Haryana youth wants Jaguar, dumps BMW into canal



YAMUNANAGAR: A 22-year-old resi nt of a Yamunanagar village who wanted his father to buy him a Jaguar car, dumped the BMW 3 series that his father had recently gifted him into the Western Yamuna Canal, near Dadupur head, in Yamunanagar district on Friday.


Sources said after pushing the car into the canal, the youth, Akash of Mukarampur village, made a video of the in dent and forwarded it to his parents. According to police, Akash’s father Sanjeev Kumar had bought the BMW a few months ago. A BMW 3 vehicle series costs anything between Rs 37.80 lakh and 45.20 lakh.


“Akash was demanding a Jaguar car from his father, but when his father failed to buy him one, he threw away his car in a fit of anger. He had got an Innova from his in-laws, but his family sold it to buy him a BMW. Now, he was demanding a new Jaguar. His parents have shown some medical reports which show that Akash is suffering from some psychiatric problem,” said Mukesh Kumar, SHO, Chhachhrauli police station. The car was taken out of the water after several hours with the help of divers, villagers and an earth-moving machine.

警官Mukesh Kumar称:“阿卡什要求父亲买一辆捷豹轿车,但父亲没给他买,于是他怒气冲冲地把宝马扔了。他从岳父岳母那里得到了一辆英诺华,但他的家人把它卖了,给他买了一辆宝马。现在,他想要一辆新捷豹。他的父母出示了一些医学报告,显示阿卡什患有某种精神疾病。”几小时后,在潜水员、村民和一台挖掘机的帮助下,把这两宝马捞了上来。

Akash’s father, however, maintains that the car fell into canal while his son was trying to avoid hitting a nilgai (antelope) on the road. “We have two cars, a BMW and a Swift. My son never demanded a Jaguar car,” he added.


When asked about his landholding, Kumar said, “I have around 25 acres of agricultural land. Besides, we have constructed more than 50 quarters which have been given to labourers on rent. I also sold a piece of land a few months ago.” The SHO said no case was registered as they had not received any compnt.



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Pradeep2 hours ago

Buy him a bicycle. Let him learn how to pedal and ride. All his health and fitness problems will be solved. Q.E.D.



The1 hours ago

He owns 25 acres of agricultural land?! That's one rich farmer... I bet he hasn't paid Income Tax for his lifetime..



Agentk2 hours ago

If your son has a psychiatric condition, then why buy him a car? Whether he was mad or not that was irresponsible parenting.



Manas Nayak•Darbhanga•2 hours ago

Why a car? Give him a real Jaguar to ride.



Dinesh•2 hours ago

land mafias ..... police should find out the facts



Manoj Dubey•2 hours ago

Let the father buy more cars for him every few mo ths. Shall help the automobile industries



Anil Sharma•New Delhi•2 hours ago

It has to be easy money,that is why so much disrespect shown to it by this brat.If as his father says he is mentally challenged why was he married off and here too the bride came with a SUV,which too was not liked by this bigday nawab.



Pearl Pet•3 hours ago

Now He may get new one Jaguar....,He is used to do things like it....,Young boy is still kid (after marriage)



mlgajria•Mumbai•3 hours ago

Raees baap ki bighdi aulad.feel pity for the girl who is married off to this boy.



Balinder•3 hours ago

Persons with agri land near cities got windfall money and it has moved their heads



Ashwani Kumar•Unknown•3 hours ago

Father should have bought Jaguar for his son. As auto industry is deep recession, it would be small relief for the industry!



Aouchitya Kuamr•India•3 hours ago

There are thousands of cases when u earn by selling agri land and now can''t digest haraam ke ki. Noida, guru gram, full of theses kind of brats. U can purchase cars , helicopter s but can''t be taught how to behave civilized.



Anil•3 hours ago

mentally disturbed.



Raybond•3 houurs ago

bigde he baap ki bigdi hui aulad! A sensible father would have donated this money to needy and brough his son a old maruti 800! This is what the son actually deserves!




Ashish•3 hours ago

Jaats are a curse and a blot on India



Ritchie•NYC•3 hours ago

This article sums up ..India is a pile of garbage



Isaacbenjaminraj•3 hours ago

Income tax should mon or this case ...



Aravindakshan• isaacbenjaminraj•3 hours ago

Why do you have to put a colour to it? A spoilt brat was not given the father's best across the posterior when young and now has this tantrums.He should be made to join the army and be posted along the border to see the sons of the soil sacrificing for the MOTHER.akkn.



Om Nh Shivayah•Location•3 hours ago

This is the poison a parent fill as gift in his child when he earns money by wrong means. Investigate the income of this family and you find this family committing several crimes including financial crimes. Most of the so called farmers in Haryana , Maharastra, and UP regions r biggest tax thieves who steal money while taking benefits of cming as farmer. Tax benefits for farmers should be abolished and only small farmers should b given any such benefit.



Sunil Gupta•3 hours ago

Another case of an affluent farmer who pays no taxes



Zabar Dust•jaipur•3 hours ago

I am quite sure the father''s not paying any tax. All these Haryanavi men are spoilt brats.



Om Nh Shivayah•Location•3 hours ago

He could have sold his car and donated the money to build some school and buy books and fees for thousands of kids. Aese suwar0n ke wajah se desh me garibi sir usse judi bimari faili hai.



aaaa bbbb•3 hours ago

Throw that parent also to the same river. Hrbdoes not deserve to be in this world after giving a son like this to the world. Irresponsible parent and son should be put behind bar



Scorpio•3 hours ago

this boy should be sent to Somalia on a one way ticket. what an ungrateful man and what a sick sense of entitlement



pkd1954 Kumar•KOLKATA•3 hours ago

Spoilt Brat of an Accectionate Father---Cannot be worse and think of his wife''s trauma



Bijay•3 hours ago

He is not a "destitute " farmer. Every farmer is not a destitute, particularly the farmers of Punjab and Haryana. Spoilt brat of an indulgent father.


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