75 new govt medical colleges to be set up by 2021-22



NEW DELHI: In a move to ramp of medical infrastructure and resources in the country, the Cabinet committee on economic affairs on Wednesday approved setting up of 75 go nment medical colleges attached with esting district or referral hospitals by 2021-22.


The establishment of new medical colleges, under the third phase of an ongoing centrally sponsored scheme, is expected to add at least 15,700 MBBS seats in the country leading to an increase in the availability of doctors, improved tertiary care in go nment hospitals, and better utilisation of esting health infrastructure of district hospitals.


The new medical colleges would be set up in under-served areas having no medical colleges, with district hospitals having at least 200 beds, a go nment statement said.

“The Cabinet also sanctioned an expenditure of Rs 24,375 crore during the 15lh Finance Commission period, i.e. up to 2021-22,” it added.



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nanksnPlanet earth9 hours ago

Let them improve the standard of education first instead of increasing the number of colleges..



Ajay Singhaust10 hours ago

I would suggest there shoulkd be no reservation for any particulas community if you want quality and no buying under tables



farook jahoorUSA9 hours ago

It is important that the go nment ensure that graduates repay the tax payers by spending at least 5 years serving the people of India instead of hop on a plane to serve a foreign country the day after graduation.



Ashley King6 hours ago

Focus on quality of public health department, not producing incompetent doctors.



Russell Ian DuarteMargao4 hours ago

This must be a joke.One cannot imagine how 75 Colleges can be built in 2-3 years.And if yes the 5 years later 15,000 doctors will emerge eating into public money as till date let the govt publish which and how many doctors pay Income tax, and once they graduate how many find jobs back home and why they leave for greener pastures



Sambappa Kalv7 hours ago

What is the use. 50 percent of medical graduates are not fit to become even nurses



Mahendra8 hours ago

If there are sufficient number of allopathic medical graduates they will have no alternative but to go and work even in rural areas. Secondly have a resolution passed by the Go nment that there are no reservations since the health of an individual is involved. If these two aspects are fulfilled than " health is wealth " will also be of the nation.



Sanmesh pvadodara8 hours ago

Only rich & Influential will become Doctors then don’t expect service & Humanity



Mimiosa Mimi9 hours ago

First improve the standard of esting medical colleges



patel Sunny7 hours ago

More Colleges means more reservations...



patel Sunny7 hours ago

Can we expect quality doctors in future ?



nrvtimes7 hours ago

This go nment is working very responsibly



Savitha KL•Bangalore•2 hours ago

The best medical college in a state like karnataka is supposed to be BMCRI in bengaluru, infrastructure is so pathetic that there is nothing to talk about. Non estant hostel as male hostel accomodates 11-12 boys, no canteen, 1 playing ground on which every game on earth is played etc. Why our wonderful govt is not bothered on improving infrastructure here, last year DKS increased fees from 17K to 75 K but no commisurate improvement in any facility to students.



kaykay kr•4 hours ago

Each state may have a "Children Hospital and Medical Research Center" which should be dedicated to the health issues facing children.



Ash D•4 hours ago

What will be their expertise be in, cow or humans?



Sumant Kant Sahai•Ahmedabad•5 hours ago

This is the first time ever that a go nment is taking Universal Health Care as its responsibility.You just cannot stop from admiring PM Modi and this go nment. Hats off to them.



subhankar dey•Unknown•5 hours ago

Its of no use if they just make buildings, it should have proper amenities also.



subhankar dey•Unknown•5 hours ago

They should have proper infra and adequate teachers also.



Rahul Saha•Unknown•5 hours ago

in a country like india , we have only 15%-20% of dictors available from the international stadard. we need more and more medical colleges now.



Partha Banerjee•5 hours ago

Great decision taken by Modi govt. but the actual should be matched with the commitment what they are saying. Then only our country will be progressed, otherwise like in the past we will be far behind than other developed countries like , USA, Germany, Japan, etc..



Rahul Gupta•Chandigarh•5 hours ago

It will not help. There are no teachers in the colleges and standard is below par, Fees is high.



Kaushik Mehta•ahmedabad•5 hours ago

Verybad situation when A Doctor become businessman and looting people and govt by Medicm. All doctors income to be made taxable as they are the main culprit



a p joshi•5 hours ago

True its necessary to improve the standard as WHO reports says around 50% doctors are not worth. You can understand who these 50% will be. Remove reservation sy em in Medical



Joy•5 hours ago

it will be better when they concerntrate on quality study



Ajit Leo•India•5 hours ago

A good gesture from the Central go nment. The criteria for admission and sion should be on merit basis not on money and caste. The rich can get admission anywhere in India but the middle class can''t afford.



Deshpande•6 hours ago

Nationalise Medical education, we need,to improve health care in rural India. 75,new medical colleges to be set up in,reme rural areas. rising costs in medical expenses is everybody's concern, It's beyond reach of common man.



Mohanraj•6 hours ago

Also improve standard of teaching. Fix actual cost as fees and make banks finance educational loans to needy students.


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