Indian students will be allowed to stay in UK for two years after graduating



LONDON: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the return of the two-year post-study work visa for international students in a move that will impact thousands of Indian students.


The new immigration route announced on Wednesday will mean Indian graduates in any subject will once again be able to stay in the UK for two years to find work after they graduate. Currently, most international students reading bachelor’s and master’s degrees can stay and work for only four months and those at 27 universities on a pilot scheme get six months.



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Hardik Agrawal•Liverpool•4 hours ago •Follow

This rule should also be applied for students going in the 2019-20 intake, it would be really unfair for them.

这政策也应适用于2019- 2020年入学的学生,否则对他们来说真的很不公平。


Sai teja•India•5 hours ago

Are students starting their course in September 2019 eligible for this



eric houston•11 hours ago

UK citizen watch out it will smell like curry one cow Indians get in



eric houston•11 hours ago

if India is so good that why are Indians want to stay in UK .. UK will regret later letting idol worshiper come to their land



Vinay•Uttar Pradesh•16 hours ago

Why does the heading say “Indian students” when it’s applicable to all countries?



NSRINIVAS•21 hours ago

Will it benefit the students who got admissions in Jan 2019, Apr 2019, Sep 2019.,Or is it the Jan 2020 intake, the First batch to get this benefit of 2 year work visa.


Rikin Shah•Mumbai•1 day ago

They too know how talented Indian students are and what benefits they can give to them wrt technology.



God•Unknown•1 day ago

I studied in UK at Kings, and honestly the job market over there is horrible. I should have went to Canada instead. Irregardless, I am finally back home in India and with my own company set up, make just about the same amount of money, yet I live a much more comfortable and lavish life than I ever could have over there, even in the long term. Stay in India, find your own way and head to the top of the ladder. Best wishes.



Anil Thakur•Unknown•1 day ago

Indians would be foolish to suck up to this yesteryears country ..



partha_basu•1 day ago

Don’t go to UK for studies. Waste of your money, instead go to USA, Canada or Australia



SUBRATA•1 day ago

Done the right thing for your nation. Best brains go there from our poor country. You will try to check their quality for another 2 years - then if required keep them with you.



Cheran Musi•1 day ago

2 years post study work will not help any way. You will get struck after the this period. After two years you have to come back if don''t have sponsored employment offer.



Ashwani Kumar•Unknown•1 day ago

UK was losing Indian students. Now this is a welcome change and will help in attracting Indian students to UK.



Azaad•1 day ago

Don''t waste money. It''s very expensive, limited job opportunities. Better study in India



Maverick•Phagwara•1 day ago

Brain drain



Sriharsha Koppunur•1 day ago

Every nation wants indians. They get business as well as talent at same time



Jaya•1 day ago

good for our students. Happy that they can now work for two years after completion of their courses. I think this will make UK an attractive place to study as earlier students preferred studying in the U.S. for the same reason. this is good for Indian parents because courses in the US are far cheaper than the US colleges.



Prabakaran Rao•1 day ago

Be aware. They want to use you as cheap labour and exploit you. Parents please don''t fall into this trap.



Rewarding•1 day ago

Go to hell UK...



Vishal•1 day ago

Bring UK students to India


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