Is Indian culture decaying?




Aman Tanwar , Just Curious, IIT Alumni

Our culture is decaying because we as human beings are decaying.

Secondly, we are not valuing our own culture, instead we find honour in aping the west. The West itself is now started recognizing greatness our culture, and we are copying from them(and this has been going on from histories)! The attitude towards our culture should be changed.

To give some examples of greatness of our culture...

We gave the world zero, pythagoras theorem (a few to name in mathematics) , martial arts, clothing, ship building, Yog(not to forget)........ and many more.

West is now just 'rediscovering' what our vedic culture told us much earlier- gravitation, newton laws, astronomy, mathematics, atomic bomb.... to name a few.






Sheffield University, studying the behaviour of heavenly bodies and recording the sounds emitted by them, concluded that the sound “Om” is the sound that the sun gives out. Of course, they called it the sound  emitted from transverse pulling of the guitar string, but still no one  has ever conducted such a research.

There can be many examples like these to give. What we must understand is the power of our culture and heed back to it whose basis is KARMA, whose basis is doing Service and Charity selflessly. This is not to save our culture but our culture can save us.

(In past 200 years (when west's knowledge came to practice) no one had seen such pollution levels, emotional congestions, increase in diseases, grey haired youths. Like other previous civilisations it is facing dangers of its end, but our culture had been in existence for more than 5000 years with not so many problems like these......... see the difference!!!)



在过去的200年里(西方知识应用到实践中),没有人见过这样的污染程度、情感障碍、疾病高发、早生白发的年轻人。和之前的其他文明一样,它也面临着灭亡的危险,但我们的文化已经存在了5000多年,没有这么多这样的问题,这就是区别! ! !)


Shivansh Mehrotra

Well before the Britishers invaded India and exploited its resources. India was known as the golden bird which meant that it was self sufficient. India excelled in agricultural, trade and handicrafts amongst others. But when the Britishers came they saw that the caste system was quite prevalent and disunited the people. So they came up with the policy of divide and rule that proved to be a master stroke for them and it was here that the disharmony amongst religions and castes became noticeable. It was a huge set back for whole country. The Britishers thought that was their best chance to capture India and so they did and we became the "gulams" or sl ves.

Slowly the rulers started to nurture their culture in our country then they started several new projects of transport and industrialization for turning the raw material into finished goods as well as for import and export, time passed by and India became independent in 1947 and slowly India fought her way through several other problems that it had to face after getting independence. Industrialization was still in its early stages and most of the people still survived on agriculture.

In 1990s India declared the LPG reforms, (Liberalisation, privatisation and Globalisation) which basically meant any one from outside India could come here and set up his business. This improved employment situation in the country at the same time expanded consumption options. This proved to be a boon as it also led to technological advancement. The influence of the western soft power was noticeable but still the essence of the Indian culture remained the same. It is in our architecture, food, tradition dresses and even in our art and music.




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Yes the coming of technology might had overshadowed these things but there is another dimension to it that with technology and social media coming in, many art form and dance forms are also getting revived so, I would like to conclude just by this that the Indian culture is still very prevalent and it is not decaying. One might feel like it is getting overshadowed under new technology and social media but the fact of the matter is that you cannot detach yourself from your default nature just like that you cannot seperate yourself from your culture because this is inherent in you since childhood. Our culture is displayed even in the littlest of things around us, we just need to pay attention for it to come into the big picture.



Ankit Chordia, Business owner

I would say yes. We have started dressing up, eating, working and behaving in a more western way. Our lifestyles are completely westernized. But I am not against that. I believe it makes India progressive and aids in our development and positively impacts globalization. My only problem is with three things:


1.Even traditional occasions like marriages and festivals are falling prey to western traditions. Though westermization is welcome in every other frame of life, I feel like it should be avoided during marriages and festivals. Thats when we should try embracing our culture to the fullest and keep in touch with our roots. Its not too much to ask. It is only one or two days in a year at max.

2.Women who wear sarees and other traditional clothing are looked down upon by those who wear western clothes. Especially at restaurants and malls, etc in the big cities. Even men who wear kurtas are not very welcome at any place. They are made to feel out of place and old fashioned. We talk about being accepting about any type of clothing. We don't realize that we are becoming less accepting of traditional Indian clothing. People who embrace it in daily life are somehow “uncool”. How about we accept ALL types of clothes?

3.Speaking English is viewed as fashionable. While speaking hindi and other local languages is considered weird and not welcome in urban India. I know urban India is cosmopolitan, and hence english is the only common language. But there is nothing wrong for example, in wanting people to know hindi in the north, even if they were from the south. Look at countries like Italy, France, Spain, etc. They expect even tourists to know their language. They speak english only as a last resort, and a majority of their population doesn't even speak fluent english. Yet they are developed and doing extremely well. Thats why I respect people from Delhi, Kerala and Tamil nadu when it comes to this issue. Extremely proud of their culture inspite of being developed and educated, and are unapologetic about it.

This is only my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone.






Rijul Bajaj, Product Development Associate at Think and Learn Pvt.Ltd. (2016-present)

I don't think any culture ever decays. It just transform from its old version to new with the people.

This world is a big churn whatever good or bad comes out of it people picks it, depending on their comforts and surroundings.

If by decaying of culture any one means that we should keep things the way they were earlier then I think someone is wrong here because you cannot hold old practices and traditions forever. You evolve with them.

You cannot wear your traditional clothes daily and go out and work for some MNC. No one is stopping you from practising your traditions and culture but think about it say your company for which you are working has people from different nations with different cultures and traditions and if everyone feels like wearing their traditional attire daily I think it would be a fairly weird place to work.

And those who feel that getting modern and by accepting other cultures decay our own, think about this again that if Indian culture is so rich it is because of its ability to intermix with other cultures and tradition not by opposing them.







Vaibhav Kadam, lives in India

The culture of India is one of the oldest and unique. In India, there is amazing cultural diversity throughout the country. The South, North, and Northeast have their own distinct cultures and almost every state has carved out its own cultural niche. There is hardly any culture in the world that is as varied and unique as India. India is home to some of the most ancient civilisations

Indian culture is rich and diverse and as a result unique in its very own way. Our manners, way of communicating with one another, etc are one of the important components of our culture.



1.PUBS : I’m seeing my friend asking me to come to PUB, Night Outs and wandering around.

2.DATING: Indian culture is really very rich if we do observe 80′s and 90′s we will have kind of idea that richness in culture have lost nowadays in western trends. Dating is one of the way to get laid easily without having many kind of clues.

3.Dressing : Many of us do often dress saree only on traditional days , Ganpati Ustav and or on many kind of festivals. Else we have adopted Western trends.

4.Language : Many of girls I’m seeing are used to talk in English with Auto Driver. I mean it doesn’t make any kind of sense. Adopting English is really very good thing but not with rikshawalas.

5.Diversity : While talking about culture, apart from natural India have diversity in religion which is spoiling nowadays . People are tending to spoil the peace which is really bad thing.

6.Respect: “ I shall give respect to my parents,teachers and all elders" this is what a sentence in our pledge which we have forgotten.

7.Atithi devo bhava : Atithi devo bhava (Guests are gods) is what one of the slogan is Indian Culture which is not followed by us at all.

8.ANY OF US HAVING WISDOM CAN WRITE 100 s of pages on this topic,

Its who we young people can survive our Indian Culture :). Dhanyawad











Aarsh Chokshi, im just a thinker, i like thinking

No, indian culture itself is not decaying. Our culture is ever growing.

The main problem is people have forgot the culture, and the main problem for that is people are not exposed to the culture, people donot know whats what in our culture.

Beauty of our culture is unknown threfore we are being attracted towards western culture. Treasure of knowledge which used to pass thorugh generations in ancient times, is not passing now.





Divyanth Jayaraj, UI Developer, Lone Wonderer

No, Indian culture is not 'decaying'. Like all cultures in the world, Indian culture is evolving.

When cultures come in contact with other cultures, they pick their best aspects and reject the bad aspects. That's how cultures survive. Those who resist change or evolution, eventually die.




Ramaswamy Subramanian, Enrich your thoughts, and live a life of your own.

Every culture will keep changing. Culture cannot be standardised to say, whether it is improving, changing or decaying. There is no uniformity in Indian culture, to ascertain its moving trend. Village culture is different from city culture, North-east culture is different from south-east culture. Every region follow there own culture. If the living condition improves, we can say that the culture is also improving, and vice versa. But somewhere it improves, in some places it remains static, and in other place, the situation may be bad.

If marriage is taken as an indication of a given culture, it differs from one culture to the other. The age factor, ritual factor, the way of selection of brides and grooms etc., will all differ from one community to the other. Some will opt for love marriage and others may accept, marriages arranged by parents. Each custom will have its own merits and demerits. Every religion, region and the immediate social set-up, will also dictate their rules and regulations on it. Similarly every activity of mankind, from dressing to food, places of worship, way of worship, its timing and style, will all differ. The same people will adopt different style of living in different places, to suit the immediate surrounding.

Changes do happen in all society, but it need not be taken as good or bad, but are just changes, generally for betterment.





Ishan Dubey, Student

In my view yes,India’s ancient culture is decaying.No,one is decaying our culture.We Indians ourselves are responsible for it.Now a days our youth is attracting towards foreign culture.They are fond of western culture,they are addicted to drugs,the sense of solidarity is depleting and many more….The only remedy for this is the compulsory teaching of Holy Bhagwad Geeta,Ramayan in schools and at home.


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