India to host Dubai-like mega shop fests to boost exports



NEW DELHI: As part of the steps taken to boost exports, India will organise annual mega shop festivals, similar to the ones held in Dubai, to facilitate exchange between global producers and consumers, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Saturday.


She said that these "mega shop festivals" will be held at four destinations across the country and their themes will vary from gems and jewellery, textiles and leather to yoga, among others.


The finance minister also announced a new scheme - Remission of Duties or Taxes on Export Product (RoDTEP) - to incentivise exporters at an estimated cost of Rs 50,000 crore.


India's merchandise exports declined by 6.05 per cent to $26.13 billion in August compared to $27.81 billion reported in the corresponding period of the previous year.



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Narendra Bahubali•1656•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Narendra•HINDUstan•14 hours ago •Follow

Maam you are not fit as FM.


Kenji• Narendra Bahubali•usa•7 hours ago

What is your qualification to judge her ?. Are you fit to be a FM or Chaprasi /sweeper ?



Vande Matram•19846•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Narendra Bahubali•Earth•12 hours ago

kick her out ... send her back to Tamil Nadu.


Manav Bagdi•2647•Wordsmith Frequent Flyer Member • Vande Matram•9 hours ago

She is not a resident of tamil nadu anymore.



Win •50• Win •14 hours ago

This lady is a disaster! .. and to top it she behaves so over smart and rude.




News Club•8011•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Win •6 hours ago

The Hindutva party swindled 20K crore for Ganga cleanup and ganga is still as filthy, and all this money they say spending for economy will again go into their corrupt coffers to finance mega elections and to pay for mass propaganda



Vande Matram•19846•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Win •Earth•12 hours ago

Modi has no clue about the economy. Neither does this lady.



Inder Kataria•7620• Inder Kataria•14 hours ago

This shows bankruptcy of ideas as finance minister, Dubai shop festival now a failed model, what discounts Indian are getting in this festival more than double discounts offering by flip kart and Amazon. I think Modiji should immediate replace this lady otherwise she will do more damage to economy.



Anonymous Delhite•2512•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Inder Kataria•Delhi•14 hours ago

Real FM/PM/HM and any other minister in this Govt is Modi Ji and Shah ji. All others are puppets.



Vihin•11916•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Vihin •Nihiv•12 hours ago

Ppl go to Dubai festval not just for shop. Dubai has good road, hotels and tourism infrastructure. And India has Tamasha of Modi.



Kabir•6057•Influencer Wordsmith • Kabir•15 hours ago

what will we export ??? electronics made in , fabric imported from bangladesh ?? what will boost export ? think of driving internal consumption.... it will take decades to be like DUBAI !!



Vande Matram•19846•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Kabir •Earth•14 hours ago

Gobarment is clueless on how to triple the export in 5 years when it has been going down.

The only thing we export is IT manpower and that business is still good.




Jonathan•1569• Kabir •13 hours ago

All our industries cannot compete with goods. Thats a fact accept it.



Vande Matram•19846•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Jonathan•Earth•12 hours ago

GST is a big burden on consumers and her hurt consumer spending.



Pratham•2635•Movie Buff Influencer Wordsmith • Pratham•Bangalore•12 hours ago

Economy is crawling and our madam''s ingenious idea is shop fest like Dubai... Bravo...this is what we get for electing unfit politicians to the parliament.... What next carnival like Rio to boost tourism?... Do something original and useful please



Anonymous Delhite•2512•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Anonymous Delhite•Delhi•14 hours ago

All bhakts should buy made in India products and improve economy. It is their duty. Jai Hind.



Agnel Dsilva•5391•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Agnel Dsilva•13 hours ago

This lady is not only rude & arrogant but also nothing but a big zero.



Jai Hind• Jai•13 hours ago

It will be called Fool India Festival and entry free for bhakts



Jonathan•1569• Jonathan•14 hours ago

This is a spent idea. It was feasible 2 decades ago not now you buffoon.



Harsh Aggarwal•3685•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Harsh Aggarwal•9 hours ago

DSF is about attracting tourists to Dubai and boost their sales but Dubai also sells its infrastructure and tourist attractions also. What India has to offer the moment one comes out of the airport..? Need not to elaborate...!



Sainath Ravinuthala•572• Sainath Ravinuthala•5 hours ago

She is totally unfit for FM and acting like she have knowledge.



Bharat•8179• Bharat•5 hours ago

Sooothiyapan. how shop malls fest to boost exports? explain first.



Bharat•8179• Bharat•5 hours ago

hahahah comparing dubai with india? how many slum areas in dubai and how many in india? do u find a pothole roads anywhere in dubai? for sure this lady mind fxd.




Sunny M•Wordsmith Frequent Flyer Inboxer • Sunny M•12 hours ago

She is clueless she has no right to be FM of INDIA. If she is patriot and cares about the country she should Quit herself.........................



Narayana Narayana•1308• Sunny M•3 hours ago

I think she's signaling that she will soon be Minister for tourism because she realizes her term as FM is ending soon.



Aditya Joshi•169• Aditya Joshi•13 hours ago

Biggest loser as a defence minister and now as a finance minister.pls stop it, have some mercy on this country.


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