Need 8% growth for economy to reach $5 trillion in 5 years: Survey



The two-volume Economic Survey, tabled by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman a day before she presents her maiden Budget, lays out chief economic adviser Krishnamurthy Subramanian’s blueprint for a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25, at the core of which is annual growth rate of 8%.


“With micro and macro-economic foundations laid over the last five years, the economy is ready to shift gears so that economic growth, jobs and exports can be pushed up to the next level,” said Subramanian, main author of the Survey, his first.



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Suman Maji • 7 hours ago

BJP MODIJI till 2024 it''s possible soon....

May God bless Modiji for good health.....




Guy • 3rdRockFromTheSun • 6 hours ago

Report is FACTUALLY wrong. It will take 9 years at 8% growth to reach $4.997 Trillion because our GDP is $2.5 Trillion now. DO THE MATH.


BE INDIAN• 3 hours ago

Who cares about math. This is all fake.


Sanjay Sehgal• Noida • 1 hour ago

It is around 3 trillion . Please catch up your out dated facts.


Shash Shankar• 1 hour ago

@SanjaySehgal, even if you say 3 trillion dollar, in next 5 years you can reach 4.4 trillion dollar @ 8 % growth

@ sanjaysehgal,就算按你说的3万亿美元,在未来5年以8%的速度增长,也只能达到4.4万亿美元


modi modi • cow country • 6 hours ago

Under Modi India can grow with 10-20 percent by faked data and NEW calculation method. Just wait and see



Balachandran Nair V• Trivandrum • 1 hour ago

We have to wait and see, but more FDI is needed for having that kind of growth



Sl • Secunderabad • 6 hours ago

Excellent, india will n must be 5 trillion dollars economy by 2024. Mukesh adani shah n few more gujjus holding 4.8 trillion of that, rest of rich india holding the 0.2 trillion. Wah india wah



Balachandran Nair V• Trivandrum • 1 hour ago

It is a herculean task and for that we need a lot more of FDI



Sl • Secunderabad • 6 hours ago

Present growth is stated to be 7% n that itself is exaggerated n a bluff. 8% need is a understatement n is proven Mathematically incorrect. We need 11.85% growth year on year to get to 5 trillion. Liars these politicians are



Shaktimaan • 5 hours ago

Wealth of 9 Richest Indians is same as the wealth of bottom 50% Population i.e. 650 Million. These empty GDP figures mean nothing for vast majority of Indian Population. Like the kids now dying like street dogs in Bihar.



Balachandran Nair V• Trivandrum • 1 hour ago

if the government can spend more on infrastructure building that will help everyone



BE INDIAN • 3 hours ago

Under Modi’s rule, our growth rate never touched 8%. Also, we have to double the economic size in 5 years to get to 5 trillion dollar economy and with 8% growth, it will take at least 9 years. Ridiculous math and fake data. Just fooling the people.


Deepak• Karnataka • 2 hours ago

Very true! Leave 8%! It didn''t even touch 5%! That''s why they fudged the base year and then shown growth rate as 7%!!!



Work is Worship• 2 hours ago

Deepak, you don''t seem to have any understanding of economics or development. And you have the audacity to question others. Our comments REFLECT very poorly about you as a person. Criticize objectively. Else SHUT UP.



Sainath Kalpathy • Vijayawada • 5 hours ago

Nirmala n modibare simply bluffing !



Kapil • 3 hours ago

8 % growth is not possible in Modi Raj because Modi is feku


Mani Menon • Chennai • 2 hours ago

It''s easily achievable! Just fudge the data!




Ind Pak Ki Mkb• NYC • 3 hours ago

Still India will be a thirdworld country and maldeveloped. GDP per capita is very poor 1800$. Sluggish... population is largely poor. Dont lire with all this BS. It doesnt matter to common man



Guy • 3rdRockFromTheSun • 6 hours ago

14% to 14.2% GDP growth is what is needed in 5 years, starting now, to cross $5 Trillion Economy.

2019: $2.59 Trillion 14.2% = $2.95 Trillion

2020: $2.95 Trillion 14.2% = $3.37 Trillion

2021: $3.37 Trillion 14.2% = $3.85 Trillion

2022: $3.85 Trillion 14.2% = $4.40 Trillion

2023: $4.40 Trillion 14.2% = $5.03 Trillion

2024: $5.03 Trillion 14.2% = $5.74 Trillion


2019年:2.59万亿美元*(1+14.2%)= 2.95万亿美元

2020年:2.95万亿美元*(1+14.2%) = 3.37万亿美元

2021年:3.37万亿美元*(1+14.2%) = 3.85万亿美元

2022年:3.85万亿美元*(1+14.2%) = 4.40万亿美元

2023: $4.40万亿*(1+14.2%) = $5.03万亿

2024: $5.03万亿*(1+14.2%) = $5.74万亿


Indian beauty and beast • cow land • 6 hours ago

An Indian beauty turned into a mouth piece and liar by the beast Modi. What a shame.



Alex • 2 hours ago

It'll be done easily on paper & by bragging within 6 months!


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