What impresses you most about indian culture?



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Nagarajan Srinivas, No less proud or less patriotic than any other Indian ;)

What do you like the most about Indian culture?


A little over an year back, I had answered a similar question, and I reproduce relevant excerpts from that answer as I find it is very apt to this query too. (Simply providing a link to that answer must be the correct way, but from my experience I find most people do no care to read the contents of any links. Merging the questions may take away the subtle differences in the intents of these queries)


In my oion it must be an accommodative spirit and an ability to assimilate.


Despite being one of the oldest civilizations of the world dating back to thousands of years, India has managed to retain her cultural mooring almost intact, while many other comparable civilizations or cultures have either totally vanished from the face of the earth or at least lost their identity beyond recognition. This could not have been possible without the twin virtues of accommodation and assimilation.


From time immemorial Indian subcontinent has accommodated and assimilated diverse strands of philosophies and different races of people, and has managed to turn each one of them into an integral part of the same Indian consciousness or ethos. Apart from the various schools of Hinduism including atheism and hedonism, India had welcomed and embraced many other re gious beliefs like Jainism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism,Is m, Sikhism, and Chr tianity, and woven them into the fabric of Indian cultural mosaic. Despite having such a diversity of regions and a profusion of languages India has managed to infuse a sense of belonging into each of these re gions/regions/cultures or linguistic groups, without either obliterating them or letting them over run the basic Indian spirit. Thus we have Indian mus ms or Indian chr tians, but not a Mus m India or a Chr tian India. We have Indian Tamils, Indian Maharashtrians and Indian Bengalis, but not a Tamil India,Maratha India or a Bangla India. India has thus managed to be more than just a sum of all parts and it is this core inclusivism and this is what I like the most about Indian culture.



Karen Ma

Karen Ma, Journalist/writer based 5 plus years in India, wre many pieces about India.

To me, I'm most impressed with how many Indians are able to maintain a sense of grace and peacefulness with life, and they don't place money as their number one priority in life.  Instead, they have a richer, healthier spiritual life, which seems to make them a lot happier than many I've come across.


During my five years stay in India, I met a lot of people, including many who were very poor.  And even though some of them would beg for money, they had a certain gracefulness about them, especially the women.   Also, I met people who rather take time off to attend a ceremony at a temple, instead of pushing for more work hours so they could make more money.  Or rush out to negotiate a business deal.  Of course there were also those who are corrupt or love money.   Still, my sense is that many more people place re gion and family at a much higher place than money.    This is a very refreshing surprise to me, especially coming from .


In , many now are only focused on one thing and one thing only, and that's making money, to the exclusion of raising kids and attending the needs of ailing parents, or kee peace with other family members, etc.  Money is seen as the only God there is that people would drive their parents out of the house in order to secure more money.  In the rural parts of , there're so many of the so-called left-behind kids because parents, lured by the promise of money, leave them behind, sometimes with relatives, sometimes without, and these kids often get into serious trouble, being taken advantage of, or even get murdered.    used to honor family above all else, but what has happened now? It seems many of us have lost our moral compass.   I know this is a stage, that many are going through a strange stage, not having had the opportunities to make money before or to live a better life.  Yet in the absence of any fa th and ideological guidance, so many people are lost.


may be getting richer, but at what cost? We seem to have lost so much more in the process.



Awdhesh Singh, Director AwdheshAcademy.com, Author & Speaker, IITIan, IRS

The greatest thing about Indian culture is its ability of synthesis.


Indians are great in assimilating different cultures and values almost effortlessly.


You can find all the cultures of world present in India.


You can still find millions of women who are living under veils (ghughat) and totally dependent on their parents and husbands.


You can also find women heading top companies, becoming Chief Ministers and even Prime Minister of India.


You can find people following thousands of year old rituals during birth, marriage and death ceremony.


You can also find people following no rituals and going for courts marriages with the approval of their re gious parents and traditional society.


You can find extreme casteism and communalism in Indian society.


You can also find the same Indians voting for Gandhi family which had so much of interming of Hindu, Chr tian (including Italian) and Parsi blood that no one knows the caste and re gion of this family.


You can find re gion playing such a critical role in ions and social interactions; and yet three (Mus m) Khans ruling the Bollywood for almost three decades.


India is a country which gives you an opportunity to be yourself and live your life in your way.


You are respected if you follow all the traditions.


You are respected if you break all the traditions.


You can’t define Indian-ness as Indians have no defined identity.


They are malleable like gold and free flowing like the water of Ganges.


Their flebility provides them immense capacity to mould into any situation, any cultures just like water can change its shape to fit into any vessel.



Shailendra Kumar, I have no special TALENT. I am only passionately CURIOUS...!

Manners and the way of communicating with one another are very essential components of the Indian culture. Even though India has taken modern means of living, developed their lifestyles, changed the way of clothing, the way of eating.



Indian tradition is rich in values and disciples that rise above by generations automatically. Here is a custom to respect elders and touch their feet as to request their blessings.



Indians all over the world are known for their hospitality and high level of patience. An Indians value is all about living life with a passion and observing the fa th that there is one god esting even with so many re gions.




There are a lot of things which are super and are nowhere but in Indian Culture.


The best thing is respecting elders.


Respect is the best thing in indian culture where you'll understand the true value of Indian Culture.



1. GrandDaughter respecting here grandpa



2. Respect in function



3. Respecting mother



4. The Prime Minister is no Different





Sandy Praharsha, Medical Doctor with Interest in Global Health

My perspective is somewhat different. The term "Indian Culture" is very vague and obscure. India has around 22 offi al languages and some thousands more unoffi al languages and they're different in every sense of the word, bet it the script, language,grammer etc. Hence, each state has it's own identity,culture,tradition and so forth.


What surprises me the most is that there are certain traits among us which are quintessentially Indian.


1. Re gion: Indians take their re gion seriously and at the same time, tolerant of other re gions as well.


2. Food: Indians love their food. Indian cuisine, just like it's culture, it varies from each state and it's zing. No wonder the cuisine is world renowned.


3. Movies: Indians love their movies, and Bollywood doesn't represent the entire country. There are a lot of regional film Industries and India and some of them give Bollywood a run for it's money.


4. Weddings: If there is one thing Indians love to splurge money on, It's the wedding. The food,culture, rituals differ again between each state, but the extravaganza and the flamboyance is the same.


5. Cricket: It's a cricket obsessed country. The good part is, the craze mellowed down recently and the popularity for other sports like soccer,Badminton,Kabaddi etc are rising.


6. Family: Indians give importance to family bonds and values seriously. Infact, it's so serious that it sometimes leads to Honour killings.


7. Are you a doctor/Engineer(IT)/IAS: These are the most popular career routes Indians are obsessed about. Although new fields are pop up recently, we've a long way to go.


8. Girl: I want to marry an NRI, settle down Abroad

Guy: Hey, where is the Dowry?

Thankfully, this shit's changing these days and the young generation is into dating apps.




9. Caste: Well, need we say more?


10. Bargaining: No one can beat us on this.


11.Fairness creams/Fair skin obsession:Models/Actors/Handsome/Beautiful= Fair skin

Well, there's a lot more, but these are some of the common  things one would find in India.




Soham Bansal, I am a proud Indian

The zing thing about Indian culture is that it is a melting of different cultures! Let me share with you some examples:



This is Indian culture



This is Indian culture as well





This is also Indian culture too….




Surajit Roy

Surajit Roy, Indian, traveller, thinker, engineer...

Originally Answered: What is the most zing thing about Indian culture?


I think it is the near-infinite patience Indians have (as a nation)! We will withstand years and years of co ption, horrible go nments, policy paralysis, a mute PM etc. but we will never lose our patience!


Have you ever seen Indians coming out and demonstrating en masse for a cause (not led or instigated by a po itical )? The only non-po itical demonstration I have seen in my entire life was the silent marches that happened after 26/11 and after the Nirbhaya in dent.



Mahesh Kt, ex-Indian Air Force

Originally Answered: What do you like the most about Indian culture?


The Indian culture stands on 3 great pillars - festivals and festivities all round the seasons of the year depicting Ananda (Bliss & Joy), worship of all beings animate and in-animate like stone images, cow, tree, snake etc depicting Chitta (Love & Devotion), joint family sy em depicting Ichha (Will) and Dharma ( Sat- Spiritualism in life) .



Mithrej Mithu

Mithrej Mithu, MBA from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad (2019)

Originally Answered: What is fascinating about Indian culture?


-Respect to elders


-Worship nature (even Sun, Moon, etc.)


-Arranged marriages are high, Divorce cases are low compared to west.


-Lot of festivals ranging from Diwali to Christmas as you can see people from many re gions here. Majority being Hindus


-Varities of cuisine from Tandoori to Vegetarian


-Importance to family members. You can even find 15 people living in a house



Tanvi Billawaria

Tanvi Billawaria, pursuing M.B.B.S at G.M.C Jammu



This appears to be just a simple everyday word. It is used so frequently in context to our country that we seldom think deep about it.


I mean just imagine. The moment you imagine a particular state of our country, something comes in your mind. Maybe a person in ethnic clothes or some food or some jewellery. Isn't that zing? And how distinct one thing is from the other. There is even an aroma attached to a culture( I don't know if this is stupid. But I do get it)


Indian culture like any culture is deep. But the most beautiful part is that it encompasses so many subcultures in it. That is truly zing.



Cheryl Cross, Visitor to India, 10+years creating art that comments on human behaviour

I find the combination of acceptance of the way life goes and the Indian resourceful and inquisitive attitude incredibly impressive. For me these seemingly opposites actually mesh to create the distinct 'only in India' stand out cultural style that is of course topped off with their readiness to share a smile.



Zora Vasulinova, knowing myself and the humankind better by comparing Indian culture with mine

The current crazy pace of the changes it tries to take in from other cultures. It is incredibly dynamic to my sight.


Especially the young generation is well connected to outside world and don't seem to see borders as an issue in getting to know how are things elsewhere.



Hithesh Haridas, B.Math from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore (2020)

Originally Answered: What do you like the most about Indian culture?


Hospitality, especially by elder women.


Give them a slight hint (unintentionally) that you are hungry or tired and they’ll rush to the cupboard or kitchen without your consent.



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