为什么21世纪的印度文化还如此落后? 嫁妆制度,强奸问题...

Why is India culture so backward even in the 21st century? Be it case of dowry, rapes and most importantly putting LGBT sex to illegal?

为什么21世纪的印度文化还如此落后? 嫁妆制度,强奸问题,最为严重的是把LGBT性行为定为非法?




Sayani Nandy, Campus Ambassador at Popxo


Few days back one of my cousins of ninth standard was so upset. I asked her the reason behind this . Her parents were strict enough and not so friendly . But she could discuss everything with me quite freely so I asked her about it . Then I got to know abour her issues which is quite natural in this age. She had a lot of questions about her relationship with her boyfriend and like millions of teenage students, didn’t quite know whom to ask. It was awkward to raise the questions in her family as it is not in our norms.


The questions ranged from changing bodies to handling the relationship. This is what happens due to the lack of sex education in our country . In India people can have sex but they can't speak about it. This is a social taboo and parents also train us to not speak about it in public which can be the reason of anxety , depression of many .


We should accept this issue and teach our new generation to accept it quite normally. Young boys and girls should be allowed to speak about it to their elders without hesitation so that we can prevent them from taking any wrong step in their future. This should not be a taboo. This is not an education to start from our school but from our family.

Now this is something real I have come across Sex Education In India- A Taboo .

Hope you got the points. Now let us do something good for our future generation prevent this social taboo from exploiting young minds .






Sabarish Vadarevu, lived in India


Because a lot of people base their identity in that backward culture. It is quite common for Indians, particularly middle-aged ones, to believe that Indian traditions are the greatest in the world. Or that the epic literary works are books of science- the most disappointing part is that even some accomplished researchers believe that is the case. And all of these people want to retain this culture.


The problem I see is, people think that ideas of civil liberties and equality are somehow owned by "the west". And they think that adopting these basic principles is the same as acknowledging that "the west" is superior to India. Given that western Europe and USA are quite far ahead in terms of GDP and scientific research, culture is the all they have to make themselves feel better. And they point to the adoption of yoga and other spiritual teachings from India in USA to say, "See, they know we had it all right. We need to embrace this too."



Nikunj Kulshreshtha, Media Spokesperson at Delhi University Students Union (2017-present)

尼昆吉库尔什雷沙,德里大学,学生会媒体发言人(2017年 -- 至今)

Indian Culture is backward because of systemic hindrances in our society which prevent any new though from growing. A common phrase which is the reason for corruption, incest rapes and unaccountability is “You should never question your elders, because they always think what is best for you”, “It is rude and offensive to question your elders because they have more life experience than you”. All these statements leads us to not question or correct anything we feel is wrong with our society, parenting systems etc.

印度文化之所以落后,是因为社会存在体制障碍,阻碍了任何新事物的发展。导致腐败、乱伦强奸和专制的原因,归结于一句常见的话:“你不能质疑你的长辈,他们都是为了你好。” “你不能质疑长辈,因为他们比你有更丰富的生活经验。”所有这些导致我们不再去质疑或纠正社会、家庭教育系统等方面的错误,即使我们发现其中有问题。

We often ask what is the reason for the excessive rapes happening in the country and why are women harassed day in and out? Patriarchy is the not the culprit alone. One thing is which we have ignored or forgotten which is prime reason for all this harassment culture. “Bollywood films” For over half a century the only way to procure a woman`s approval/ affection is to stalk, harass her till she gives in as preached by our lovely stars from Bolly.God forbid if she still doesn`t budge forcibly kiss her or the worst of all, rape her and she will eventually fall in love with you(Raja ki aayegi baraat). We worship some of these actors so much that no matter how messed up they are in real life, we will forgive their actions (Salman Khan has a history of assaulting his girlfriends, he has been convicted in two serious offences by trial courts). Women have become caretakers of screwed up men.

我们常常会问,为什么这个国家会发生如此多的强奸案,为什么女性每天都被骚扰?父权制并不是唯一的罪魁祸首。导致这些骚扰文化的主要原因,是一个已经被大家忽视或遗忘的问题,“宝莱坞电影”。半个多世纪以来,获得女性认可/青睐的唯一途径就是跟踪、骚扰她,直到她屈服为止,就像我们可爱的宝莱坞明星所宣扬的那样。如果她还不屈服,就强吻她,或者下下策,强奸她,她最终会爱上你的(参考电影:Raja ki aayegi baraat)。我们是如此崇拜这些演员,以至于无论他们在现实生活中有多糟糕,我们都会原谅他们的行为(萨尔曼汗有殴打女友的历史,他曾两次被法庭判定犯有严重罪行)。女人已经成为坏男人的挡箭牌。

This patriarchal culture hurts men a lot. Those Rohtak sisters incident accused three men were acquitted in the end but their lives have been ruined. Men often suffer all through their lives with depression due to suffering domestic abuse as children, suffer from post traumatic stress disorder etc. If woman cries on the street she will have 100 sympathisers, there are numerous organisations, laws to help them. but if a man does the same he will be ridiculed and mocked to the extent that he may commit suicide. Even after that people will consider him weak.


Ours politicians keep such incentives that people want to remain backward so as to entitle benefits which they do not need, such is the systemic loss in acquiring things by merit has diminished. Nobody believes in acquiring merit and getting something, our society values success not how you get it. You may be a home-wrecker but you manage to land a millionaire you are super cool as an actress. Even today the second question after asking a person`s name is what is your caste or lineage? Every action of our lives is dictated by a religious book which has not been updated nor has a mechanism for updation since centuries. The language in it can only be understood by people who devote their lives in understanding it and misuse this power to satisfy their selfish needs. We forget as humans, that religion needs humans to grow, not the other way round. Believe in virtues, not in theology. Menstruating women are considered untouchable and not allowed in temples but our society judges and shuns women who cannot bear children, What an irony.


Our education system focuses on rote memorisation aka follower-ship rather than analytical, critical or creative thinking. Thus when we grow up as adults, we resist and nip in the bud anything that tries to changes our archaic thinking because it takes great courage to be vulnerable, humble and unlearn and relearn new practises.


India is not the greatest country in the world but I firmly believe that it has all the capabilities to be one someday.


P. S.- This answer may sound quite negative but couldn't help it considering the question. Indian culture has some wonderful things too, now reserved for another question.



Murari Das, Friend of the late Richard Thompson


India is a densely populated country with a culture that goes back thousands of years, largely unchanged. Not just a few hundred years like many newer countries.


Think of her as a super-tanker on the ocean. The turning circle of a huge ship is up to 3 kilometers. You simply cannot swing around and go in another direction like a small boat. It takes a lot of time, even if you swing the wheel hard to starboard or port, and with such a massive population free to retain their cherished beliefs, it can only be done a few degrees at a time.


This is not such a bad thing, as not all change is necessarily good in the long run, and it’s helpful to see what happens in other countries as they change, and be aware ahead of time of what problems may come up.


I know this answer doesn’t deal directly with dowry, rape, and Lgbt issues, but they are part of the whole culture, and I wouldn’t expect rapid change for the above reasons. When mainstream media and entertainment (films especially) vigorously promote a more progressive culture, the change will be quicker, as younger voters will imbibe these views, and that will produce politicians that support their more progressive views and change or introduce laws that reflect them.



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