the car. This is a scam



Ramaswami • chennai • 28 mins ago

he deserves it



Raj • Illinois • 58 mins ago




Nanksn • Planet earth • 1 hour ago

He spoiled the road side and deserves to be punished.Nice lesson to learn do not drink, do not drive and do not urinate on road sides..



Sameer Gilani • 1 hour ago

Seem the Recovery guys from finance company must have taken the car as car had pending loan of 40 lacs.



Droid • 1 hour ago

lol ... well deserved. for urinating on the road side AND drunk driving. hope the thieves are caught as well... both parties should be screwed by the police.



Shan Nat • 1 hour ago

Let the guy in BMW be fined for drunk driving and peeing in the roadside creating nuisance before the miscreants are punished...



Devyani • 2 hours ago

Serves him right.!



Bans • 5 mins ago

First police should charge Mr Arora for drunk and drive and urinating at public place if law permits. Yes the recovery is nonetheless paramount.



HappyTimes User • 59 mins ago

Don't Pee on the road if driving alone, for your and your car's safety.



Joseph • 1 hour ago

Pranksters Probably saved a few lives. Driver needs to be immediately arrested, Jailed and licence revoked.



Amith • 1 hour ago

Moral of the story is do not drink and drive..not to urinate on streets..



Indian • 1 hour ago

They can buy German's Car but not their attitude



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