How serious is India’s economic slowdown?



NEW DELHI: According to global broking firm Goldman Sachs, as of June 2019, the current slowdown has lasted for 18 months, making it is the longest since 2006.


More than half of the decline in economic activity has been driven by a consumption slowdown, which appears to be broad-based, with components other than auto contributing more than twice the effect of autos to the total consumption decline, says the brokerage in a report.


When will it end?


Goldman Sachs expects a moderate pick-up in economic activity by March next year if there is a "substantial improvement in consumer confidence over the course of the year, and a significant easing in domestic financial conditions."


The chief of another broking house, however, thinks that a global recession may start "by the end of 2020 or early 2021" and if that happens Indian economy will suffer too.


India Ratings, a Fitch group company, said on Wednesday that it expects GDP growth for 2019-20 to tumble to a six-year low at 6.7% instead of 7.3% it had said earlier because band-aid measures will not help the economy in the long term.



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Shashank Kumar2682 Shashank Kumar

If you don''t find a News, just create one.

West hasn''t seen a 5% GDP growth in last 50 years and they fund these prestitutes to create false narrative of economic slowdown. India is rising!

P.S.: I''m an entrepreneur ;)




Abhijet Singh6000 Abhijet Singh-DUBAI-20 hours ago -Follow

All anti modi are happy and actively exploding this false news all possible way..............i am sure nothing as such is there and India is right on track under the selfless and shrewd leadership of Modi ji



Avijit Hi1530 Avijit-20 hours ago -Follow

It's Exaggerated. Indian Economy did face many ups and downs in past and did overcome them with befitting corrective measures. Now Congress and Co unist Economists are jobless that is why they are spreading fake fear to the atmosphere.



John D2819 John D-20 hours ago -Follow

India is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The GDP per capita of India is only $1,939. While the GDP per capita of USA is $59,531.

Even war torn countries like Iraq are richer than India.





Ajay Gupta2510  Ajay Gupta-bhopal-20 hours ago -Follow

it''s more our fault than the govt.



Vishu486 Vishu-20 hours ago -Follow

Modi government has done a great work under his leadership. Definetely deserves minimum two more terms to make this country livable.



Vijay Jain•2062•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Radhakrishnan Nair•goa•19 hours ago

You know Indian railways advertised for 60000 vacancies and 2 crores applicants applied. Those fatty bumps will not ever know the plight of an unemployed or an elderly who is living on his meagre interest income. BJP/RSS cadres living aristocratic lifestyle and shining.



Ashwani Kumar•10925•Movie Buff Wordsmith News King • Ashwani Kumar•20 hours ago

How can India''s GDP grow when India is importing even basic agarbattis worth Rs. 800 crore from .



Tarun Gupta•1536•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Ashwani Kumar•Kochi•15 hours ago

government should step up and increase import duties on Agarbattis so that Indian businessmen will be saved and will ease some fiscal deficit



Elangovan• Elangovan•Malaysia•22 hours ago

India’s slowdown due to the flow of black money halted causing liquidity crunch.



Som Patil•9258• Som Patil•20 hours ago

Stop online purchases of products, they are manufactured in . Buy only at local markets, products locally made. If you buy every product made in , dont blame Govt.



Barkat Choudhury•5324• Som Patil•19 hours ago

You Bhakts made Sardar Patel statue from ? And you Bhakts talk about boycott



Srinivas Dhangar•3412•Member • Srinivas Dhangar•Pune, Maharashtra•20 hours ago

Just stop buying unnecessary foreign goods,, ruppee improves, recession slows down automatically,but do u have that much nationalism to think b4 buying


P S G•10257•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Srinivas Dhangar•19 hours ago

Most indians dont have that much of sense,



Tarun Gupta•1536•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Srinivas Dhangar•Kochi•15 hours ago

haaa government is buying LED from .



rajkripal40•11089•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Srinivas Dhangar•13 hours ago

Even the Yoga Mat for the great show was imported from !



Paul Palan•1252• Paul Palan•20 hours ago

This is due to the economic shakeup of the corruption and printed of fake indian currencey. It will take time for the economy to settle down after 100 years fo looting by the congress.



Alfa Dog•Inboxer Member • sunil sharma•galactic•20 hours ago

Real reason of economy slow down,

Modi while in India always in election campaign mode

Not a single qualified person in cabinet, specially FM

RBI governor is MA in history

BJP had used all in energy in negativity by bringing down congress, never focused on core issues

Only Balkot strike made Modi PM again, hence expect major war with Pakistan just to retain PMship







Amar Swain• sunil sharma•Bhubaneswar•19 hours ago

Agree with you statement bro. It''s true



Michael G•1915•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Michael G•21 hours ago

India being part of the world is facing same problems as . Hong kong, Singapore, Europe, Japan USA etc and that is cyclical slowdown.

There is nothing one can do and it is stupid to blame the government as it is worldwide slowdown.

On a brighter note India is still a brighter spot in the current basket of slowing economies.





harjeet singh sandhu•282• sunil sharma•19 hours ago

Prospects of economic recovery appear very weak despite the government making efforts in the direction.



ChoukidarBindaasNeha•14092•Influencer Moderator Movie Buff • ChoukidarBindaasNeha•New Delhi•20 hours ago

Build another 182 metre statute. Tourists will come to see this and Indian economy will grow by leaps and bounds



B Raghuram•435•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Arvind Jain•Bangalore•18 hours ago

Truth is bitter



Prathap Samuel P•5272• Nasim Khan•18 hours ago

If they simply ground the air India fleet and sell the planes, it will be a huge savings for the government.



Prithviraj Patil•1763•News King Frequent Flyer Member • Prithviraj•20 hours ago

Another masterstroke by Modiji !!!



Anil Majmudar•281• Anil Majmudar•15 hours ago •Follow

Who says there is a slowdown. PM will announce that the economy is growing at 8% and it will start growing at 8%. That is Modi''s magic. Supported by all his bhakts.


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