Uttarakhand: Man commits suicide, ‘7 of his wives’ claim body



HARIDWAR: This was a situation the police in Haridwar had never imagined. At least five women came forward to claim body of a 40-year-old who committed suicide on Sunday. All of them claimed to be his wife and told the cops that they had no idea about any other woman in his life. After the intense drama and quarrel, the man was cremated. Subsequently, two more women, also claiming to be his wife, came forward. The local cops have now decided to wait for a few more days to see if the list is finally complete.


The deceased Pawan Kumar, a Ravidas Basti resident, worked as a driver. According to the police, the man consumed poison on Sunday night and although his wife rushed him to a nearby hospital after seeing him in an unconscious state, he succumbed during treatment in the hospital.


In the initial probe, the police have found that the deceased was facing severe financial crisis. It has also been learnt that the man led a low-profile life and didn’t have many friends.


Praveen Singh Koshiyari, SHO city police station, told TOI, “We are probing as to why he took the extreme step. Woman who brought him to the hospital called herself his wife but did not disclose any reason about the suicide. We have sent the body to district hospital for autopsy.”

市警察局的Praveen Singh Koshiyari警官告诉《印度时报》:“我们正在调查他为什么会做出如此极端之举。带他去医院的女子自称是其妻子,她没有透露该男子自杀的原因。我们已经将尸体送往地区医院进行了尸检。”

The deceased had zero balance in his bank account and he lived in a rented accommodation, the official added.



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Mokkapati Prabhakara Rao

What a daring man with so many wives?. It is the high time to rationalize / link the data of marriages with Aadhar, which will eliminate second marri...



Alfa Dog

Hmmmmm that''s why he was in financial storm, Even millionaire can''t afford to have seven wife''s now a days



vinay chandwalker1 hours ago

He should have mastered art of living, managing 7 wives with zero balance amazing...



ajoy saraf1 hours ago

He must be having insurance so seven Wife came into picture to claim money.



FrancisDubai45 minutes ago

Record breaker hindu Mulla.



NealNoida23 minutes ago

driver ...with 7 wife and bank balance 0....one wife with 0 balance no one can handle...he should have written a book ..how to handle 7 wives with no balance...



JQ1 hours ago

downfall of economy is the reason of his suicide, before he was managing all 7 wife''s...LOL



Suddhasatya1 hours ago

what a juggler, kee 7 satisfied women until his very last.



Prabhat32 minutes ago

A king without a penny.



Chand1 hours ago

He had to commit suicide so as to maintain so many wives.This case should not be treated seriously and may be disposed off.



Rajeev Jayaram1 hours ago

we need a national register for marriages also



Elahi1 minutes ago

Plan for marriages link with adhar.....let see how many wives for one man and husbands for one women come out.



Mitu15 minutes ago

7 Wives.. no wonder he killed himself..!!



Shankarnarayan SarmaGhaziabad(UP)31 minutes ago

Unmanageable financial crunch he committed suicide. Maintenance of one wife is very difficult but how he managed seven.,



A49 minutes ago

7 wives ? Before reading the complete article I thought it was a Pi$$ful case of Polygamy.




Perin Subra1 hours ago

Women fell prey to his tricks; Must insist on registration with two witnesses, giving personal data like Aadhaar;also declare NOT married so far etc Catch thief and punish severely please 1



Reader M1 hours ago

The man maintained low profile? and did not have had many friends? Seems like a fiction got converted to true event.



Keysman K1 hours ago

What a farce



Common Man1 hours ago

Poor man...


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