Why India is so bad at innovation?



Abhay Agrawal, Software Engineer at Volvo Cars

India is bad at innovation. Indians aren't. Reason why India fare so badly at innovation are multiple.


1.Brain drain: All good brains from India prefer to move US or other big countries. One of my good friends who did PhD from US when he returned back to India found his knowledge is useless. He worked as lecturer for 1 year in ISM dhanbad and later returned back to US. He wanted to study further and continue with his research.

2.Less investment in R&D in India. Govt spend less than 1 percentage GDP on R&D.

3.Lack of motivation within family. Most of the people are sole bread earner and are forced to be laborious then innovative.

4.Companies in India are not innovation oriented. Most Indian companies are profit oriented. They don't allocate good money for carrying R&D activities.





5.Education system. Less not talk about Indian education. Beside IITs and few NITs other college imparts bookish education and focus very minimal in imparting quality education. Lack of good professor.

6.English language- It's well known that people are more productive when they use Mother tongue instead of foreign language. So from beginning we are trained not to be scientist but clerks.

7.Risk bearing attitude: We are not raised to take big risks in our life.

8.Bad media, social sites bad usage are making people dumb.But this is everywhere.

9.Bad and corrupt politics.

10.Complex documentation for startups

Again I repeat, Indians are innovative. Cities like Bangalore to some extent has create pathway for innovation, but sooner it will spread to other cities as well. India is moving towards finance growth and middle class population is rising. If govt allocate better budget for R& D sectors, focus more on innovation and try to bring back good brains who moved out of India, country can shine.

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Nisankh Acharjya, Opensource Developer (2004-present)

People do answer about movies , examples etc etc

But my experience says it just because INDIAN MENTALITY

i have experienced almost 99.9% indian students mentality is easy give up.. when they don’t know what to do they just do give up

like every student is running after job in india .. their career theory for being successful means A JOB , A HOUSE , A GIRLFRIEND ( IF FOREIGNER THAN MORE SUCCESSFUL ) and maximum level of success measured in india by this IS HE OR SHE OWNS A JAGUAR , Mercedes CAR etc thats it

next reason why india is so bad in innovation because In india there is no importance in innovative study through research .. maximum innovation ( a less amount ) done by indians do took place in foreign universities or labs not in india

next Indian society and education system never accept a failure or this society and education system has no place for failure .. i have read somewhere IF LAW CAN’T FORGIVE THAN ITS NOT LAW and IF EDUCATION CAN’T ACCEPT FAILURE THAN IT’S NOT EDUCATION . indian education never allow a person to be failed

so may be few indians do innovation but that because they are NOT LIVING IN INDIA ..









Krishna Yogi, works at Microsoft

I think most people here are probably not entrepreneurs and only are taking guesses without actually doing deep dives into the real issues.

I have been an entrepreneur and have done couple of startups myself and routinely do deep dive research on world economy.

Now, one of biggest reason why India is so slow on innovation is lack of regulatory approval for any new technology. Indian govt doesn't bother much about the upcoming technologies like say cryptocurrency or drones and much more. They pay lip service to innovation but don't really do any thing to support innovation.

Indian govt officials are some of most arrogant people on the earth who like to control as much as possible so as to consolidate their power. Regulation is always been a tool of power consolidation.

India ranks 130th of economic freedom as they actively put in huge regulatory blocks for entrepreneurs.

Indians on the other hand have excelled extremely well in developed countries ?? How is this possible if Indian parenting is restrictive.








Neela Nivi, studied at Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering (2017)

May be because most of us help big multinationals to achieve their innovations.

Innovative ideas are drained out by caste based reservations,co ption and the dirty politics which lurks in every possible corner in our country.

On the other hand education department still strives to find great techniques which can foster innovation.

The experimental projects must be given more weight-age than the theory papers in technical studies.

We are the country with the largest number of engineers graduating every year.If every student chooses engineering by passion definitely there wouldn’t be a shortage in innovation.







Akshay Datir, lives in India

My answer is in terms of Mechanical Engineers.

Most of the Indians don't understand innovation. Understanding people then innovating is never taught in India.

India has a lot of service centre jobs in the mechanical industry (Don’t want to name any). And the funniest thing which can only be seen in India is a mechanical engineer who has never held a vernier calliper in his hand designs stuff and works on NPD projects.

Most of the students have dreams of working in such companies as there are a lot of onsite opportunities but what they are missing is the knowledge, expertise they need for the future.






Jd Neog

Because of the same old education policy…They are not led to their interest…suppose you have a deep interest in painting… But what you are forcing to do was a doctor or a teacher or whatever it may be… If he has given a chance for 2–3 years to develop his logic or allow him to see the world as a view of a painter he might have created some extraordinary work and it applies to the other field also.

It is the time for revolution in education. .So don't just study the book,study yourself in which zone you are strong of and in which way you want to live your life.

Take chances when you are young,so that you can tell stories when you will be Old





Sanjay Krish, Assistant Professor at SRM Valliammai Engineering College, Kattankulathur (2015-present)

Education is simply bad. Teaching is paid low wage in India (except IIT’s and top private colleges which account for less than 10% of institutions) so all the last set of unemployed people join teaching making it worse. AICTE, UGC,NBA all go nment bodies are heavily corrupted. All university VC, registrar and teaching post in govt colleges are though bribe. one who bids highest is given Vice Chancellor VC post. So all young minds are getting rotten and so India can never ever innovate. India is in deep hole of co ption bribing which plagues the education sector making innovation out of question.



Anil Gupta, Investor, Explorer, Researcher and IT Professional at Free Lancing (2011-present)

Good question.

There could be a number of challenges in India for innovation — and it may vary on individual perception. Here are mine:



1.We Indian, do not accept or respect failures — Innovation is not all about success. It is about keep trying till you get success. And it could be a long, long journey. The leader and team needs continuous motivation and encouragement in this journey. They don’t receive that sort of acceptance or respect from the society during this journey a lot of times.

2.A large number of times, we look for Quick results, low hanging fruits— Good and deep rooted innovation needs time, patience and constant hardwork. It is not about finding quick success and low hanging fruits, and getting some instant limelight

3.Cheating is very common, that at times leads to erosion of trust — Innovation building needs funds. Innovators may not have funds so they have to go to the people who do have funds. Now, again 90–10 rule applies. 10% of these people may be genuine, but 90% of these people don’t approach with right intentions — somewhere cheating thoughts are going on in the back of their mind. How can investors trust the right people in such an environment

4.Innovation needs strong collaboration and mutual cooperation, at times, people would want to work in silos.

5.There are some secret sauce of success in innovation, the ecosystem, the environment, the talent, the desire, the fire, and so on..







Subrat Borgohain, studied at Salt Brook Academy, Dibrugarh

Look up figures for Indian patent applications per million people and compare it against say, the Korean figures. You’ll realise how innovative Indians are(pun intended). I don’t know why or how but India has always been jealous of China for a while now. And fact is, they are way better at innovating than us. Way better.

As for the why: Don’t listen to whatever stupid socio-economic reason others give you. Consider this: Have you ever heard of an Indian college student innovating something worthwhile? I’m sure you have. But how many cases do you come across in a year? Turn your heads to our neighbour and rival i.e China and you’ll be blown away. Also poverty doesn’t stop innovation. Haven’t you read rag to riches stories ever? My understanding is this: The reason Indians are not innovating is because they are the most unmotivated and laziest species you can find on the freaking globe. Welp, speak for myself.




Aakash Kamra, studied JEE Preparation

India is bad in innovation ,because of many reasons

1: Not so creative and innovative leaders

I am not saying modi is a bad leader , but still see the case of dubai and israel,They are on the top just because thier leaders are smart and innovative

2:Education system of India

Nothing needed to be said about this we all know about it very well

The schools and colleges just focuses on money

And the syllabus is also just theortical and old fashioned

3:Due to the mentality of the people

Actually indians themselves do not want any kind of innovations, they don’t want to innovate by themselves , and if any other person is doing something innovative ,they will interrupt for sure











Ram Dev

India is bad at innovations.Because the students in our country study education for Mark's and for sake of job .They simply follow other students and not by get knowing their interests .They simply by heart the books and crack exams they didn't learn deep subject and how could they innovate new things.

2.Indian jobs are given by simply considering the Mark's only and not by their external skills.

3.India is losing the knowledgeable students because they are no new companies and present best companies are owned by other countries.The people are interested in getting job in that companies and the innovations of our students are manipulated by other countries.




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