PM Modi calls for innovative ideas to check corona


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a social media campaign seeking technology-driven innovative ideas from people to contain spread of Covid-19, saying sed ideas adopted for implementation will be duly rewarded.


“In order to involve the community in the fight ag inst the vir s, we would want you to share your solutions to help fight coronavir s. Submitted solutions will be evaluated for adoption and those sed will be suitable rewarded. Be a part of the mission ag inst coronavir s,” the Prime Minister said urging people to share their ideas on the go nment portal.


The Prime Minister said public participation in the campaign ag inst spread of the vir s has played a huge role in making the campaign successful.



“Harnessing innovation for a healthier planet. A lot of people have been sharing technology-driven solutions for Covid-19,” Modi tweeted, adding, “I would urge them to share them [email protected] These efforts can help many.” He said, “The go nment is taking all necessary steps to ensure that we are prepared well to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of Covid-19 – the coronavir s. With active support of the people of India, we have been able to contain the spread of the vir s in our country.”



He said the most important factor in preventing the spread of the vir s is to empower citizens with the information and taking precautions as per the advisories being issued by the health ministry.


“Further, we are also getting inputs with regard to individuals and companies who have developed technologies and innovative solutions, Bioinformatics, datasets, apps for diagnosis etc that can be leveraged for strengthening the fight ag inst coronavir s,” the Prime Minister said.



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srini • hyd • 3 hours ago

It is not a school kids competition for sing and giving prizes. Let competent doctors work on it.



Harichandan Mishra • 1 hour ago

Don't use AC.

At least 2 hours in sunlight per day.

Avoid all types of nonveg.

Use tulsi leaf (7) juice and one spoon honey to keep individual away from caugh and cold.

Spray cow dung water in front of your house.







Angraj Mishra • New Delhi • 2 hours ago

Now Modi will say that apart from being an astrophysicist, he's also an MBBS degree holder.



Common Man • India • 3 hours ago

Modiji is sad. No vacation.


KVH• 2 hours ago

But you can take. Rome, Iran Turkey, and the best of all . Please dont miss.



Common Man • India • 3 hours ago

Bhkt will open gounutra swimming pool.



Sukumar • 3 hours ago

complete shutdown for 4 years till your time is over



Jagdip Vaishnav • Mumbai • 2 hours ago

Innovative idea is,Improve Health care sy em



S • Others • 2 hours ago

This is plan implementation phase, idea seeking phase got over 2-3 months ago...



Nation First • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

First tell the people to not move out of their homes unnecessarily. No one will die if you don’t shop or roam about in malls and complexes for a few weeks.

Indians somehow living in a delusion that they wont get Covid 19.



Jack Saunders • Mum Bhai • 3 hours ago

Why is he not disclosing the antide for the vir s. Gaumutra when consumed makes the body immune to the vir s. Video available of program launched to fight the vir s



Paadi Pantalu • 3 hours ago

Mr.PM, Your PMO office is a piece of junk, most of the critical suggestions sent to them go to dustbin or file.



Vikrant Sharma • 1 hour ago

Maybe its due to his own travel ban.



Shakcrazy1 • 1 hour ago

very simple Modiji....drink gau mutr n apply gau gobar on whole body...aur isse Acha innovative idea kya Hona..



Shaukat Pervez • 2 hours ago

modi and his hindu rss thugs lock down Kashmir and nobody said nothing, now GOD lock down the whole world. is this a warning to hindu rss thugs from GOD?



Arvind • 2 hours ago

Stop completely inbound air traffic.Corona has come in India thr incoming people by air. Become wreckless and completely seal the country and stop in coming traffic and flights. This is the only way to keep under check the corona.



Alien on a trip here • Solar Sy em • 3 hours ago

Sanitize and disinfect all slum and dense areas thoroughly and frequently. Thats a hot spot for vir s to multiply and spread fast.



Ajay Gupta • 3 hours ago

White b LED bulbs of over 25W inside home and over 500W outside in public places can eradicate Covid19 Corona vir s.



Anthony Dinozzo Jr • 21 mins ago

By this, it shows that his first priority is nation and its people. Given the current scenario, I hope for the best.



king • chennai • 1 hour ago

when did you listen to common people




medicines will have to be invented but what till then. Prevention is the only way. Also ne medicines are not without side effects




PM Modi has no innovative ideas for reviving economy that was ruined before Corona Vir s outbreak. Now he is trying to show himself a innovative leader which he is not.




Dilbag Rai • Chandigarh

Every country should think about the innovative ideas ro control the spread of corona



Indra Prabha • faridabad

We are all aware by now what would help control the desease.All gatherings;from marriges to mourings mus thbe stopped completely.



Dean • traveller

crush parijaat ( Jasmine ) leaves and extract the juice. mix it with honey and adminster it upon patients.

nb take equal amounts of honey and parijaat juice.feed only a teaspoon of the mixture at a time. twice a day.

this is a Desi medicine which adivasis use.and it works ag inst all types of influenza. even upon mria.




Sir i appreciate your appeal to public but such work can be done only through research and education.



Tutu • patna

Gau mutr and panch gavya.. I had already shared. This idea is worth trying all over the world. I m sure it will work. Then we can make patent of it and can make money through export



King_maker69 • India • 35 mins ago

Your favorite drink Gau mutram......



Hammer • 37 mins ago

Why not search for medicines in Vedas and Upanishads to cure Coronavir s



Brahmadathan Kootallur • 54 mins ago

Treatment is going to be extremely difficyult and expensive. So prvention is better than cure.



Hitesh • 1 hour ago

Creating a vaccine from infected patients is something can be thought of



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