IIT-Hyderabad student commits suicide; third incident in a year



HYDERABAD: An engineering student of Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H) committed suicide on Tuesday by jum off from the third flood of a campus building.


According to police, the student Pichikala Siddharth, 20, was pursuing BTech third year in computer science and engineering department. “At about 3.26am, he committed suicide by jum off from third floor. He sent a mail with suicide note to his friend," read a press release issued by the Sangareddy police.

据警方表示,20岁的学生Pichikala Siddharth在计算机科学与工程系读大三。大约凌晨3点26分,他从三楼跳下自杀。自杀前,他给朋友发了一封遗书。

In his suicide note, the student attributed the reason for taking the extreme step to depression. "Life rather seems depressing. Never ending strands of misfortune to an extent that I mentally couldn’t tolerate it. I have no clue how my future is going to be. I have been feeling this for the past two months," read the suicide note.



He further mentioned that he couldn’t concentrate well in academics. "There is a critic within me questioning my every move to the extent that I feel I shouldn’t exst. Yes, I shouldn’t exst because I am a self-obsessed guy. I was brought up that way, being compared with my peers all the time," read the suicide note.


Soon after the incident, the student was shifted to Balaji Hospital for first aid following which he was taken to Continental Hospital in Gachibowli. Police said that he died while undergoing treatment.


In a statement issued by the IIT-Hyderabad, the authorities extended deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. "It is with deep grief and sadness that IIT Hyderabad has to inform the passing away of a third year BTech student today (29th October 2019). IIT Hyderabad faculty, staff and students extend their deepest condolence to the family, friends and other near and dear ones of the deceased student. This is indeed an irreparable loss to the institute and the family. May his soul rest in peace," read the statement.


It maybe recalled that this is the third suicide in the last one year. First suicide incident was reported in February where a third year student Anirudhya Mummaneni had jumped off from the hostel building. In July, a final year master’s student Mark Andrew Charles had hanged himself inside the hostel room.

这是今年发生的第三起自杀事件。据报道,第一起自杀事件发生在2月份,当时一名三年级学生Anirudhya Mummaneni从招待所大楼跳下。今年7月,硕士生马克·安德鲁·查尔斯在宿舍上吊自杀。


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murali mohan756 • murali mohan • 3 days ago

Parents should talk to their children regularly and understand their well being, both Physical and mental health. Timely intervention by all stakeholders namely parents, faculty members and student counsellors will avoid such tragic incidents. May his soul rest in peace.


Mohammed AbdulMalik• 3 days ago

Good suggestion



Yogesh • Delhi • 3 days ago

Now a days students are forced to study. This is worst than slavery. It is almost terrorism, taking the lives of the students. If the students are not interested in studies, they should not be forced to study. Right to Education is non-sense. They should learn some skilled work or do agriculture and farming.


Sanjay Jahagirdar• Panaji • 3 days ago

Yogeshji, you are absolutely right. Education doesn''t provide job, but skills do.



Arnab Biswas• 3 days ago

In our Indian education system one need to study all even though he will work with one



LIFE ON 2 WHEELS • 3 days ago

MAY HIS SOUL FIND PEACE....I think teachers and parents should talk to kids everyday and see if there is anything unusual in their behavior.



Yash • Mumbai • 3 days ago

That one day you would look back and feel how silly it was even to think about ending life



Dr K J BABU • 3 days ago

In his suicide note he mentioned that he is being compared with his peers since his childhood, which is a big mistake by some parents and teachers.



Truth Truth • Location • 3 days ago

Memorise and vomit in exam.This is education system in India.No fun, no creativity.



Santhosh Reddy • hyderabad • 3 days ago

Parents are also equally responsible, my his soul rest in peace. As he mentioned parents just keep on comparing and pestering till he breaks down psychologically and emotionally.



Sunand Shadrach Mabbula • 3 days ago

Commiting suicide is not the solution. You leave parents and siblings in utter grief and mental agony.



Thelma Lobo • 3 days ago

Pity the Brain Drain!



praveen k• 2 days ago

The amount of stress that students go through is phenomenal. They have to be helped to overcome self-doubt, depression and self-esteem issues which crop up time to time.



chanakya• 3 days ago

Quota sys is killing young indians..


Rajesh K• 1 hour ago

this has nothing to do with quota, you seem to be misinformed



Raju Sotala• 3 days ago

My deepest condolences to his family and May his soul rest in peace...



sunjay kanotra • 3 days ago

It''s high time India Should change their education system



Farooque Khan • Al Khobar, Ash Sharqiyah • 3 days ago

There is huge pressure on every young person to be successful and become rich. Money is the object of worship, which root cause of all evils.



Al Ansaar • 3 days ago

sad.i think he was not aware of modijis entreprenuership schemes.



Mohammed Ziauddin Mohammed • Jeddah • 3 days ago

Stupid and Coward ...life is precious he did’t understand


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