Two months after wedding, frog couple divorced to stop rains in Madhya Pradesh

为了中央邦不再降雨, 两个月前为求雨而结婚的青蛙夫妇离婚


BHOPAL: In an attempt to stop the continuous rains, giving rise to flood-like conditions in Madhya Pradesh, members of Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal on Wednesday got a frog couple divorced two months after the wedding.

博帕尔:持续不断的降雨导致中央邦出现洪水,为了不再降雨,周三,Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal宗教成员让两个月前结婚的一对青蛙夫妇离婚。

Ho to please the God of rains, Indra, the members of the religious group had got a male and female frog married on July 19 when the state was facing a drought-like situation. But now, as Bhopal has seen excessive rainfall, the highest in about last 13 years, people are desperately in need of some releif from the rains.


Madhya Pradesh had already recorded 26% excess rains till Wednesday and the gates of Bhadbhada, Kaliasot and Kolar dam were opened.


Ho to bring relief to the people facing monsoon fury in the state, Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal performed the divorce of the frog couple.

Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal为这对青蛙夫妇举办了离婚仪式,希望能缓解季风肆虐给该邦带来的影响。

The divorce was performed at a temple in Indrapuri. A symbolic frog couple was separated with rituals and mantrochharan.



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Was this "News"?

Stupidity has no limits, has been proved by the people and the journalists covering this story



shell magarpatta•3 hours ago •Follow

Met dept...Pls learn from something from these learned ppl..



SUBRATA•4 hours ago

Print pictures of those involved in national Newspaper. They are insulting our hindu customs of Marriage, by marrying a frog couple and divorcing them.



StillABhakta•9 hours ago

It is stupid but it is a lot better than sacrificing animals to please God. They could have killed the frogs and that would have been bad.



Sahidul Haque•Barddhaman•15 hours ago

Now world weather experts will come India to know the new Technology .... what a JOKE.



Evans Sumitra•New York, USA.•19 hours ago

I don''t why this news has shown so importance about a frog getting married and getting divorced. It is ridiculous but for believers it is a blessing. I can''t go against anybody''s believe and religion as each on have their own faith.



freeman fernando•1 day ago

Stupidity stupidity hate to live in India



Vigil Lance•hyderabad•1 day ago

diverting attention



Robie Shoby•1 day ago

In a State which elects Pragya Singh Thakur as its MP anything and everything obscurantist/superstitious/irrational is possible.




Shouldn''t the divorce have been finalised in a court? Instead of temple.



Gautam Kavuri•1 day ago

what are these guys doing??



michael hrangkhawl•1 day ago

Im feeling shy please stop....



Seethalakshmi Iyer•1 day ago

Height of hypocrisy. Who performs whose marriage..Even the marriage of humans before Agni sakshi cannot be annulled by legal divorce



Susan Moss•1 day ago

Hight of stupidity.



Gayathri Suresh•1 day ago

It is so stupid. Now next year there will be drought and we will blame it on the divorce



KS PRADEEP•1 day ago

Those bonkers laughing at this frog marriage and divorce could be non believers of God. Non believers of God are met with highest punishment in hell and believers of God are granted the most superior positions in Heaven. Its upto you folks to choose hell or heaven



Common Man•1 day ago

On one side ISRO is touching milestone and other side such people are pulling us down. That is the reason why foreign media make a fun of us whenever any major scientific milestone is achieved.



Rahul•1 day ago

jail me daalo inko .. for torturing frogs..


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