India targets to triple exports to $1 trillion in next 5 years



NEW DELHI: India wants to more than triple its annual exports to $1 trillion in the next five years, an exacting target given slowing global growth and escalating trade tensions.


Achieving that export goal is key to making India a $5 trillion economy, commerce minister Piyush Goyal said on Thursday. The South Asian nation’s exports totaled $330 billion in the year ended March, in comparison to ’s $2.6 trillion in 2018.


The daunting nature of the target becomes clear when you review India’s trade performance in the previous five years -- it managed to grow its exports by a meager $16 billion during that period.


“Hitting $1 trillion will be very difficult unless India finds some large oil fields,” said Rahul Bajoria, a senior economist with Barclays Bank in Singapore. “If you include both goods and services it can be done but you need to be gaining market share.”

巴克莱银行驻新加坡资深经济学家Rahul Bajoria称:"除非印度发现一些大型油田,否则要达到1万亿美元的出口规模将非常困难。如果将商品和服务计算在内,这个目标是可以实现的。”

Goyal didn’t specify whether he was talking only about goods exports. India’s overall exports, including services, were at $535 billion last year.



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Can we export Modi,Shah and Sitaraman - the Dumb,Dumber and the Dumbest?



Aishvaraya•3 hours ago

you can target anything.. there's no problem with that... Modi targeted Make in India, skill India, clean India, digital india, demonetization, gst, 5 trillion dollar economy... all of them failed...so keep targeting... we all know the economy is running at 100 mph in reverse direction



Gvrs•4 hours ago

Not possible in Feku ChaCha's regime due to outdated economic policies.....



Basant•5 hours ago

South Asia should match in exports.



Alfa Dog•SKYFALL•8 hours ago

This Government is just Barking at Moon



Common Man•Unknown•8 hours ago

Government making such a big statement when actually export has fallen significantly.



Common Man•Unknown•8 hours ago

It doesn’t cost anything to dream big. By talking big you can impress bhakts not the importer who is importing your good.



Dreet•9 hours ago

Employment is lowest in Forty five years



Dreet•9 hours ago

Its easier said than done.Have you seen the plight of the middle class family and the Auto Industry in India



Amit•10 hours ago

Modi 1 planned to make India export to 500 bn $ IN 2014 which got reduce to 275 bn $ in 2018 from 335 bn $ in 2014. India export decline during Modi regime when global growth was strong now the world over slowdown and we dream bug again. I wish India should achieve 1 trn $ export by 2024 but we should also keep in mind that we would not make it reduce to what we achieve the highest export in 2014 as generally we saw under Modi era. planned and speak big and not able to maintain what we have in hand now.


Harsh• Amit Jain•7 hours ago

are you pramoter of fales data, 2018 export was 372 billions....and 2014 export was 312 bollion.

你是在捏造假数据吗? 2018年出口额为3720亿美元,2014年出口额为3120亿美元。


Maneesh Ramanadham•11 hours ago

I see that, this government has big ambitions, but no does no supporting policy interventions to make these ambitions achievable. With falling consumption, no directed policy push towards export oriented industries, and global trade wars, this objective will be another pipe dream!



Vande Matram•Earth•14 hours ago

Exports were flat - no growth in the last 5 years. Now they will triple in the next 5.



Dreet• Vande Matram•9 hours ago




Vande Matram• Sarma V S•Earth•10 hours ago

Piyush Goyal too - the Einstein of BJP



Bobby Panda• Vande Matram•India•8 hours ago

Piyush Goyal as Industry Minister and Modi talking big in terms of business shows Modi and his Niti Aayog guys has nada understanding of business.



Bijay•17 hours ago

Haha.. the article said , export grew by $16 billion in last 5 years. How come it will grow by $670 billion in next 5 years? We just focus on agri and mineral as export. Irony is even if small car hub we do not export small car too

哈哈. .文章说,过去5年,出口增长了160亿美元,那在接下来的5年里怎么才能增长6700亿美元?我们只专注于农业和矿产的出口。讽刺的是,即使我们是小汽车集散地,我们居然不出口小汽车


Mahesh Vyas•18 hours ago

Day dreaming ........



Vande Matram• Mahesh Vyas•Earth•14 hours ago

every minister is busy throwing a target and bhakts go bananas



Natarajan D•18 hours ago

Wish it becomes true, not like gdp growth



Nitin•18 hours ago



Pkm• Nitin Sood•4 hours ago

You guess.Hahaha


Vande Matram• Nitin Sood•Earth•10 hours ago

with fake data


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